Veine’s Incursion Thread 3

Veine’s Incursion Thread 3 Post 1:

The links to the previous thread are:
Veine’s Incursion Thread 2 , Post 7 .

I will get injectors to Train @Habi_Ahashion.

Veine’s Incursion Thread 3 Post 2:

I found 5 x Skill Extractor on one of my Pod-Pilot.

I made a list of their locations too, so as to know where can they trade on the market.

I am planning to have them move to the Regions Trade Hubs,
to be able to buy faster while logging in.

I am also updating a list of ships,
and I found a Vindicator on one of my Bowheads.

No Obelisk - 2 Bowhead - 1 Vindicator
1 Rapier
3 Procurer Barge, 1 Quafe Ultra Edition
2 Procurer Barge,
4 Industrials -
1 Industrial - Cyno V
1 Orca - 1 Porpoise - 1 Prospect
2 Barges
3 Sabre (Interdictor)
1 Sin (Black Ops) - 1 Leopard

5 x Skill Extractor + 2 x Multiple Pilot Training Certificate

Jita 4-4- x 3

Uchoshi x 3
Perimeter x 6



Sarum Prime




Tash-Murkon Prime



Veine’s Incursion Thread 3 Post 3:

I recently ran Incursion with The Ditanian Fleet which currently streams online and they tried to impose themselves on me by misrepresenting fact and attacking code and intellectual property rights and tried to treacherously misrepresent as if they were trustworthy when trying to act unfairly against me and misrepresent themselves as if they could help me, before subsequent restrictions against freedom of expression to further misrepresent themselves as fair and so on, while trying to coerce me into being a nuisance to them and violating rules, which I did not, and, which they seek to silence me from mentioning about their intentions to do so to me, which is not legal for me to keep that quiet.

Let the buyer beware that I’m also currently applying for police work, and just got the mail before this corporate decision was made.

I will post the image shortly.

Oh, by the way, for in case your IP or email gets attacked by the attackers of the misrepresentation and intended justification of the misrepresentation which is fraud, by misinterpretation and bad interpretation during their judgment, from their own discretion of judgment, I do have others , for the same security reasons that I’m applying for government work for.

So, yes, discretion is good, but, however, hiding illegal activity by misrepresenting fact is not good.
And yes, that does include attacks against intellectual property as well as other diversion from other sought damages and so on.

That’s also why it’s better for me to run my own incursions and not be bothered by attackers who just increased the Jump Freighter(s) Costs to 15b+ ISK from the average previous 7b+ ISK.

Veine’s Incursion Thread 3 Post 4:
Searching :
“eve online disrupted gate”
Returned :
Disrupted Gate (Amarr Constellation)

This is a disconnected Amarr stargate disrupted by the Triglavian Collective’s manipulation of the star system to which it once led. The disrupted gate is now a navigation hazard and attempts to use it for interstellar travel will fail.

### Disrupted Gate - EVE Online Reference - EVE Ref › groups


Robert Miller - 2020-10-12

Art by auroraonthecouch

### Didn’t even know Disrupted Gates was a thing. : Eve - Reddit › Eve › comments › didnt_eve…

Dec. 4, 2020 — /r/EVE is a place to discuss internet spaceships. … or filament into Pochven you should see the disrupted gates on the inside. They’re … An artist’s depiction of Matar, the capital home planet of the Minmatar people from the world of EVE Online.
Disrupted Gate : eveonline - Reddit Oct. 14, 2020
Stargate Disabled : Eve - Reddit Oct. 12, 2020
So, about that Eve Gate… : Eve - Reddit May 15, 2019
New billboard video: Hazard warning - Severe stargate … Oct. 8, 2020
More results from

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