Ushra’khan, UNITY, The Bloody Fist, this is the entity that speaks out with action against the oppression of our people, not a shield of the Republic, but a crude blade stained with the anger of the Matari people. An entity that does not hold back for fear of outside perception or care for paperwork and fallout. A warband that harbours the anger, rage and despair of the Matari and turns it into action. Striking back at the Slavers as they continue their attempts to see our tribes and people in chains. The Slavers, the Republic and even the corrupt CONCORD have never managed to quell the spirit of The Bloody Fist. Why? Because we are the eternal fire of the Matari, flames that cannot be quenched as long as oppression against our people exists. Ushra’khan is not just an alliance full of capsuleers, Ushra’khan is a symbol, a movement and a cause. Where there are Slavers, there too will be Ushra’khan. We take an eye for an eye and despite being branded terrorists by many on both sides of the good fight, we do not flinch, we do not halt or change our course. We fight and enact revenge where most would be too fearful of repercussion to do so. Let the Slavers suffer as they have made us suffer.

As the oldest capsuleer alliance in New Eden, UNITY has made the news more times than I can accurately recall in my 3+ years here and countless more times before that as we clash with anyone who stands in the way of our goals. Nobody will get in the way of our cause and all those who have tried have found out just how bloody the fist can be. Our history is a red one, an ancient one by the ages of the capsuleer. Known far and wide, infamous for our guerrilla tactics when outnumbered. Mocked by the Slavers out of fear of our successes and ability to withstand any blow made against us. The Bloody Fist does not need Fortizars, vast empires of infrastructure and billions of ISK in our wallets, for as long as our last man can still fly a Rifter and take the fight to the Golden Empire, Ushra’khan is still alive.

Home of the alliance for the last decade, UNITY continues to band together in the war zone in mass to repel the seemingly endless threat of Amarrians ruling the vast and war torn areas of New Eden. It has become our home since the days of 9UY, a place we know like the back of our bloody hands, both a hunting grounds to unleash our anger and a place to bolster those who wish to help fight the good fight. While our name may go out beyond the boundaries of low security space, it is in the war zone that we have shown our true value in recent years, where we have continued to keep our name alive and made everyone in New Eden know that we are still the fist that fights for the Matari people and to enact their revenge.

“We are Ushra’khan, we are UNITY and together, we come for our people.”

This is our identity to Talon Commander Ferra Orta.
Thank you for reading.



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ISD Bahamut


I exited a WH recently into your space, I had only heard about Ushra’khan. So it was cool seeing your space.


Good writing Ferra. I might not see eye to eye with U’K in-character :wink: but I always appreciate you guys as someone to play and fly with, and this post makes very clear the U’K recent image. Keep it coming.


CCP Convict admitted on-stream that EVE is not the best medium to role-play in, despite it being a literal descriptor in their advertising.

I hate to say it but Ushra’khan does not sit easily in the real world politics CCP is promoting.
For example, where does Ushra’khan stand on the Biosecurity issues fluffed by CCP
that mirror then universal medical tyranny now being imposed in the real world?

We play games to explore these issues before they get all too real.

If he really said that, he is mistaken. Of MMOGs, EVE is uniquely suitable for roleplaying, because in EVE:

  1. 99% of the game mechanics you can talk about IC without any fuzzing with it: IC for “72% EM shield resist” is “72% EM shield resist” and IC for “in half-structure” is not “oh good sir I believe I am mortally wounded and about to perish lest I make a hasty retreat”, it’s “in structure, bailing”.
  2. What happens to us in the game can in practice be taken 1:1 as what happens to our characters in-universe; if I am in combat I’m in combat, who I destroy I just destroyed; if I am mining or robbing banks or roaming null or doing PI or fueling a structure or being a totally legitimate businessman on the markets, that’s all stuff my character can be doing. We are really living the lives of our capsuleer chracters; there’s no need to ICfy around constant raids of the same nature or everyone doing the same content one after another. (The only real exception is repetitive mission descriptions, and that can be handled with taking it as “fighting Angels” instead of fighting the same Angel over and over.) While you can (and roleplayers often do) add things of flavor and events that are not modeled by the game engine, those are always on top of the RP content the game itself provides.
  3. Any entity ingame is part of the in-game universe and even if they do not RP themselves, they potentially have a tangible effect on the universe we RP in. This means RPers and non-RPers can play together. We can RP about news of the Goon war, or about pirates in Rancer, without Goons or the pirates being roleplayers we RP with. People in non-RP organizations can RP being part of said organizations in RP events. When we do diplomacy (with or without gunboats) it does not matter if the other party is a roleplayer: the diplomacy looks same enough in and out of character that it all can be taken as part of the same universe. The RPer can make RP out of it and the non-RPer can not do it, and the deal will stand or be broken just the same.

Together, these things means that EVE as an RP environment is much more immersive than say WoW can achieve. We don’t have to play the “real game” here and then go RP about it separately there, or to use EVE as an “RP platform”, we can just RP in EVE directly, while we are playing it. This is something no other MMOG really achieves (to my knowledge), and EVE achieves it in a shared sandbox, as a cherry on top.

In a sense, in EVE, if you undock or open the markets, you are already roleplaying. If you don’t give a ■■■■ about the factions, you are simply roleplaying an indie capsuleer who don’t give a ■■■■ about the factions.

(CCP used to think this way too. Not sure they do anymore, or if it’s just a marketing gimmick now.)


Though I regret that you feel people are aiming to ensure that you have no fun, I am glad that the rules were clarified with respect to the validity of discussion provided it remains on topic.

