Upcoming Changes to Drone Aggression

Again, ccp is boosting bots… for a bot its no probleme to click or not to click… but for humans…
ccp here a business idea: make a autoattack for 500 plex / month.


Nullsec ratting, now even more boring.

A total anomaly rework across the board is necessary. Simply forcing people to be attentive will do hardly anything to botters, and hurts only genuine players, some who might even be dependent on null ratting to fund their PvP activities like I am.

Make PvE more PvP-like. It’s all I ask.


So… To “Combat bots”… you punish normal players by setting up a repetitive task for boring Rat Sites…

How exactly does this fix anything? Do you want ratting to be so extremely boring to the point that no one will do so anymore? You realize this doesn’t affect bots at all… right? There is a reason people AFK Rat in drone boats… because ratting isn’t exactly interactive fun… It’s a boring grind (if you make it “active gameplay”)


Bots scripts will require updating their code.

All you need is an auto-clicker like program to hit F and an Auto-Targeting system attached to your ship. Bot scripts won’t require much of an update if any at all.


were a pvp only alliance literally no one krabs so this has 0 impact on me or my alliance

sorry cant hear you over the sound of ur nestor sd’ing

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Hello ,

Better fix : Remove all change you done since before era of chaos. ALL .
Make people have incensitive to farm again, we will have more target in space. So more hunter, so less AFK.
More over carrier and super carrier was unable to auto target with fighter.

Ho and before i forget : Fire every people who haven’t understand nerf player will lead in drastic shut down of activity (and after in sub) after few month. Remimber black out ?


Where did they say they’re doing this to combat bots?

Yes indeed, the server won’t find it suspicious at all when a drone boat is pressing F at perfect 15 second intervals or less. :slight_smile:

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Xander, first loss on your alliance killboard is a ratting ishtar.

Just shut up.


This is useless for stoping bots, but will lose pve players


when you bring the patch to shut down youre servers cause noone is playing that **** anymore ?


It doesn’t stop them, but does hamper them at the very least.

As for PvE players, they will be fine, as they can press F if they like drone boats. :smiley:


I live in lowsec Xander. AFK ratting there wouldn’t make any isk. Keep projecting though. It’s really cute.

If u guys really make this change, ban more bots to pacify our anger. This should be a easy task after this change, since real player can’t handle that many alts like bots. If bots are detected and banned asap then its a fairly OK change to EVE economy.
Otherwise, it will become hell for real players, and heaven for bots. We weak people can’t press lock and F like bots, so kill them as always.


@CCP_Paradox good change, but can we finally see something on the “return” side of things? It has been a never ending sequence of sticks on our heads lately (mineral/ice changes, ESS bounty nerf, inflation is rampant) with nothing in return.
This is a good solid design change, but it’s basically another nerf to an already beaten into the ground corner of the game. We can’t make ISK lately, and there has been nothing coming from you guys about how this will be rebalanced in the (near) future. Have you checked what a T1 fitted battleship goes for these days?

Every single design decision taken by CCP lately seems geared to curtail ISK production without offering anything in return. It is really hard to keep trying to interpret this as CCP not trying to just straight up milk us for our credit cards in order to have enough ISK to afford even T1 line ships…

Please, can we see something to balance all of these beating with getting anything in return? Or even the promise of something.


What am I projecting?

I’m incredibly happy with this change, you on the other hand are getting a bit worked up over it

In reality the problem is not the drone change( it’s good change) , it’s fact this change appear when CCP decide to nerf everything.
SUPER cant auto target and give you a decent revenue in 0.0.
CCP come and decide to make you can’t cyno alone (so ok now you need one more account near you’r super so … divide by 2 you 're rentability).
Now you have ESS cute by 2 to.
Nerf of EHP make super very easy to kill ,so let’s go to subcap…

Now you want people be actively player for 5% of they’re old ISK income ? No they will just leave the game.

It’s an addition of thing who make people will just make 0.0 more empty.


BTW, just for the sake of transparency, I enjoy this change because it doesn’t affect me.

When the next change that affects me comes, I’ll join you all in the outrage. s2

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when do you announce the ship packs and hentai skins for sale the only reason you guys can be doing this is to bring in irl income really stupid change like the rest you made recently


Yes, and? Thats easy. You cant seriously belive that this would be any effort.

Also if ccp would care about pattern detection we would not have the botting porblem we have now, so I think this change will encourage cheating even more while punishing players for actually playing the game.

The whole anom system needs a rework. You cant fix boredom by making ppl bored.