UP coming Bloodraider event 2018

Is anyone else not seeing the new bloodraider event on sisi? ive seen youtubers play it but its not showing up in the agency.

I just asked the same question - not there before or after downtime… :frowning:

Blood raiders event was last year…are the bringing it back or just SISI lag, donno.

It is the Crimson Harvest event - starts tomorrow. I didn’t play Eve last year so wanted to try it first on SiSi

The event sites have been on and off SISI for the past few weeks. I think CCP are trying to keep the mystery of these sites by limiting the (public) testing time.

Doubtful they will appear again on SISI before they go live on TQ tomorrow.

Meh, well if you are going to participate just have or get a Gila for these event win.

This time a Skiff would be better …

Actually I used a procurer in the last blood raiders event, got into hull but it did the job.

Really? But the last event was not a mining event, like the new one.

Did you say mining, well, guess you can fit a webber to slow those nasty frigs down.

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