Without condoning the discourtesy of my militia-mates, where they have challenged your post is where your fiction intersects most closely with what transpires in game; as in some cases very long-term opponents, the story you are telling is significantly about them–as was adequately expressed above, even those who do not actively RP are part of that story.

Few enough members of the either militia are as engrossed in the lore as you or I, but if the general reaction to the details they disagreed with is anything to go by, I would speculate there to be more interest in how they are represented in the stories told by others than most active RPers assume.

If he actually said that, with all due respect to Convict, he literally could not be more wrong. Eve online is a game where if you shoot somebody in space, your character shot them. If you hauled ships from point A to point B, your character did that. If you run a mission, maybe you need to fudge the details so it’s not identical to every other time you ran it, but your character is definitely doing security or distribution contacts for various groups in the various factions of the world. Filaments that pull you places have in world explanations. The game interface is even something that your character is able to see and interact with via their implants.

This might seem like a “duh” thing, but a lot of other mmos don’t really have this at all and it’s off-putting. One of the biggest things about, for example, Final Fantasy XIV that sours my mood on the game is that there’s so much ■■■■ you do in the game that you basically have to ignore if you rp. Mandatory main story quest where everyone is the beloved hero doing the same thing? Yeah, hard pass. If you want to play a criminal in FFXIV, you have to pretend the story you’re forced to do doesn’t happen in pretty much any way. If you want to play a criminal in Eve just go undock and shoot somebody. Your characters can talk about ALl the stuff you do in game. It’s refreshing as hell.

Even the character interactions are great. While stuff like FFXIV housing is certainly cool, interacting with character avatars that move kinda weird sometimes detracts from the rp for me. Pure text based social interactions in the chatty/social RP using text and descriptions for places makes it feel like a MUD. My /emote isn’t clunky unless I wrote it poorly.

In FFXIV (and many other mmos), it’ll feel like my gameplay and my RP is separate a LOT of the time. In Eve, my gameplay is fully integrated in my RP and is honestly most of my RP.

Eve is one of the very best MMO games for RP.


Woah, stay thy horses a moment, adventurers.
CCP_Convict was in no way knocking RP in his stream.
I accept the challenge of going back through the new player experience streams so I can clip it and present what he actually said rather than what you interpret from what I reported.


Not necessarily. Said Guerrilla tactics forced CVA out or Providence when the game was young. Why CTRLV feels the need to question recorded history, or claim credit for Snuffed’s structure killing spree, is a bit of a mystery.

Furthermore, stories are created together. Beyond yourself, PIE and DT-HG, there are precious few Amarrians to do that with. One can speak in general terms like “Side X managed to achieve Y”, and one could potentially call this roleplay, but if one were to go to the theater in order to observe a play by Shakespeare or a playwright from antiquity, and several dozens of inebriated young adults ran onto the stage whilst yelling, one might reasonably claim that it detracts from the quality.

Then he is wrong. The game has sufficient lore to generate immersive wars. There are roleplayers on all sides, and in most alliances. Generally these people tend to be higher up the command chain. Many of their members will not even know that they are led by roleplayers. Those roleplayers are also in contact with one another, and can make things happen if they want.

The chief issue is that CCP, presumably by virtue of letting staff go and hiring new people over the years, seems to have forgotten about most of the lore, or the existence of said roleplayers. A shortcoming they were educated on when PVP-RPers from all four highsec empires showed up to organize and lead the carebears against the Triglavians. In the end, the flavour of the month faction only managed to secure 27 systems, 16 of which due to the Caldari NPCs not being able to fight back. If CCP understood the RP aspect of EVE, and how deeply they are entrenched within the higher echelons of most alliances, this could easily have been anticipated and catered to.

Most of the time it merely pushes people out of Amarr Mil so whilst I stand to benefit from letting them continue their course unchanged, there are a good number of respectable individuals within there as well, who of course have my deepest sympathies regarding the nature of their co-players. For the sake of those people, I’d argue that they could indeed learn to behave like normal people do IRL.

Please do. It would be interesting.

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I don’t want to say too much here since this is supposed to be a thread for Ferra Orta’s writing rather than an ‘is EVE a good place for roleplay’ discussion thread, but I do want to briefly +1 what a few other commenters have said here regarding EVE actually being one the very best roleplaying environments in the entire industry, and by a quite wide margin no less. I’d go so far as to say it’s one of very few games commonly referred to as an ‘MMORPG’ where the words ‘Massively Multipler Online Roleplaying’ actually ring true, compared to the vast majority of games marketed as such where the label feels disingenuous at best. Perhaps this conversation is better taken elsewhere, however?

As for the original post, my character is on a very different side of the spectrum both in terms of political affiliation and mentality from U’K, but it was well written and a nice read :slight_smile:


Thank you!

That’s the best part of this side of the community for me, be you Amarr, or even a Blooder, if you’re doing it convincingly and in a true roleplaying sense, you’re contributing greatly to it all! There’s been a plethora of well written Amarrian bias pieces over the years that I’ve appreciated just as much as the ones of my Matari(and other) aligned friends.

The TLDR; is that this isn’t the IGS. It’s player fiction - and not a place to troll(or roleplay) with the toxic local chat bullcrap that’s being dragged here simply by myself and a couple others in MinMil trying to remain active in the great RP community of EVE.

Thanks for the support and kind words folks.


kk apologies for kind-of subverting the op topic, that was never my intent.
By way of a remedy, the first clip is for you @Ferra_Orta

My not quite comprehensive report on CCP_Convict’s comment caused consternation. My bad.

Bonus clip; just because.

Please take my half a day or so reviewing these streams as just punishment for mediocre journalism.

Heart my fiction, if it pleases you to do so:-

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Hey folks, this thread was given some additional looking into and further posts have been removed including some replies to those posts removed.

Thank you.