Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

Rich people don’t get richer by spending money. Though ‘it takes money to make money’ may be an aphorism, in practice, the rich spend someone else’s money, and keep the profits.


Now that I have personal experience with! But then, if you can’t enjoy a 50-year scotch in fine establishments with fine company, what is ISK for?

Holding over the heads of ‘the little people’ to watch them whine and beg?

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Sounds expensive.

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Please excuse me, Ms. Elsebeth! That wasn’t very good from my side, considering I wanted to display respect to your people, who died fighting that abomination known as Federation.

I am always trying to post my replies in regard of current discussions, but since my last replies in that topic were not related to it, I guess I have to ask for forgiveness and explain my actions.

I do, indeed, trying to keep myself under control and reply with interest of the topic, however… when some morons jump up and attack me with disregard of discussion, using the thread only as a platform for their puny attempts, I do reply them whenever and wherether they try it in order to protect my Honor and Dignity.

Of course, it’s these trolls who started off-topic, but since I replied to them, I am guilty as well. I am deeply sorry for this, but it just can’t be helped.

We have one habit in the culture, to do what has to be done, even if it is wrong and will lead to our punishment. We commit a crime and surrender ourselves for the punishment instead of going gurista.

Now, what I did wasn’t a severe crime per se, but I believe it was hurting for you, that’s why I am asking forgiveness from you. And if you cannot give this forgiveness and will demand satisfaction, my honor demands me to be available to meet you in space.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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But also, in the last month or two,

And to top it off,


Capsuleers have lewd minds. I talked the other day about a metre long sausage and everyone thought it was a metaphor.

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It’s not capsuleers, it’s those, who have fallen for gallentean propaganda of degeneracy and abnormal perverted behavior.

Also, I’d recommend stopping relying on dangerous natural food. In our age healthy synthetic food is cheap and abundant.

Get yourself some intel people. I guarantee it helps with strategy.


Why would you talk about a metre-long sausage, if not metaphorically?


I mean, let’s face it, you can have too much of a good thing.

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Synthetic food is the good thing.

Sounds like a metaphor.

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At a meter long? I think that works in any context.

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In any way, I wouldn’t put THAT into my mouth.

Get yourselves some good Caldari protein delicacies instead!!

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I could not agree more.

It is why I was so dismayed by the actions of the former Executor Heth in Haatomo. A man who once proclaimed himself as representing all Caldari suddenly displaying such an egregious contempt for the rule of law once charged by both the corporate courts of Kaalakiota and the State itself under the tenets of the Caldari Basic Laws of the CEP.

Imagine my shock and disappointment when the Executor tried to escape the laws of both Company and State like any other Gurista!

Such audacity and facetiousness to try to deny the just punishment of laws under the empty rubric of being the self-proclaimed sole representative of all Caldari!


It was in the context of having seen an advert for a sausage eating contest at a sausage festival that I happened to see while shopping. If you ate the metre long sausage in one go, you could win prizes.

Now, by ‘in one go’, you mean…?

Why did you have to go and ask that?


Typically, those sorts of contests mean ‘in one sitting’, often with a time limit involved.