Updates To Skill Training - live now on Singularity!

[edit: sadly we cannot] petition it. we used to do that ages ago when we went unsubscribed for some reason (back then there was no omega. Geo is trolling hard)

there’s definitely a problem with sharing skill plans and trying to load the skills directly from the window that opens. you’ll find the workaround (if you’re playing around with this) is to press the ‘copy’ icon on the skill plan popup when you open the shared skill plan link.
That way you can open the main skill panel (different panel than the popup for skill plan) and enable the personal skill plan you just ‘copied’ into your own personal plans.

you’ll know you screwed up if the milestones icon in the categories is empty with an orange band around it.

otherwise you’ll need to restart the client in order to fix the fact your character sheet and skill panel will be disabled.

yea back then you had to petition it, but now, alpha/omega both have access to sisi, and the only way to get omega, since PLEX is on sisi, is pay 100isk per plex…so no not trolling on how to become omega…

just like you used to be able to use plex to transfer toons, to which you cannot do that anymore.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Thank you very very much, that fixed everything and now I know how to do something new.

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Glad I could help

  • The new skill window introduction needs more for new players. What do I do with it? Where do I get skill books? Sure I can buy them from the screen but why not use the items in game? How do I do that? Market? What’s that?
  • The pre-set plans are pretty advanced for a brand new player. Sure they are great. but if you don’t have all the books - you can’t add the plan. So if I open it up and can’t add it, I’ll just close it again. Suggest adding a starter skill plan - have aura explain some of the skills (CPU Management) and why they are needed, then set up a plan for say level 3 of skills you already have. Start with the Magic 14. Also, this gives players something to train if they are lost on what to use points they get and time (Aura should mention that these would be a good idea to train to level 5 at some point in your career as they affect all ships).

stop pushing this!!!

What you said after that is correct… don’t start with magic 14 ever.


uh…that was a paid service only. always has been. same $20. same interface. same everything. As for your continually updating your info on plex price on sisi, i’m glad i finally nailed you down to some actual facts. yw.

for my part, i thank you for providing me with the relatively ‘new’ info about alphas, since the free to play was established 5 years ago, being able to access singularity as well. I learn something new everyday so credit where credit is due.

btw, i went back and edited out my earlier comment about filing a petition to upgrade alpha to omega (if you’d been omega before the mirror)…according to a pinned thread about sisi CCP now no longer provides any support for such.

as for the current situation on sisi, absolutely nothing has been improved or fixed (other than a gradual ability to save then share then apply, sort of, personal skill plans…which is probably down to them working on the server side database stuff i guess)

sadly there’s a huge bug dealing with shared skill plans being applied from the popup shown, which i suspect is tied to the milestones code (i’m still betting they’ll just rip that part of the code out)

Ok fine, then what do you suggest if you don’t know what to train?

The thing with the magic 14 is you can’t go wrong training them - they affect all ships.

My thoughts on this thing are that its worse for new players, I’m not totally new and I cant really figure it out, its more confusing, seems to have less information in it, and no mater what I try to use as a milestone it says its complete which is absurd, or its broken. Having tried it I don’t even know what a milestone is, to me it would be either a skill that leads to other skills, modules you cant use yet, or ships you are training for, but as near as I can tell its not doing that and I don’t know what it is doing.
I couldn’t figure out the skill plan stuff either other than to add things like I usually do and there’s less room for that so its more aggravating. Maybe if I spend some more time messing with it it will make more sense, but I’ve spent the last year learning the one we have now and all I could get out of this one is that it seems to do less with more ways to do it.
It even removes the information about what attributes are needed for each skill set. If its to be useful for setting up a real plan it should display that stuff and how may attribute remapping’s you have and when you would need to remap in order to maximize your training. it doesn’t seem to do that, it just removes all mention of them completely instead.
I’m sure I’m misunderstanding this thing completely, but that’s how it seems so far.
It needs a manual, not that people would read it, but at least you could look up what stuff does and why.
If I were totally new I would ignore skill training as just another impossible part of the UI.
Maybe I’m still too new

Are there going to be any iterations based on the feedback provided here that we can test on Sisi?

And why are skills not sorted alphabetically anymore?

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I have no idea on either question. I really hope this thing is optional if it stays like this. I also wish they would fix bugs instead

There are 3 sorts of information that are relevant to me in the skill queue:

  • How many skillpoints does the skill need
  • How long does the training take to gain the skill
  • When [date and time] is the skill learned

Additionally i want to manage the attribution change efficiently without the need of a third party tool. At this point, it needs to be stated that 1 attribution change per 365 says is not sufficient.

The 150 skill queue is very much welcomed, of course - i am going to use less skill injectors now because i dont have to squeeze 12 months of training into 50 slots. There is actually no reason why Alphas should also have a 150 queue but certainly they deserve more than the current 24h cap.

I kind of liked what i have seen so far on the test server. Here some suggestions:

  • The size of icons/elements and font should be harmonized.
  • Optionally more milestones.
  • Dont listen to the ever bitter users whining over the old UI :grinning:
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I cant even figure out what milestones are. And just for the record, I’m not bitter, I just don’t know what the point of this thing is or how its better.

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I personally don’t care about how many skill points a skill uses or needs, but I also don’t know why it would matter.
How long it takes is very good to know.
The date its finished doesn’t matter much to me (at least not yet, when a skill is months in the future then I will think about that. maybe).

What I need to know is:
How long it takes.
What skills are related to other skills, modules and ships. And how to stack them in order to get the ones I care about out of the way.
And soon (now) what attributes speed them up because I’m going to start looking at re-mapping mine and maybe using implants for getting some of the long ones done quicker.

I also want them to be easy to find, be either in alphabetical order or sortable in various ways, and because I’m unreasonable I would like a skill map like the one they have for ships (which I almost never use but should).

—Huge edit—

I figured out a few things, I’m not sure what yet. Rookie Help Chat is going to hate this thing. @Mike_Azariah only you can help us now!.

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I personally don’t care about how many skill points a skill uses or needs, but I also don’t know why it would matter.

This helps me to choose on which skill i spend my available skill points on. For all this matters i usually use EVE MON (a third party tool) which i am acually happy with. If CCP wants players to offer an efficient in-game tool they must provide more info/data assisting with skill planning.

I think your remarks about sorting the skill catalogue in different categories would also be a useful addition.

Would be nice to be able to take a fit and add all the skills directly into a plan, extra so when on sisi where a lot of training happens, think you can do that in EVEmon but not using that tool a lot.


Oh I see what you mean, like the ones from skilling spree or an injector?
I haven’t used an injector, but I simply use the extra skill points on the thing I want the most, or the one that feels like it will never end. It never even occurred to me to actually look at how much each one needs, I just look at what happens to the progress bar and sometimes it’s thrilling.

@Isibella each skill uses a certain number of skill points some small and some huge, so what’s she’s doing is looking at those numbers in relation to the amount of unused skill points she’s got left. Look at the difference between a level one skill and a level five one (just hover the mouse over the skill I think).

What we are trying to do is take the skills from the mastery levels in the info window for ships we want to master and drop those directly into the skill queue. As near as we can tell that’s not possible with this thing. From there the trick is to take each skill by it’s type and reorder the skill queue so that it lines up with the attributes those skills require. Once that’s done we can do a remapping to speed up the whole process.
That’s the idea anyway.
The same thing would apply for someone wanting a lot of tank and maybe industrial or mining skills, in our case it’s ships and fitting stuff.

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