Vanguard seems dismally uncooked

Ill call it “undercooked biscuits” if i may.

Im going to start with the main concerns for this game and im hoping the devs read this and ask questions as now im concerned and want to be involved in the development of this FPS run-a-muck game.
~in turn, im actually hoping for the success of an FPS from ccp so that they can realistically have the potential to reduce OMEGA subscription fee and bring in more players overall (ie: more income=)~

  1. (Statistically) Vanguard wont succeed as it is. I understand the want to dip into the battle royal theme, but CCP is about 4 years too late to enjoy this unless they provide a new take on BR.
  • As of 2024 Apex has around 18 Million monthly active players vs fortnite 247mil monthly active players.
  • Valorant has 18 mil monthly active players and CS2 has around 930k monthly active players.

None of these are subscription service games and are all free-to-play with premium currency. Limiting this game to subs only would really hurt its player base considering EVE only has 100k players active per day and only 10mil users in total. Not to mention console availability affecting these numbers. Statistically, vanguard wont make it or even compete over these top 4 FPS games let alone COD warzone, which has 60mil active monthly players (also FTP).

When Dust514 was an active game, it averaged around 2-4k or so active players every day and this was while being on a last-gen PS3 console exclusive (missing out on xbox and PC was huge, i digress)

  1. Although a cool theme and somewhat unique feel, even when polished, this game will become boring very quick. Shoot, loot, retreat. There isnt a whole lot to go into the game and the gameplay itself doesnt have much depth besides a limited crafting selection when comparing it to other FPS games. Simply put, Vanguard seems slightly underwhelming when looking at other games on the market, especially free ones.

  2. Dust514 excelled at making a changing battlefield where dropsuit choices and weaponry was a consideration when fighting, as well as having teammates or some idea of how to overpower a stronghold could actually affect the battle. Dust514 was a team game. Comparetively, Vanguard is a squad game but to be blunt, it doesnt feel rewarding to work with your other 2 teammates if you even have anyone to play/communicate with.

I have more points i can make but i will leave these 3 main topics for consideration to whomever finds this. I have been both a dust bunny gor the entirety of Dust and an on and off player of Eve since 2014. An avid gamer since i was a child, i see potential for CCP to make an FPS, Vanguard just doesnt feel like a success but i am open to opinions and rebutals.



Eve discord is where you need to voice your concerns

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Wrong place lad.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Alas, you need to put in a phone number to be able to post on the Eve discord, for some reason. Nothx.

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Well thats where information for vanguard and all feedback is.

Would EVE players even touch Vanguard since you can’t really multi-box it?

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Quite a lot of folks do play it

You be surprised that many people don’t want to multibox 5-10+ characters…

But this is coming from a 1 account guy here so what do I know?

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Putting the conversation onto Discord only makes participation more difficult and blocks those who do not want to use a platform that is in the early stages of the ‘enshitification’ process. Discord is only slightly less awful than slack when it comes to access to message/conversation archives, however will the observant among us be able to quote back developer statements if the conversations are ephemeral?


Talk to CCP lol

Oh wait…

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Thanks evrryone, didnt even know they had a discord with discussions

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This has to be one of the more amusing things I will read today.

If Vanguard were the most successful FPS in the history of gaming, it wouldn’t reduce the omega subscription fee by a single penny. That is not how pricing decisions work, reducing the sub price is not on the table in any way, and it’s hilarious that anyone would think it is.

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It’s pure garbage.

From conception to execution to the future…

g a r b a g e.