Uriam Kador suggested for Aidonis peace award!

The Aidonis Statue is an award presented every year by the Aidonis Foundation in recognition of individuals who significantly advance the cause of peace and stability in New Eden. It is named after Aidonis Elabon, Federation President who was instrumental in creating CONCORD and establishing a peace that ended the Caldari Secession War.

Peace !

A group of students at the University of Caille have caused some criticism on social media, after proposing that Uriam Kador, former heir of the Amarr Empire’s famous Kador Family, should be posthumously awarded the Statue, for his role in “Bringing détente to Amarr-Gallente relations culminating in the recent Mutual Understanding between the Federation and the Amarr Empire”.

Détente !

Uriam Kador is most widely known in the Federation for being behind the Ratillose Raid in YC110 in which elements of the Kador Family Fleet crossed the border and engaged in combat with the Federation Navy, making the suggestion that he should be credited for a peace prize seem somewhat counterintuitive.

Baffling !

The UoC students contend however, that Uriam’s Raid showed “once and for all, the futility and mutual destruction that would come from an all-out Federation-Empire conflict”, and permanently silenced any hawkish politicians who might argue that a war against the Empire would be winnable at low cost. They went on to state that this would free up the Navy to deal with the Triglavian occupation of Vale.

Contentious !

Gutter Press agents interviewed a number of people for their opinions:
“Uriam Kador a peace prize winner ? Seriously ? That’s ridiculous!”, said a Gallente Navy veteran in Ratillose.
“Kador ? Is that the Amarr King guy that kidnaps pop stars ?”, asked a Quafe vending machine repairman.
“Nah, that’s King Khanid 7 you’re thinking of, mate. Kador was the guy who sneaked over to visit exotic dance clubs”, said a Quafe vending machine repairwoman.
“The University of Caille is a den of sin and iniquity”, said a robed cultist of an indeterminate religion.
“As a fellow human being, it is important to remember what we all have in common as human beings”, said a highly smooth skinned individual.

Peace In Our Time

Despite such controversies, it seems that the thawing in Amarr-Gallente regions has caused many people in the areas of the Federation closest to the Empire to feel somewhat less threatened.

Gutter Press. News.


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