US Supreme Court lifts ban on Sports Gambling, Casino module for Keepstars for betting on sports

Now that sports betting is legal, would it be possible to create a module that replaces 2-3 high slots, and in turn allows you to plug in the Casino module. As a capsuleer you can dock in this keepstar and access a panel with a sports betting page with the currency being Isk and Plex.

it will never happen, There are many laws from different countries involved with gambling, and there also are taxes as well.

CCP will never touch Gambling topic.


Since you actualy can’t transfer Isk to Real money in any legal way most laws would not apply.

The only law applicable are those about age etc… since you can still turn real money into Isk


CCP is an Icelandic company. They don’t give a ■■■■ about your laws.

I’m all for anything that increases the suicide and divorce rates…

What sports will we be betting on? Because it can’t just be out of game pretend sports like golf and american “football” since that would break immersion. You gonna invent a whole bunch of in game sports too, or just bet on duels or something?

you do realise this game has to follow laws outside the US right?

for example the third party gambling sites were shut down primarily in response to European laws after the CSGO fiasco.

not to mention even if we just followed US law there are still plenty of states where it’s a nono


Always a good time for information.

For most people in the US, the world begins at the west coast and ends at the east coast. Everything outside of those borders, if they are even aware that something beyond those borders does exist, are just places to invade to further the goals of corporate USA.


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damn they sure give a lot of money to places they don’t even know exist

problem is if CCP want to sell game in other country, they need to follow other country’s law in order to able selling their game at there.

almost if not all country have laws about gambling.

If you want to bet on American Sports, then go bet on American Sports.

If you are trying to cram Betting on RL American Sports, into a Science Fiction internet spaceships game, set centuries in the future, maybe you have a problem or addiction and perhaps you should seek help.


I think most people from the US can’t comprehend this term.

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someone said we would have dancers … where are the dancers?

They are in the Capitain’s Quarters, waiting for us.

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