Use of a filament to escape from scrambled

I am now locked to an NPC that has scrambled me, he can’t kill me, I can’t kill him.
I can’t escape… I’m aligning since one hour to try to warp out, tried my suicide drones,
but he was too fast to re-scramble me before warp could initiate…
I should have brought a refitting station so I could have tried some more
suicide drones… but not all ships has drones…
I thought, what if I could activate an high sec filament to try escape??
Maybe he could be able to chase me down, but I could have time
to align and escape after the jump…
Would this be possible??

It’s the Anomic Worm mission… every time my Pith A type MWD burns out
and not always I’m able to lock the Worm with my scrambler, HS space.

This could also be fun for PvP…

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I had an anomic mission when I first started that I missed the web chance and spent the next hour or more slow boating to the perimeter, since neither one could break the tank of the other. I remember working on my taxes while I crawled along until the NPC finally lost interest. Must be what AFK mining feels like…


I wish the Ai had a timer at one hour, that tell them to get loose and go back to the origin…
or realize what is a draw and just leave…
I’m on the forum, and my Enyo is still there AFK… from time to time I go check
if something happens…
Edit… He let me go… finally…


You should report that NPC for griefing. :upside_down_face:


The support queues are already full of tickets filed by people asking for their forum enemies to be banned, so the turnaround on that one might take a while.


Yeah, getaway card for any PvP in hisec…

You made mistake, you paid for your mistake. Or you could simply ask someone for help.

You know, not so long time ago CCP changed how warp stabs works - right now you are allowed to use just 1 warp stab, while previously you could stack all low slots with stabs, which for haulers was a common thing to do. And because of that, PvP players who could not solo scram hauler like that on gate (unless they were in hictors) were very, very disappointed, so CCP pushed a change that made this group of elite PvP finally happy.

Given this approach of the developers, there is no chance that such a method of escaping from PvP or even PvE clashes will be introduced - it simply goes against the current harsh course imposed by CCP, that ships are to die MASSIVELY, everywhere and always, because this is, after all, EVE Online.

Have you… Tried it yet?

Those Anomic missions are crazy! I had one of those I was determined to complete. I tried so many different things. I was speed tanking with WMD, and I never got hit once, but I could not break the NPC’s tank no matter what I tried.

I finally gave up after 2 hours or more of trying.

I hear they are group content for friends-havers.

Those guys get all the good stuff.

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Log off and stay logged out for 10 mins and your out of the nova grasp

Multiboxers are too busy krabbing

I work out or work on learning another language when I afk mine. Or play another game. Sometimes I run so many alts that by the time I get done moving the ore over to my Orca from each character, I have to do it all again.

See? ^

So gankers are krabbing too? Makes sense I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I thought that was the point

Gankers are the equivalent of krabbers and generally massive carebears.

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It is truth. I personally know many carebears who have ganking alts. There are even miners who have ganking alts and gank the competition.


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