Update on Security of the Empire

Loyal Capsuleers of the Amarr Empire,

I bring greetings from Her Sublime Imperial Majesty Catiz I.

The thanks of the Privy Council and Court Chamberlain for the many and several messages of support for the Empire in these times, in particular in response to the terrorist outrages of recent days, is yours.

The Amarr Empire is strong and enduring, for it is the manifestation of the Divine Will in this fallen world. That will flows through our Holy Empress and from her through the proper order of our Empire. The Privy Council has provided for the general security of Holy Amarr in these times but shall not ignore the offers of support from our loyal capsuleers.

To this end, it is ordered that all loyal capsuleers with the capability to provide military and logistical aid shall direct such aid to the world of Thebeka III, where the need is most grievous. The Ministry of Internal Order has supreme command of the situation on Thebeka III at the direct order of Her Sublime Imperial Majesty Catiz I and at the request of His Grace Lord Arim Ardishapur. Governor Adila Numayr of Dam-Sertene has been appointed as His Grace’s personal representative and placed in command of all police and civil forces of House Ardishapur on Thebeka III during the emergency.

There is a special exception to this order. At the request of His Grace Lord Arrach Sarum, his vassal Lady Mitara Newelle, Holder of Damnidios Para’nashu, is ordered to place any ground forces as she may maintain under the command of the 1st Sarum Royal Army on Alkabsi IV. The Lady Newelle may freely designate a field commander of such forces as she provides.

While the situation on Thebeka III is grave, and the Alkabsi IV rebellion remains active, it is my happy duty to confirm reports that order has been restored on the Emperor Family fief of Mabnen I and the Kor-Azor Family fief of Sehmy III. The situation on Dakba IV is more serious but is being dealt with by the Ministry of Internal Order and Theology Council Paladins under the personal command of His Grace Lord Arim Ardishapur at the request of Her Sublime Imperial Majesty.

Holy Amarr has been attacked, once more, by enemies without and, perhaps, within. By signs temporal and supernatural it is clear that the evil of the Blood Raider heresy must again be exterminated. It is a profound and urgent wish of our Her Sublime Imperial Majesty that the tendrils of Blood cultism be sought out and eliminated wherever they may appear in the society of this world.

Therefore, the Order of St. Tetrimon has been extended powers to support the work of the Theology Council and Ministry of Internal Order. The Order of St. Tetrimon will be responsible for eliminating heresy among slave and recently-freed populations. In this way, the work of the Ministry of Internal Order and Theology Council Paladins will be relieved for focus on other sources of heresy and nodes of infection within Holy Amarr.

Allow me, as a Cardinal of the Imperial Rite, and a servant of the Throne, to once more thank our loyal capsuleers and exort all who wish Amarr well to join in the great task of perfecting human civilization. Sadly, there are times when this work involves the casting out, indeed elimination, of fallen souls. This is one of these times.

Do not shirk from the task.

Amarr Victor! For the Empress and Holy Amarr!

Cardinal Sourem Itharen,

Capsuleer Emissary to the Court Chamberlain


Oh so it looks like things are in fact moderately serious.



“Nothing to see here, move along.”



We hear and obey.


May the fires of rebellion swallow your empire and clense the filth that is slavery and strife.


Let the cluster burn.


… come now, not all of it. I keep all of my stuff there.




An initial deployment of Excubitoris Chapter ground forces consisting of the 1st Classiarii, 1st Oris Infantry, and Dresi Rapid Response Spearhead are on station in Thebeka at the PIE office and are under orders to follow the commands of Governor Numayr.


Wouldn’t that mean they were not, in fact, exterminated the first time? Perhaps it should be more accurately phrased as ‘the evil of the Blood Raider heresy must again be flailed at ineffectually while we do nothing to deal with the Blooders in High Office throughout the Kingdom and Empire’?


“Let the cluster burn” is a sad, yet predictable, response from you. I am disappointed, but not surprised.


Faithful always we shall remain dogs to loose when war is waged.

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Cardinal Itharen,

Heeding the call to action, the Cerra Family of Huola VII, in partnership with the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque, has deployed three Nestor-class hospital vessels to the system of Thebeka. Additionally, this initial response includes forward operating deployable structures to provide medical aid, communications support, and refugee services for those affected by the situation on Thebeka III. The benefits these field structures provide are at the disposal of Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I, His Grace Lord Arim Ardishapur, and, of course, Lord Ardishapur’s personal representative in Thebeka, Governor Adila Numayr.

By His light and His will,

Lord Reginald Sakakibara
Lord Adjutant, Cerra Holding, Huola VII


What is that supposed to mean? Else is one of the most level-headed and practical pilots that I’ve had the privilege of meeting. In my opinion, she’s merely voicing her frustration with the current political and military status quo in the cluster.

The day of reckoning for the slavers and their apologists is fast approaching and many of us grow impatient as we wait for the next phase.

To put it bluntly, “let’s have peace or let’s have war but, no more of this somewhere in-between”.


Then let’s have peace. If not for the uprisings, the rebellions, the interference by outside forces, I believe the Minmatar would be free already, just like the Ni-Kunni and Khanid.


No, thanks. I’d prefer dying in fire to living as a slave or a second class citizen in your corrupt empire. So, war it is then!


Peace can be had this very day and every day to come. Just surrender.

No? Well gosh. Guess we just have to keep killing you.


I formally request permission to join my houses forces with yours in this matter. All command will deffer to you.

Nice psychological warfare you got there.

Kdnap, enslave, rape, and murder innocent peoples, then when they rebel against you in hopes of reattaining their freedom and wellness, turn around and blame them for making all the war things happen.

Is that how it works in your mind?

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Which means they’d be nothing of the sort. The Ni-Kunni have ceased being Ni-Kunni in any meaningful way other than bloodlines. The Khanid have proven themselves distinct only in their willingness to follow a power-mad despot who serially clones to escape his obligations and responsibilities under the law he claims to represent.

Neither of those fates seems at all appealing. The promise of forcing us to become Not-us is not peace, Alizabeth, any more than it would have been ‘peace’ if the Gallente had said ‘you can all stay Caldari, just give up everything that makes you Caldari’.

Was it a centuries-long period of peace that motivated your invasion of Caldari Prime? Or was it impending liberation?

You’re my friend, Ali, and I know you know better. Do what duty demands, but don’t ever call a system of abuse and oppression that amounts to a singular, centuries-long act of violence and aggression ‘peace’.