Skin Bonuses

Skins are great but need to have a reason for use if CCP expects the skins to earn ISK on the market.

Skins should have the following bonuses: Just a few examples.

Tier I

2% bonus to locking speed
2% bonus to shield or armor HP
2% bonus to shield or armor resistance in a specific type or 1% across the entire resistance base

Tier II

3% bonus to mwd or ab velocity
-3% bonus to inertia
-2% bonus to drone damage received

Tier III

3% bonus to ECM, Sensor Dampeners, Target Distruptors and Target Painters effectiveness
2% bonus to ship warp speed

Tier IV

-3% bonus to incoming damage received from thermal, explosive, kinetic or EM based ammo types.
-2% bonus to incoming damage received from thermal, explosive, kinetic and EM based ammo types.
+3% hull hit points

Tier V

-5% to repair speed and +5 to repair amount of ancillary based repair modules
+4% to capacitor recharge amount per cycle
-5% to smart bomb damage received for kinetic, explosive, EM or thermal
+5% for all hull resistances

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Troll ?


No, the reason everyone is mostly OK with SKIN micro transactions is because they are purely cosmetic.


No, he really is that daft.


Why don’t we just go straight to a PLEX injector for ships? 1 PLEX per 60-second cycle gives you a 10% damage boost. Let’s give ships a reason to carry PLEX again!


For only 26999.99 $ you can have all your ships lifetime insured!

You also get a redesigned venture for free


Order now and get a free copy of every AT ship in the game - including all future AT ships! Operators are standing by…


But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no it doesn’t! Call within the next 17 minutes 37 seconds and get an unlimited supply of Quafe Zero! Cause when you die from lack of knowledge but plenty of skill points why not die going really really fast.


People pay cash for them, no one gives a f if they get used after being purchased.

This too.


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Folks were pretty choked when SKINs changed such that they could no longer be destroyed. Some of you may recall that they were unique hulls originally…

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Side effects of constant comsumption of Quafe Zero include:

Memory loss
Lack of judgement
Lack of inhibitions
Memory loss
Spontaneous clone explosion
Belief that you can buy the station at Jita 4-4
Memory loss
Security standing loss
Memory loss
and much much more.


Skins having bonuses is much the same as using different types of camouflage on tanks, planes or warships.

Some skins reduce the the ability of the enemy to lock your ship as nano-particles rearranged the configuration of the outer hull while others would interact with the particles of space to reduce drag on the ship while warping that would also increase the velocity of the ship based on the same principle of particle interaction.

Other skins would allow capacitor recharge time bonuses as well as a larger capacitor capacity as the skin would absorb solar energy then convert it into usable energy.

Play much World of Warships lately?


drag in a vacuum


Ever heard of mass? The Higgs Boson and how the Higgs Boson adds mass to particles? Probably not.

But this is EVE where physics are not allowed

The correct answer is not where physics are not allowed but are loose guidelines. Like in Bollywood.

What a great idea… maybe the can add purchasable Gold Ammo too… remember ‘Greed is Good’.


Seriously, I dare… double dare CCP to try this again!

The OP should feel ashamed for even suggesting this.

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I see your point.
But just like in Word of Tanks where you can buy different carmouflage for your tank, giving you a bonus (only) for real money, this would be just bad game design.

If CCP :psyccp: would be looking for a way to piss people off, this would be one.


The problem is you want as much as you can get for free because you don’t want someone else to have an edge over you.

If you don’t like gold ammo or skins with bonuses then move to the other side of the sand box.