Updates into upcoming?

I would like to know when will the official upcoming web page updated into the year 2019?

  • Tavaralle


Thats what is coming.

Thanks for stating the obvious, still doesn’t answer my question in the accuracy I desire. I am talking about a serious update which isn’t dated back 4 months or even if it would be, it could be something that was announced at eve vegas 4 months ago. Could the information be added into upcoming info with a little more accurate description to demonstrate something is actually under construction, such example could be info about what is the direction with missions or something about balance, performance fixes and quality of life that were announced at eve vegas… Latest update brought us bunch of these and were in the upcoming info but I am interested what to expect in the future. Actual “more balance” , structure skins or 64bit client itself is old news from eve vegas, and bares no informational value what to expect really or what is actually coming.

Clarification was obviously needed.

no other information was released so the page will update when information is released
no update on the page = no info about stuff

i m not sure if the abyssal deadspace balance is done
no 64Bit Client yet
the Agency design update is not in game
same with the structure skins

so the upcoming part is still is upcoming … only the changes for Jan 15th is done … as you can see if you look on the date and upcoming has no date yet so its not fixed when it is coming


We just had a major expansion, eve onslaught. That was like, 3 months ago.

Does Blizzard talk about the next WoW expansion, 3 months after the last one? Clearly not.

So be patient.

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