Variable wormhole size?

I would guess that this has been suggested before, but I couldn’t find anything with a quick search.
The wormhole entries and exits of today favors brawling, with them being quite small in size (which often leads to ppl decloaking closer to each other).
What if the size depended on the class/security status of the systems they connected?
So that a -1.0 K-space system connected to a C6 w-space system led to that wormhole being quite large in size, resulting in bigger engagement distances, while a C1 -> HS would resulted in a small wormhole. The relation between class/security status and size doesn’t have to be linear either, so that it could be that it’s only towards the NS/C6-systems that the size of the wormhole really ramps up (if the aim was to keep brawling in the lower-class wormholes, that is).’
What do you think?

I think your suggestion would lead to less kills in wh space. If you chase someone through a connection currently, if you both spawn at max distance from the hole (~13 km) and on opposite sides you will still be in overheated point range. There is a chance to force a fight. Increasing the size of the hole makes the fight less likely to occur. I would not be in favor of this change.


Isn’t the disengagement issue something that could be resolved?
Wouldn’t it create a need for ships with longer scram ranges, like the Arazu or Orthrus?
I mean, it does create an incentive for non-brawlers in w-space.

If you increase the maximum spawn distance from a wormhole then ships will start spawning outside of a dictor bubble when they jump through. It is already difficult to catch covops ships but your proposed change would make it nearly impossible in many cases. Basically, having close spawning distances encourages pvp and gives brawling a place in the meta without crowding out kiting ships.

i see where your line of thinking is, and its not a bad thought pr say; perhaps a new bunch of random wondering exits might make the idea work but leaving the normal exits in place?

Wormholers still often use kitey ships, mostly when roaming out of the wormhole but generally combat on wh’s is fine i believe; mostly its not really advisable to fight on the wh anyway unless your trying to control the exits.

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