Using picture of the EVE ship on a book

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Is this legal ?
Not sure if the author or anyone else asked for the rights

its not legal. This happens all the time. There was a Pho place that served really good Pho, but they used the Laughing Cow label on their store front. It dissapeared after a year or so so im guessing they were hit with a cease and desist, or something.

How do you know they didn’t get permission?

Also is it causing any problems for you?

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It’s not so much a problem for that person, its more the IP rights for that image. If it was asked for correctly, no problem, then crack on sunshine. However, if it was nabbed from the internet, and then plastered onto a book, CCP are well within their rights to request that it be removed.

Isn’t that CCPs job to keep an eye on there own IP rather than you?


And how are CCP going to know about it if nobody tells them, they aren’t all knowing or all seeing :stuck_out_tongue:


No! Don’t go that route!

Besides these things (so far) being untrackable, you’re doing a disservice to every little guy who manages to make money by creating content. Sure, I’m not particularly concerned about someone using CCP’s virtual space ship on a cover, but everyone requires this stuff to be pointed out to them.


Who cares? they have the department to deal with it. Putting it up publically on a forum… ewwww I’d hate to be one of your friends you might grass me up for something that is none of your business

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And like i said, that department is not all seeing and all knowing, unless its brought to their attention they can’t do anything about it

And if you’re breaking the law then quite probably, mainly because you shouldn’t be breaking the law in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

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New forum alt, eh nobuyuki? Sweet.

No, it is not difficult to comprehend…which is why people don’t have a problem doing so and you are showing your captain obvious.

Do you not know what a Moros is?


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what ship is that anyway?

That’ll be a moros, gallente dreadnought.

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If its a legit use of CCP imagery, the book should have a statement on the inside that mentions the source of the image, and hopefully: “used by permission.”

the webpage mentions nothing of the sort. nor any of the other books he wrote.

You obviously have no clue as to being an artist and having your work used without your consent. There is a reason for copyright laws. You can’t just take things from the internet and use it as you wish.

Copyrights are everyone’s business. I’d hate to be one of your friends. You’d probably steal my sh!t when I wasn’t looking


I don’t take images from websites to use but no I am not an artist. Just not sure why it being made public on a forum, if you want to get brownie points from CCP then just mail them.

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