Updates To Skill Training - live now on Singularity!

I’m not looking forward to logging in tomorrow after reading all this…

But I have one question:
How hard is it to make this new window opaque instead of transparent?
I friggin hate transparent windows and having to constantly fix them is starting to seriously piss me off.

I’m being told by Singularity that I am an alpha clone but I am not. This is preventing me from trying any of this new skill stuff. On top of that the link the omega window puts up goes to a site that doesn’t exist:

buy plex and plex to omega…

I’ve never done that, good idea and thanks

I think that is really the only way to become omega on SiSi is buying plex, which should be significantly cheap, compared to TQ

It seems I also didn’t get there with any isk so no plex, the store plex sent me to the same broken website

What I did see of the skill thing though was very confusing, completely cluttered and I would not want to be new and encounter it.

no you buy plex from another player

I had no idea
Thanks again

Can you just not change this, or give us the option to keep the current setup. The current version is not hard to understand. You take the fit you want to fly, add the needed skills from the training window. The only change I would like to see is the ability right-click, move to highest allowed spot in skill queue. All of the rest of this in unnecessary fluff. You have real, actual problems in the game that need to be addressed.


The new layout of the skill catalogue sounds good on paper, and I’m happy to see more of my queued up skills at once.

However I have two major issues with the design that other have already pointed out, but just to emphasise:

  1. There is too much wasted space, and it does not fit the design of other UI elements that are usually slick and functional.

When decreasing the size of the window, some of the empty space goes away, but there is some overlapping going on in the skill queue. Let us resize both parts of the window (left+right) independently from each other.

  1. The skills in the catalogue do not display the time they take unless you queue them up, which is real bad. It’s one of the first things I look at when choosing what skills to train next.


  1. you can only go on sisi if you’re omega…unless they changed things and i didn’t get the memo
  2. plex costs 100isk each at a constellation spawn point

i’m starting to get the idea that half you folks haven’t a freaking clue. or you’re trolling really hard. sadly, that includes CCP. their current iteration available fails hard when you try to share plans (mostly everyone who isn’t the creator has their skill panel broken completely and needs a restart, not relog, to ‘fix’ it - and that’ll mostly show no skills added*)

*- the one exception i had was that skills were added, just that the milestones was missing from the catalogue and the notification history had no memory of the skill plan added (after restart)

one wonders why it’s SNAFU…one wonders that this thread’s contributors are in vain…that all they want is free Q&A to help fix the problems they didn’t know would happen cuz they didn’t test before opening their yaps about this SHINY NEW THING.

oh, btw, hoboleaks shows male and female monocles. happy 10 year anniversary everyone

There has never been, IIRC, a limit between alpha or omega having access to SiSi. Since the Test Server is mirrored every few months, if someone was an alpha when SiSi was mirrored, then SiSi will see them as an alpha, even if they become Omega on TQ. So the only way to turn Omega on SiSi is to buy the plex needed to become omega on SiSi.

thats the exact point of having SiSi… is to test for any issues before they go live on the test server…

She’s a friend of mine and she is Omega, she arrived on the test server with almost no isk and as an alpha clone (flying a Hound).
I know that the server does updates periodically from the live server but she’s been Omega for almost the whole time she’s been playing so a little over a year I think.
She’s not trolling, shes just never been on the test servers before and has never used Plex.
I think I’ve been on the test servers like four times and have never used Plex either, I barely know what it is let alone how to use it.
I looked at the site she linked as well, it is indeed broken and that, I have to assume, is CCP providing a bad link.

I think she has a year subscription and she’s close to a year old, it’s possible it didn’t auto-renew and the mirror happened at the wrong moment. I will have to ask about that, it seems unlikely though, she flys things like stealth bombers and tech two destroyers most of the time.
Also auto-renew is on by default I believe.

I know there’s a command to update skills on the test server, is there one for things like omega status? That could be helpful.

unfortunately no… plex will have to be bought…

isk and all that flows over into SiSi, so not sure why they didn’t have isk. but i sent some isk to help out on SiSi.

Thank you for that, I did the same.

I ran into an odd thing on there my self, I couldn’t see any ships on the overview (I was being shot at by them as well), my guess is I lost overview settings. I really didn’t have time to try to figure it out, I was there to look at the skill thing, but it was kind of strange, I would have thought it would have them displayed by default.

you may have had trigs shooting at you, which they weren’t defaulted on the overview on TQ most likely same as SiSi.

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Hahaha! I hadn’t thought of that!

I do like it a lot.

So far i had no issues with it, but one thing i miss is a way to save the current skill queue into a plan, say you have 20 skills in queue and like to change to a new plan, would be nice to stop training hit save current queue to x plan and then add the new plan, would make it easy to put the original queue back later.

Yes i pay for 12 months per account, cost 550000 isk for 5500 plex, just make sure you get the 100isk ones :slight_smile:

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