Veine’s Incursion Thread 2

Veine’s Incursion Thread 2 Post 1:

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Veine’s Incursion Thread , Post 136: .

Since Incursions are so much more complicated than I expected, I will first start to provide markets to those Incursions site, so that I can get enough to finance my Multi-Client Incursion fleet(s).

Those will consist of at least 3 ships, likely 3 Battleships, and I also verified possible Amarr only ship(s) setup.

I may be able to upgrade to other fleets, and invite others, depending on hardware capabilities and , internet. I would however have to keep control of the fleets, to prevent potential conflicts from going out of control, and, actually be made to work against me.
I don’t think that it would be worthwhile to delegate powers to control those fleet to a 2nd party or 3rd party at this time, unless of course that it becomes worthwhile.

So, despite the fact that this thread is intended for incursion, it will be specialized towards the market of those incursions, to start.

Here is a new tool I found,
It has

Sudden price change on market (aka Market anomalies)

as well as

Ore prices for refining

However, I did not verify other market data yet.
EVE Market Data PLEX info
is not confirmed ingame yet.

Those were changed to the smaller denomination , of which, 500 are required to get a 30 days worth of game time.
One sell rate shows as :
1,256,000,000 ISK
3,434,000 ISK , which, multiplied by 500 is
It does not include the numbers of units, so, I think it’s another item than the one listed.

Buy value is
1,237,502,320 ISK and, 3,320,000 ISK.

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Veine’s Incursion Thread 2 Post 2:
VIT2 P2:

It seems the Triglavians may be interfering against Incursions, although that it is still left to verify.

(That it is still left to be verified.)

Veine’s Incursion Thread 2 Post 3:
VIT2 P3:

I did find a Triglavian Invasion in one of the site en route to an Incursion site.
However, that site can only be reached through 2 low-sec systems.
VIT2 P3 Image 1

Route to the Incursion site above…

Scout sites

Despite CCP’s attempt to revamp scout sites in 2014 they remain shunned by the incursion communities. The sites aren’t balanced, with high tanked ships like Uitras and Vylades , more ships that stay at range and considerable amount of ships capable of neuting and jamming you, like Niarjas and Arnons , these sites end up taking much longer and requires more ammo than vanguards, while paying considerably less.

The advantage of this is that it can be done with 3 ships, rather than 10 or 5 for Vanguard.
Also, I now read that 2 ships would pay 50% and 1 ship, 25%.

VIT2 P3 Image 2

Relative place of the system to go through Low-Sec systems.
Placid is one of those region with such High-Sec pocket.

3 minutes later:
VIT2 P3 Image 3

Item to Redeem which did happen to show up on my login sequence.

VIT2 P3 Image 4

Intaki Syndicate Skin temporary for 7 days, gift reward.

VIT2 P3 Image 5

Description of Intaki Syndicate .
Formed by Intaki exiles from the Gallente Federation during the Caldari-Gallente War, the Syndicate has slowly grown in stature and influence. It now serves as an important link between the empires and the illegal elements in the outer regions. Syndicate space is a pirate haven but still retains enough civility to allow pretty much anyone to travel there for business. Its markets are always chock full of contraband goods and illegal wares that are hard or impossible to come by elsewhere. Each Syndicate station is an autonomous entity, but they cooperate on security and information issues. The unofficial leader of the Syndicate is Silphy en Diabel, a former Sister of EVE who returned to Syndicate space to save her family’s fortune. Since then she’s turned out to be just as resourceful and ruthless as her late father.

VIT2 P3 Image 6

10 Distribution Agents locations.

VIT2 P3 Image 7

Market Activity:
Supply and Demand.
Some things they want, others they offer.

VIT2 P3 Image 8

NPC Corporation Attribute:

VIT2 P3 Image 9

Intaki Syndicate Skin - Volatile , meaning, which expires, not permanent.

24 minutes later:
VIT2 P3 Image 10

The Unour High-Sec Constellation of Incursion.

27 minutes later:
VIT2 P3 Image 11

The Incursions Tab Selected , from The Agency choices.
Other choices from this section are:
Faction Warfare,
Abyssal Deadspace, as for other (previous) deadspace areas…
Pirate Stronghold seems new.

28 minutes later:
VIT2 P3 Image 12

Download EVE Portal - Stay Connected.
Works on iPhone and cell phones.

