US Eastern Time 7PM to 11:30PM - Let's just figure the game out - with voice!

(Times are just suggestions, real life comes first, I’m just usually online from 7pm to 11pm EST)

I’ve been playing on and off for a few years now but I honestly have barely scratched the surface.

I’m not going to tell you what fit to use, because I probably don’t know.

We don’t want to be trained

We don’t want to be taught

We want to play, and learn organically

If you use jargon without explaining it, you will be kicked. We speak plan English here (for example, instead of “gate is red”, we say “warp to jita gate and wait/standby before jumping” on the rare occasion we try PVP).

We reserve the right to kick you for general negativity, this game is fun, and CCP is an amazing company for creating it. If you disagree, well that’s fine, but please don’t join us. We quite like this game, and all it’s aspects.

We’re not the most efficient, but we might the most fun and casual. I setup a pretty chill Discord for simple voice comms.

Come play, message me in game, Mister Jekyll

I made a little website for it too, to compile helpful links:

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