Updates To Skill Training - live now on Singularity!

Ok I know that’s 2 questions but meh…

what an amazing idea!

Can we please have a clickable option to keep the skills page as is? 150 skills is cool and all but, I love the way the skills page and character info are tied hand in hand!


breathe, buddy. breeeathe

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grumpy cat! haha…you have to look at that mug for the rest of your eve life. bwhahaa

i love that image, mate. but i do want your opinion on the “tracked skill plan”…i can’t see it currently on the test server…i might be too high of a level in skillpoints to actually see it (saved personal plans aren’t fully functional on sisi, yet; i’m way past all the certified ones)

i should probably make a new character to test if i can see the “tracked skill plan”…i really want it back, if they ripped it out because of lame trollish feedback.

cue Black Desert Online Cash Shop

oh crap. lol. and they’d recently made it update in real time too groans…although, we have to remember this is singularity…i’m sure whatever is on singularity has some…missing bits. could be one of them, logically speaking

its minimum dimensions are around 1050x720 - RIP people playing on lower end laptops with smaller screen resolutions.


Another thing I realized today testing the skill plan setup: while it is possible to copy and paste skills to the queue, the same feature is missing for the skill plans. So, please add copy from clipboard function to the creation of skill plans. Otherwise it’s really annoying to do a manual setup…

And please add an export function, so we can transfer the plans to other characters without the need of the chat.

Change is good - but it needs to be tempered by what the players are generally saying here.

Would like the option to resize and move sections around (ie to mimic the current skills layout). I like to have my training queue under the skill groups with resizable sections that I can move around - seems awkward to look into skill groups and drag across to the queue - but that’s just me.

Why are the groups in alphabetical order rather than the existing order? It makes sense, but like existing order - can we have a drag and drop re-order the skill groups and each section of the skill catalogue?

Also - how about a rookie ship re-design to make them way cooler looking (less chunky/finer lines) and have a function throughout the Eve career of pilots? IE - paper thin combat shuttle/interceptor/tackle/general purpose ships that have decent slots and fitting ability - or some special corvette ability that will be beneficial in combat.

they already had all that a day ago at least

Should be for the love of her most sublime majesty Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon now. Sorry, had to :smiley:

Anyway you make some good points, I am one of the people that have a pretty solid character attachment, and I think there needs to be a way to hide the character in the new character sheet if its unwanted(I don’t mind it myself but options never hurt anyone)

Leaving my 2 cents here for the posterity:

Others suggested I offer this suggestion here:

In the skill queue, one can search for something like “Spaceship Command,” and everything but the “Spaceship Command” skill will filter out. What I’d like to see is the ability to filter skills based on their descriptions. For example, the description for “Spaceship Command” is as follows: “The basic operation of spaceships. 2% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level.”

I’d like to be able to type something like “agility” or “2%” or “spaceships” into the search bar and have it return all the skills that mention those specific terms in their description.

Overall I think it’s not a 0/10. If you deploy this to TQ, people will be able to manage, which is probably a passing grade.

What’s annoying me is that whoever designed it, clearly did it in isolation, which is BAD.

Why do I say this? Because the default looks sort of clean like this:

And in reality, it will be this mess:

Because this mess actually contains the things you need to utilize the skillplans:

  • dragging and dropping of items
  • looking up prices of skill books
  • communication window like chat or mail
  • possibly inventory to see what you need to use items you just found

You can probably judge for yourself if the latter picture still meets your goals and standards.


It is currently not possible to add a skill to the end of the queue via click and drag. It can only be added to the second last slot. In the existing skill queue you can do that.

You can also not add a skill to the skill catalogue by dragging it onto the skill list. Adding that would be an improvement over the existing Right Click → Inject or dragging to the skill queue.

Another improvement to reduce clicks would be this:

Don’t worry. The market window and all other windows will eventually get the same treatment and you will have to enjoy huge windows with tons of empty space and not customizable UI parts because CCP knows best what users want. I prefer the market window design over the new design, to be quite honest. You just need to look at how much information it packs into a clear, crisp and economical interface. Now compare that to the bloated, wasteful and information-hiding UI of the new skill window.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move this into Agency tab and let us keep our current queue tab AS IS… DO NOT change our current character sheet… make this SEPERATE in the agency!


Completely agree. This is garbage UI/UX design.


His eyes are a mess right now, I made a suggestion in another section of the forum and he decided to stare at me untill I decide it’s a bad idea.
At this rate his eyes will be fully desiccated in another day or so.