Venture Bot Fleet in Jita

About 10 of them undocked all at exact same time and just kept flying forward off station.

All have very weird bot names too

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Multi-boxing is legal, what makes you think they are also bots?

I think they are a swedish corp

To them all our names sound the same too!

Not quite. Multi-boxing is often used together with input-multiplexing. So when you see a fleet of ships doing all the same thing at exactly the same time, like undocking or turning on their mining lasers, then it’s done using input-multiplexing.

Multi-boxing is allowed, but input-multiplexing was banned a few years ago.

@Serenity_Fireslayer If you think this is a case of input-multiplexing, possibly even with Alpha accounts, then do us all a favour and create a support ticket with all the details in it.

So freakin what?

Did they impede or disrupt your ability to play the game ?

Sounds like you have botting farm.


Or it’s a …

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And what EVIDENCE do you have that they are input multiplexing?


Seems to me OP just picked a random person and decided to hate all over them.

Undock/alt tab/undock/alt tab/undock/alt tab…Fleet warp…

f1/alt tab/f1/alt tab/f1/alt tab…

It’s not that hard.

Shut up. I don’t hate you.

OP then saw the fleet and mentioned “About 10 of them undocked all at exact same time”. This is a behaviour, which one gets when input-multiplexing is being used.

Citation needed.

Also, define “often”. One in ten? Nine in ten? Or, as is most likely, one in a hundred or more.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

You don’t need one.

Yeah. I do.

Maybe because of my generation, but I find I like to see proven facts over make believe.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

No. It’s common knowledge that software such as ISBoxer has got it build in. It’s then humanly impossible to undock 10 ships all at the exact same time without such tools.

Okay then. Glad we could have this productive chat.

Those who define truth as common knowledge, everyone knows, it only makes sense, etc over “Here’s a link to the evidence”, cannot be reasoned with.

It’s common knowledge.

Mr Epeen :wink:

Is this your bot fleet?

Arg sry I meant OP.

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Whoa! Deflection?

You are pulling out all the stops today.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

No, it’s a simple question, and intended to get you focused onto the subject. There is nothing wrong with players wanting to report possible botters. Whatever else you see or want this to be doesn’t matter to me.