Updated System Requirements - Discontinue Windows 7 and 8 Support

7 lost support this past january.

Upgraded to Windows 10.

  • Scheduled tasks access (MMC can’t create control element)
  • Event log access (MMC can’t create control element)
  • Usable desktop (SPI_SETWORKAREA does nothing)

But I can play EVE now, no problem…

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Clearly, you are not a programmer.

This thread really sputtered out.

So much for the tiny Windows 7/8 community.


Will it still work on my SNES?

Maybe commodore 64.

In that case can I play EvE on a BBC Micro B (Insane I Know) :grinning:

I guess if EVE Anywhere was still available there would not be so much uproar.
Discontinuing EVE Anywhere it at almost the same time is a bad move - I was hoping to get it running in a browser on a Raspberry Pi 400 but never succeeded. So it was not as functional as advertised anyway.

I mean this was created Oct 16 and we are here Nov 22 with barely 200 posts. I didn’t see anyone link reddit posts or sub posts on this topic yet so you tell me if this was an “uproar” or just quiet mumbling from the bottom 1% of Win 7/8 players?

Yah ngl EVE anywhere was pretty awesome. Beautiful graphics on just a Chromebook! EVE anywhere is a separate topic relating to cloud gaming and I don’t think cloud gaming is going to take off anytime soon. Also considering this game runs on pretty much low spec hardware (ironic I know) compared to the latest AAA releases cloud gaming x EVE was probably not the best business move. We are going to be here with basic installations + a good physical PC/laptop for many years to come for our gaming needs.

Eve anywhere ccould not have fixed that windows 7 is a useless pile of garbage; Chrome dropped support for windows 7 almost a year ago.

Even if chrome hadn’t dropped support a year ago, eve anywhere is irrelevant. There are other cloud gaming platforms that can’t solve the Windows 7 being a pile of garbage problem either.

I suspect the eve anywhere experiment was more about getting eve online working in cloud gaming with hopes that it could maybe take off as a product, otherwise be implemented in other cloud gaming platforms once the dev and testing work was done

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Sad moment.

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Well, looks like it will be my last day in Eve because there is no any chance that I’ll pay more than 200 bucks for Windows 10. No chance. It’s time to look for another game. Thanks god I have not paid a lot of money. The best way is not to pay at all in order to avoid such situations.

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Don’t forget to contract your stuff to:



You might as well take that $200 USD and go buy a new PC :joy: Sometimes you just gotta put old Bessie down…

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First, the game started without native support for MS-DOS, and I said nothing, then you stopped supporting Windows 95, and I said nothing. Then came 98, Me, 2000, XP, and I still said nothing. That was followed by Vista, Vista of all things! And I said nothing. Now this, Windows 7 but especially Windows 8, beloved by all, axed and left to bleed on the ground like a dog. I couldn’t remain silent. I had to say something.


“All” :joy:

Yes, it is time to put down the old family dog. Sometimes it gets so old it’s not worth taking care of anymore. Time to upgrade old Bessie.

Time to build a good large collection of favorite games that run with Win10 and don’t necessarily need the Internet because it’s next on the chopping block.
Really need to buy that external storage. I have put it off for too long in the hopes price goes down. Fat chance.
When Win10 isn’t supported anymore that will be the end of my online gaming. Can’t say I’ll miss it.

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Don’t waste money on PLEX, spend it on upgrading your computer, buying windows 11, microsoft office, photoshop and antivirus. Further according to your taste