29 minutes later:
VIT2 P3 Image 13

This is a previous Volatile reward which expired, I could offer it for sale, but it doesn’t function.

VIT2 P3 Edit 1 at 23:57:
36 minutes later, at 23:57:
So, after looking at the 2nd tab from UNIWIKI , EVE University website,
I finally found the incursions sites info I was looking for.
There they are :

There are no Scout Incursion systems info, however, those are nearby.

VIT2 P3 Edit 2 at 00:36:
1 hour later:
I finally made it.
I found the Scout sites, which are in the staging system.
VIT2 P3 Image 14

17 hours later:
VIT2 P3 Edit 3 at 16:27:
This is the route which included the Triglavian Invasion system.
VIT2 P3 Image 15

It was reached from the Shortest, rather than the Safest choice of route.
Arraron 0.5 < Aideron < Verge
Danger! This star system has
been invaded by Triglavian forces.
Enter at your own risk!

VIT2 P3 Edit 4 at 16:39:
Nearby Anomalies are:
VIT2 P3 Image 16

Large Spodumain, Crokite and Dark Ochre Deposit
(not worth much imho)

Besieged Covert Research Facility ,
although in Low-Sec.
VIT2 P3 Image 17

Blue Ice Belt , in Low-Sec, very dangerous for that worth, although, the yield is potentially , if not probably, higher than in High-sec.
VIT2 P3 Image 18

VIT2 P3 Edit 5 at 17:18:
VIT2 P3 Image 19

Small Jaspet, Kernite and Omber Deposit
( This one, surprisingly enough , may yield more , due to the Kernite currently being worth more on the market .
So, those values for mining are not fixed, but market related, if not market dependant.
When the market value change, so does the mining values, if there is anything related to those mining efforts, which there obviously are.
It’s up to the players to estimate those values changes. )

VIT2 P3 Edit 6 at 17:21:
Now, there are other Anomalies, however, when in the Incursion system itself, the related Constellation that is, those anomalies have Sansha pirates, which are more complicated.
VIT2 P3 Image 20

VIT2 P3 Edit 7 at 17:24:
I also saw some 6 empty ship nearby , which are cloak detectors.
I checked the nearby 36 km by using the view command, and it seemed empty.
That means, you can board it, however, that would show up somewhere.
VIT2 P3 Image 21

VIT2 P3 Image 22

Carpe Noctem Jensen’s Velator

VIT2 P3 Edit 8 at 17:28:
VIT2 P3 Image 23

Here are some of the Void L values for sale, to place some items for trade and, profit, which is, currently what we are here for,
until that we have enough money to buy an Incursion ship,
that we have enough money to buy 2 Incursion ships,
that we have enough money to buy 3 Incursion ships,
to run the 1st Scout Incursion at 100% payout.

So, I would try at 2 ships, to see if we can leave the site, first, and then,
maybe even try to leave a site with 1 ship.
I read there are some ships which can restrict your ship from leaving,
like, with webs, or, capacitor neutralizer, or other,
like, maybe a Warp Disruptor.

Anyways, I will be able to verify that again.
Also, to try with 3 ships, may require 2 computers,
if the one computer is too slow to run 3 clients.
Like right now, this current system with Windows 7, even though it can be upgraded to Windows 10, probably runs slower than if with Windows 10, even though we could technically go back to Windows 7 to compare that after.

So, those one are:
323.00 ISK, 7 jumps away, for 1,058 Charges.
Buyers are not offering except for a large volume, so, that may be negotiable, and , we might have to find the buyer’s name somehow.

VIT2 P3 Image 24

This one has :
337.00 ISK, for 23,000 units, 7 jumps away.

VIT2 P3 Image 25

There’s also :
339.90 ISK, for 145,000 units, 2 jumps away.

So, there are many other things to post for sale,
all of which are from the fittings, all of which were taken off from the EVE University pages,
many of which I do have in my fittings, those which are saved in the clients, and,
which I can export, and , which I did export.
So, a lot of those fittings are saved in external files.

Also, there some fittings listed on the Warp to Me webpage,
some from the The Ditanian Fleet community , which they have listed somewhere,
although it may be elsewhere than a website or webpage,
and there was also the TVP.
And there is also IIC or ICC, I forgot now.

