Vanguard Feedback #78903275

Would like to see;

  • While running being able to make a quick slide in forward direction.
  • Ability to grapple/ climb small obstacles
  • Toggle too loot option
  • Ammo amount always showing in HUD (so even whilst running)
  • Quickbuttons for deploying structures (also too combat macro (ab)-users)
  • Ability to freely map ALL buttons
  • Emlysium styled biome spacestructure map <3 :3 uwu

So ye bit more vibrancy in the gameplay, its a bit stale atm.

Y’all doing great so far with all that we can see ! Excited to see whats to come <3


fyi, new planet exploration/industry focused map coming in June. I would expect more specific details closer to EVE Summer Expansion as it is tied to Vanguard update.

Ammo is always visible “on your gun”. Separatelly for mag and inventory. Without ADS

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