Upwell camo: Volatile structure SKIN that hides installation from dscan

This is premium New Eden Store item (priced 1420 PLEX per unit at all sizes)

The SKIN is volatile which entails single use:

  • If the structure is unanchored or destroyed, the SKIN is lost
  • Applying a new Structure SKIN license does not remove the old SKIN. Structures may hold multiple ‘volatile’ licenses giving players the freedom to change (not extract) skins installed to a structure. Unanchor or destruction invalidates those structure specific SKIN licenses
  • There is no expiration date on the Upwell Camo SKIN at this time

How does it function?

  • Upwell Camo SKIN corresponding to the correct size structure can applied in the fitting window if necessary corporation roles to alter structures are met
  • The SKIN employs a signal absorbing nanocoating that hides the entity from capsuleer dscan; however it does NOT have the ability to prevent detection by combat probing
  • The SKIN does not impede structure operations or functionality
  • There are no changes to reinforcement timers or fuel consumption
  • The Upwell Camo SKIN and any additional licensed SKINs will appear on a structure killmail

In before :lock:

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Why don’t you put a new skin on? It looks ugly! You need to treat yourself better!

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You’re too late, bro. When I was on CSM I asked them if they wanted to make a structure service module or rig that would do the same thing. Get on my level.


Yes and I thank you for doing so. While you were moving in the direction of a single use item that dies with the structure, this approach refines that idea into a niche strategic asset system that is monetizable.

Structure SKINs that additionally enhance the utility of a structure offer room to monetize to ‘whales’ while allowing anyone who uses a structure to benefit from a purchase. This is a careful balancing act with cries of going to far lead into pay to win. Dscan immunity on structures via a volatile SKIN system is a good test case for monetization with benefits.

  • The structure is still visible during anchoring.
  • Any ‘invisibility’ in large AU systems (particularly wormholes) is ultimately temporary. WINGSPAN will likely begin combat scanning down and setting up lists of who has these SKINs applied to set up appropriate deliveries to these residents.
  • As the SKIN is ‘baked’ into the structure, the owner cannot pack up the equivalent of a standup service module and run if they believed they have been scanned down. If they want to keep that structure SKIN, they must defend the structure it is applied upon.
  • Further benefits folks who dislike seeing a plethora of structures on their dscan :kissing_heart:

I welcome your input on more aesthetically appealing designs.
This is the tool I used for the image above.


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I was talking about your FACE, silly! :slight_smile:

Thank you for linking this, though for some reason no ship is loading. Still, I did not know that the nebulae are up for grabs somewhere and I really have a good use for those … :smiley:

Thank you!

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You may need to click ‘load’ again on the ship drop-down menu after loading up a nebulae (or cycle a page refresh if all else fails). It can be a tad bit fussy; what can you expect for something as feature packed that runs in the browser.

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I’m not a fan of connecting any actual behavior to skins.

One of the good things about CCPs store is most the stuff is purely cosmetic.

I would echo a previous poster: It needs to be a module or something.

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