Up all night

I play late at night. I ignore the notification of cluster shutdown, cruising from gate to gate, slowly achieving my own alien endgame by stabbing my cursor into a puddle of menus.

Everything is quiet. The world is asleep. I stare into the blurry glow of my computer screen when I become aware of the world around me. A smoke on the balcony, alone with the morning. Not even birds are awake yet to sing.

It’s just me, and Eve Online.


The feeling of invulnerability during the last 60 seconds. I dare you to try to catch me now!

The joy of undocking in an empty system and not using an insta-undock. Slowly turning right at the mouth of the station, without a care in universe.


Lol… back in the day waiting for the birds to start chirping, and watching the night turn to early morning light meant a night spent conducting chemical warfare on myself.

Like I said, back in the day. Kids… don’t do drugs.

I got killed 30 seconds before downtime once… Of course downtime is not late at night for everybody…

and get some sleep, OP. When you start thinking you’re an EvE Jack Kerouac, one needs sleep.

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Bro…get a life? Go to sleep? It’s just a game.

Bro…get a life? It’s just a forum. The OP was being poetic, let him be.

I’m up all night to the sun.

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I play early in the morning. I ignore the notifications that I am under attack, afk piloting from gate to gate, slowly acheiving my own alien endgame of quitting the game forever because i cannot safely afk autopilot through hisec.

Everything is quiet. My ship is in wrecks. I stare into the blurry glow of my computer screen when I become aware of the world around me. A Lossmail notification in the corner, alone with my shame. Not even my CEO is online, yet to capslock shout at me for my loss.

Its just me, my wreck, and Eve online.


Oh thanks…now that song is stuck in my head… Still, guess it could be worse .

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Luckily for me, since that song has a really short loop, getting it out of my head is super easy.

Also, Daft Punk is one of the few bands I can get away with playing their entire discography at work and no one will mind. Even HR.

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