Vendetta kill in unprovoked non combat system

I was minding my own business in FD-MLJ preparing to jump my Vendetta and Leviathan to an different system

when i was engaged by some other players, unprovoked and i did not consent to the interaction.
unfortunately they had a HIC involved and my Vendetta was tackled and unable to warp, i tried the /moveme commands but was unable to jump as i had the safety timer due to this interaction.

I tried getting hold of an ingame mod/admin but it appears they had just been AFK at the time.
after the incident i was able to reach the ISD i found, he recommeneded to create this forum thread as he is unable to verify my claim (fair enough)

incident details below.
Chat with ISD
Pic removed - Communication with CCP/GM/ISDs are private and may not be shared with the public without their express permission. - ISD Sakimura

KM including the participants

Local Chat

Combat Log

As per the ISD conversation please can someone assist with the Vendetta reimbursement.


velcome to eve. that guy also did agress me in my claimed system. even he did try to kill my aeon and nyx. despite his offensive behavior i smuggled titan away from this place thought he did trace bace back it and tried ambush me in delve and then another attempt in querious and period basis. i jumped titan to stain then his alt or friend came in with ceptor. lighted cyno then dropped his ships but i was already jumping as he deployed.

i got solution for you. do not moveme to nullsec systems to cyno your ships. do massive cyno chain throught lowsec best and safest. to be honest if u want go to angel space cyno chainn from minmatar space etc.

so the FD system is closest to my “staging” system. i had my cyno chain setup to ferry the ships there. but hey sometimes assuming people follow rules gets you no where.

i’m not to annoyed about losing the ship. just the fact that those guys aren’t going to be addressed in any way thus promoting that there is no repercussions for breaking the rules.

If the admin could tell me they ship can not be replaced but all those people have been banned from the test server i would be happy.

but at this point i’d just like the hull back XD

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Unfortunately you will be lucky to get a reply. If the stars align and you have done your requisite sacrifice to Bob theres a 0.00000000000000000000000001 % chance you will get your ship back.

Just the way the cookie crumbles. But you never know, stranger things have happened.


like i said earlier. i am just more disappointed that the incident happened.

i did some research and reading on the forums. it appears that one of the parties is a recurring feature on the forums for engaging with no consent… and yet there appears to have been 0 recourse to his actions.

what is the point of the rules if they are not enforced?

Do you have a Vendetta on TQ?

If so, you can try /copyships

That might get it back for you, though I’m not certain. Just a thought.

There is zero chance that you’ll ever hear from CCP. They don’t care what happens on the Test Server, except during Mass Tests.

The /copyships command no longer works.

yeah i am starting to get that feeling unfortunately.

i remember the good old days when trying to get onto the test server required a separate launcher and just added another barrier to entry.


well some tq losers tend to release frustration on test server and shoot things outside test system… theres notthing to sto those

yeah the people compensating :smiley:

but hey week keep this thread going long enough at some point maybe a DEV will see the posts.

not putting much faith in me i must say.

I cam also see there are quite a few people now complaining regarding the lack of rule enforcement on the test server. i think CCP will need to address these concerns at some point…


i think they have far more things that require attention than sisi does. it’s really unfortunate that this happened to you, but theres about as much chance as me getting a free molok on tq as you have of getting anything like this addressed.

but then why have “rules” in place if they are not enforced.

At this point the lose of the vendetta is nothing. it was just skill injectors to get the thing. I’ve made one of each of the super carriers so it’s not like i’m not being able to fly it.

It is now more just wanting answers from the SiSi QA team as to how they are ignoring the fact that their users are openly breaking the rules and they are not doing very little about it.

you look at the Testing server feedback forum. the most recent threads (6 of them) are all about ganking/non-consensual combat.

That is the problem they need to address. the enforcement of rules.
I have provided as much “proof” as i could. Even one of the ISDs blocked a section in my original thread even with written consent from the ISD who was online at the time. it appears that CCP aren’t even reading the Test server Feedback forum.

but i fully understand your input regarding them having better things to do. But this branches back to my earlier question. why have rules??



Just mention @CCP_Falcon and he’ll close the thread. He won’t do anything to enforce the rules…but he’ll show his butthurt. :rofl::fire::rofl:

he has no butt… just grain of rust with pile of spent reactor fuel…

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