Variations in notification sound

Dear CCP,

Please make the general notification sound different from the “you got killed, heres the killmail” sound.

how is this an improvement to eve ?

This has got to be a new record. It’s been 48 hours since Wesfahrn started yet another, pointless attention seeking self-oriented thread. It’s almost like this is a kind of addiction for him.

Maybe next time he’ll make it 72 hours before he falls into relapse.

And you’ve still failed to answer my question posted



Not totally garbage idea this time, however you have no chance to success with this. Peoples playing this game are extremely uneasy with changes. Any changes, no matter how significant. If the sound of being killed or a notifications suddenly changed, all hell would break loose.

I say, let us override sounds (and other assets) by sounds of our choice. I suppose it is doable already somehow, but it is not “supported” and it is going to be very hard to do.

So it would be nice if we could make a folder /override in EVE’s user folder (where logs and screenshots are stored) which would take priority. So if you would put a file with a specific filename you could change the sound of notifications or being killed on your client.

That of course still needs the sound being “split” into two files albeit they stay identical. I imagine it is one file right now.

Anyway, this will never happen. @Wesfahrn when do you realize that this forum is there only to vent your frustration or on the opposite an excitement and you have no chance to actually get your proposal implemented or even read by developers? I would assume that after all this time and so many suggestions posted, you would already realized that…


Whenever I hear a new sound, I immediately think,

“Oh ■■■■! Who’s shooting at me!?”

But this is why it’s a bad idea. EvE already has a bunch of notification sounds. Why add more? There gets to be a point where more isn’t better.

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Nope, it is deliberately the same so you (yes specifically you) get your pants full every time you receive a notification.


Who knows maybe he got a temporary ban for all his spam threads?



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