Updated System Requirements - Discontinue Windows 7 and 8 Support

Your hanger assets will be waiting for your system catches up.

The break away will enable you to miss New Eden so don’t worry.

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for enterprise, only end user was 2020. and i don’t see many people outside governments spending the 10b+ for updates still.

On January 14, 2020 , Windows 7 support ended with Microsoft no longer providing security updates or fixes after that date

Except legally you can’t since Microsoft has officially ceased distribution of Windows 10. In addition, using Windows 10 without a key past the 30-day trial period has always been a EULA violation.

You now have the choice between spending 150 bucks on Win 11 Home or 250 bucks on Win 11 Pro.

And then first thing going into your settings and switching off the ads that Microsoft violates your screen with by default in both versions.

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But it works and I downloaded Win10 directly from the Microsoft-Website. That’s exactly how I installed my Win a few days ago. I activated it two days after the installation. And you are not forced to buy at the horrendous prices of Mircosoft. There are much more favourable offers, for example at Amazon.

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You’re lucky. I have just upgraded for free my Win 7 (to 10) using its activation code. This option is still available by the way.

What for? I still can satisfy all my needs using 12 years old notebook with Win 7. Once I can’t I’ll by a new PC but not earlier.

To much letters. Do you think I and others have a time and desire to read your genius opuses? Big mistake to think so.

You confuse me with the person who wrote that post, maybe forward your feedback to him instead. :wink:

To have a better QOL? Keep up with the demands of these modern games? I mean unless you don’t play any AAA titles :man_shrugging:. I mean I am not saying get something new every year like a phone lol. Gaming industry is going to leave old tech behind.

I would hate to see your specs. :nauseated_face: Be lucky EVE can run on a potato like Warframe and some other MMOs.

I’m pretty sure it would, but it is what it is. The choice has been made, for good or, more likely, ill.

I don’t think anyone using Windows 7 to play EVE would claim to be a part of a ‘community’ of EVE-playing Win 7 users. We are simply customers, same as you. My issue has to do with specific and pointless exclusion - if EVE would simply let us log in at our own risk, I’d have zero issue with it.

I have no intention of playing Cities Skylines 2 - it’s lacking far too many features of the fully-expanded original. Cyberpunk 2077 is a mess of a game that you couldn’t pay me to play; the only good things about it were the promotional art and the anime it spawned. I have no interest in Blandfield either.

You do make a good point about modern AAA games - that they’re a waste of HDD/SSD space, that is.

Personally, EVE is as close as I’m willing to get to modern big-budget titles. I only really play indie or older games, with some of League’s TFT-mode thrown in occasionally.

I hope that will be the case. I’d at least like to see the game survive for another decade under the new generation’s stewardship.

I do fully intend to have a great day when my sub ends. It will be melancholic, but life goes on and it won’t be the first time I’ve won eve. :wave:

I can’t speak for others, but I was sad to see it and was not pleased with CCP at the time, as I had used XP for about 16 years. I still hold that XP was superior to any and all windows editions ever released, including 7. It’s just that 7 was decent enough and had spent sufficient time being tinkered with by the community when I did switch, even though I lost some functionality (this happened about 6 years ago).

RIP even more privacy, functionality, and user control. Welcome yet further bloat.
You might as well install a few dozen ‘free’ browser toolbars (i.e. browser hijackers) to get that Win 12 experience early. Oh, and then burn some money monthly to really simulate that OS-as-a-service experience.

How appealing.

You’ve got it backwards.

The exclusion of Win 7 users costs more to implement than to let us risk launching the game without guarantees - someone had to manually programme that exclusion into the new launcher. Simply warning us about the risks and letting us play would have cost CCP nothing and it might have kept us paying.

Furthermore, those that still use Win 7 are highly likely veterans that have supported this game financially for years - meaning that, while not numerous, we are reliable. But, you already knew that and still made your nonsensical ‘killed by your group’ reply regardless, which tells me you don’t actually have an argument beyond personal preference.

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I am not going to let an OS determine what games I can or cannot play. Sadly, if CCP excludes certain OSs I will upgrade. An OS is not worth losing the EVE friendships I have, and I still like playing EVE.

Life will go on and you are correct.

The system is so old and dated and the number of people who have Win7/8 are so few your “community” is practically in a bubble.

We are not the same. :sunglasses: In OS and hardware. (I guarantee you noone has a $2000+ gaming rig with Windows 7.) If they do it is probably 10+ years old and should be put down gently.


I am sick and tired of that argument that the vets support what CCP does. You are not superior than me because you have been here longer and spending more money. There are people who throw paychecks at this game. It’s a worn-out talking point.

Anyways good luck playing games on your gaming rig. Don’t know how you will play any latest releases from indy devs-----AAA publishers. With Windows 7 :man_shrugging: Don’t know what you are going to do when you are in 2027 using Win 7. :joy:

Happy you did reply back :slight_smile:

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Like consoles, eventually you have to upgrade even though the PS2 was perhaps the greatest console

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Thanks for your eve-mail.

I’ve dropped you a reply.

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Anyone yet managed to make it run on Windows 7 PC?

I address here these tech savvy enough to make your PC and apps run like you want them.

I consider three options (other then forgetting Eve for a while longer) now, but time is precious, maybe someone tested 1-2 already and can share results

  1. Make a wrapper to report an OS is Win 10 under Win 7, and check what libraries Eve actually needs from a system other than its name, maybe easy to provide. Mind: no change to CCP software is suggested, only change to environment.

  2. Run Eve in VirtualBox or other VM with Windows 10. My PC is ok enough for Eve (16RAM / 8VRAM) and I have access to pretty much any reasonable hardware should I need it, but virtualization is kinda blunt solution. If You could make it work, which Virtualization platform You used?

  3. Install separate OS on separate drive just for this one game. Easiest but sound s like a fail.

And Anthony, yes you can add your suggestions too. Its fun to read as always, cheers!


Dude it has been ages :hearts:. I can’t wait to retire from EVE to start RL career soon it has been so long man.

I am by no means tech savvy in this regard and you know that clearly.

Option 3 sounds the simplest way short from just from upgrading to windows 11. (That’s just my uneducated thought)

Actually, if anyone has seen the news. I think Windows 10 will be killed soon (Oct 2025). :joy: Some talk from Microsoft that a new version of Windows (NOT 12) will be coming out.

This can be found via google about Windows 10 being killed.

In fact looking forward to what they would have for us after 11

So far Microsoft seems to iterate between more and less successful editions of Windows, it was reflected in both initial public reception and how long the OS were actually used

2000 → Bad (barely noticed, mainly servers)
XP → Good (even now some embedded devices have it)
Vista → Bad (new interface experiment)
7 → Good (still has its uses)
8 → Bad (devs confused PCs and tablets)
10 → Good (it is actually, even though has more bloatware included, thus longer to properly tune)
11 → Bad (experimental interface on top of Win10 and it does not seem it will last long)


EVE don’t run in VirtualBox (not enough GPU driver support).

That aside, if you have access to all sort of hardware, software shouldn’t be a problem just as well. Considering EVE is a 64-bit app, your Windows is also 64-bit, and upgrading to Windows 10 is not a problem. It may have a some hiccups, but nothing that can’t be solved by googling. And for that I mean hotdrop upgrade, not a clean reinstall. Clean reinstall would be even easier.

Well VirtaulBox has DirectX11 support since 2022 at least. And VMware for much longer.

Did you actually try it recently or someone you know did, or you just think so?


Yes, I did. Despite having it declared, the actual support is rudimentary.
Can’t speak for VMware, feel free to test yourself and report back.

Oh it runs, just poorly.