VIT2 P3 Edit 9 at 17:41:

the market value for each of those High-Sec,
Incursion Sites,
are worth approximately around 10 B ISK to 20 B ISK each, per incursions.
Maybe less, sometimes more.

Many incursions ships are insured for over 1 billion,
even some of those logi ships are insured for over 1 billion,
and there are over 20 ships there, usually.

VIT2 P3 Edit 10 at 18:02:

They are with the Serpentis.

Eifyr and Co. ‘Alchemist’ Neurotoxin Control NC-903

Baseprice: 200,000 ISK
Market Price: 38,220 ISK
A neural Interface upgrade that boost the pilot’s skill at handling boosters.

3% bonus reduction to side effects.
EVE Forums » EVE Gameplay Center » Ships & Modules » Edge implants
Topic is locked indefinitely.
Booster Side Effect Reduction
Mid-grade Edge, Set Bonus per slot 1 to 5 , 10% , Omega 25%.

Secondary Effect Set Name Set per Bonus slot Effect Bonus per slot Total Effect Attributes
1-5 6 (Omega) 1 2 3 4 5
Booster Side Effect Reduction Mid-grade Edge 10% 25% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% -26.93% +3
Low-grade Edge 2.5% 10% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% -17.39% +2

Name Intaki Syndicate
Ticker ISD
Agents 73
Members 57
TaxRate 0%

Ticker ISD

Veine’s Incursion Thread 2 Post 4:
VIT2 P4 Image 1

  1. WTM

  2. IIC PUB, Channel IIC-FITS
    VIT2 P4 Image 2

  3. TDF , Mailing List , TDF-FITS VG1
    VIT2 P4 Image 3
    2020. - TDF-FITS VG1

VIT2 P4 Image 4
2020. - TDF-FITS

The Agency > Encounters Tab > Incursions choice.
The current Incursion in High-Sec was completed.
It is now 00:00, T.0000.

Veine’s Incursion Thread 2 Post 5:
VIT2 P5 Image 1

VIT2 P5 Image 2

27 minutes later @ 01:12:
VIT2 P5 Image 3

2 hours later @ 02:23:
VIT2 P5 Image 4

Some assets to verify, I’m not sure in what ship.
How much is it worth?

@ 02:47:
VIT2 P5 Image 5

Veine’s Incursion Thread 2 Post 6:
VIT2 P6 Image 1 @ 22:20:


VIT2 P6 Image 2 @ 00:15 on 2020.09.07:

VIT2 P6 Image 3 @ 00:17

VIT2 P6 Image 4 @ 00:18

You can get one Jump Clone as Alpha.

You can learn the Infomorph Psychology Skill level 1,
which is enough to get a Jump Clone with.
Allows 1 Jump Clone per Level.

Veine’s Incursion Thread 2 Post 7:

I will update this post shortly if my Client launches successfully.

A few things to verify will be the current High-sec Incursion Constellation.

However, I have little use to move my Incursion effectives there.

I can also run Incursions with my current 3 Pilots.
The ships they have are easier to use then to train for Amarr only ships.

There are at least 2.
@lilsteel and @Eves_Aldent .
I should be able to find the 3rd one easily, or, use extractor to start.
I could run Scout Incursions faster and easier than missions.

I could alternate with the 2.

One of the reason I have little use to move my Incursion asset to the High-sec Constellation is because there may not be enough demand for it.

I usually haul Incursion Effective for others to buy from there instead of moving my own Incursion Effective and Equipment for use in Incursion with them.
The amount of problem solving compared to how easy it is solo is not comparable.

I would have to run my own Vanguard incursion with other pilots to test the resolution process.

VIT2 P7 Edit 1 , 1 minute later:
I think maybe @Esko_Krividus may be able to run Incursion although I am not sure.
I have a list of other pilots to verify.
I also have a specialized pilot to move ship which I will not name here at this time.

VIT2 P7 Edit 2 , December 15, 2020, at 19:43:
VIT2 P7 Image 1 @ 21:55


VIT2 P7 Image 2 @ 22:05


VIT2 P7 Image 2 @ 22:06


16 days later, 4 days after the last update:
VIT2 P7 Edit 3 , December 15, 2020, at 17:24 to 17:35:
It turns out that the other 3rd Pod-Pilot character who can or who is close to Running Incursions is not @Esko_Krividus, but rather:

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