Verdis's Fit of the Week: Vexor

Hello all! I’m the PvP director for the Space Pope’s Sixth Empire alliance, and due to demand on twitter and discord, I’m here to continue my fit of the week series!

This series will be ongoing, every Wednesday that I am able to do it, and will cover solid fits for PvE and PvP. I try to help newer players with fit and flight concepts, but vets may still get some use out of what I put here. So let’s begin!

This is my alpha fit for a combat exploration Vexor. Combat exploration is the process of scanning down signatures, finding combat sites, killing the NPCs and hoping for a good faction/deadspace/blueprint drop. There is luck involved in all those steps, but its a lucrative business, and rather enjoyable. My last trip around Highsec, I got a 4/10, it escalated, and I went back with a Stratios and two Astero blueprint tokens. Total profit of about 320 million isk, for a ship worth about 10% of that.

For the actual fit, you have railguns for knocking down frigates at range, a web to increase your applied DPS to close targets, a medium armor repairer II for tank, and an afterburner, because keeping your speed up really helps mitigate incoming DPS.

Drone loadout is a full flight each of Light Tech II, and Medium Tech II drones, and a pair of Tech I Heavy drones. Deploying two Ogres with two Hammerheads, and a Hobgoblin, while shooting antimatter will give just under 400dps with full alpha skills.

For tank, you have a pair of slots available to trade out for the faction you’re fighting. I have it set up for Blood Raiders and Sansha, so I’m using a cheap dead space armor EM plating, and T2 Thermal armor hardener. But feel free to carry extra, and swap out as needed. Cap life with everything on is in the neighborhood of 3 minutes, which is usually enough time to clear out the higher DPS targets, or pull range as needed.

My usual tactics after I enter the site and turn on my hardeners, are to engage the AB, and move across the line of fire of large, high DPS ships, while picking of frigate size targets with rails and light drones. When they die, switch to heavier drones and start moving in closer to apply more DPS with the guns. If you carry iron, lead, and iridium charges (as well as Spike and Javelin, if you have T2 Rail Specialization), you have lots of range flexibility. I find best results with dual 150mm rails while orbiting larger ships at 6500m, webbing them, and shooting Antimatter or Javelin. Work your way through the sites, remember to open overseer containers, and watch d-scan at close range for incoming thieves. If someone comes in at the end in a frigate, hoping to steal your loot, that’s what the warp disruptor is for. Never not PvP, and that can be quite a rude surprise for a site crasher. Remember, killing is just a means of communication, so make sure to say hi to them!

If you have any further questions, join me in the Sixth Empire discord ( ), where you can ask questions, talk to a recruiter, and enjoy some company.

Til next week, fly dangerously, and spread the love…and by love, we mean lasers!


Edit: forgot the export, but here’s the shorthand.
Dual 150mm railgun II x3
Core Probe Launcher I

10mn Afterburner I
Large Cap Battery
Stasis Webifier
Warp Disruptor (or second web/cap recharger)

Medium Armor Rep II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
[Hardener or resistance plating]
[Hardener or resistance plating]

M Auxiliary Nano Pump I x2
M Nanobot Accelerator I

Ogre I x2
Hammerhead II x5
Hobgoblin II x5


Those are 2x Medium Nanobot Accelerator I and 1x Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I rigs I’m guessing? At least this is what it looks like from those 62.5 hp/s.

I doubt it. It would be better to at least mix and do 2 nano, and 1 of the other armor rep rig.

tl;dr: Im so cool look at me and my fits.
Wrong section too, but it will be moved i spose.
In regards to fit itself, it desperately need drone control link, as many sites require 40+ range to do effectively (e.g. Zul Matar). I would also question need for web and scrambler, and really wonder about how pathetic alpha vexor dps can be with 1 damage module.

:thinking: But which is the right section? It’s a PvP fit meant for doing PvE. So does it belong into the PvP or the PvE section?

It is 2x nano pump I, and 1x accelerator. Its a solid base fit, with a lot of options for tweaking. Like losing the accelerator for an ACR, and upgrading the guns. Some of our alliance newbros have been using variations on this, and had good success.

Haha, actually, since its part of a running series, I put it in General. I’ll be back with more as time goes on.

I’ve spent the last few years helping our Sixth pilots craft fits, and they requested that I shared with the general public what I’ve shared with the alliance. Early fitting can be daunting, hence why I’m doing this.

that fit is quite sub par

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Then, feel free to start a thread with a better one. This series is made to help players out with fits and tactics, the same way as I have for years in the Sixth Empire alliance. And it has helped many members get started on their careers. So, as long as you’re helping other players, I wish you the best of luck sharing your work!

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I’ve been helping newbies in Rookie channel, with YT guides and on the forums for well over a decade, I’m doing my part. My point is that it’s great to help, but it’s important to give good info otherwise we just perpetuate bads. In your latest edit you added some stuff that effectively says “just try some other mods as well” which kind of somehow sorts some of the issues, then again “just swap some stuff around” is a bit silly for a fitting guide.

The resits you mention are going to be an issue in a 4/10, EANM and some resist plating is silly (especially when doing Serpentis). There’s no omni to help your drones apply damage and no drone nav comp to speed up the travel time.

I’m pro PVP (my HS combat exploration Ishtar has double neut, scram, web) but to tell a newbie “fit a point” is just going to get the ones who need a fitting guide killed, the ones who can pull that off didn’t need a guide in the first place. Also, perhaps said newbie has 300 mil loot onboard and you are telling them to risk it.

In short, subpar tank, sub par damage application and focus on the wrong things. Also, this isn’t a recruitment forum (or fitting forum for that matter).


Some good points, thank you. I actually set this up for Sansha/Blood Raiders, so the resists with hardeners on are 76/77 EM/Them, and the tank is enough if you don’t pocket aggro. I’ve been running this for some time now, so I’d encourage you to test it out before just completely throwing the fit away. Its a good cheap fit.

I do like the change from point to ODTL, and I may test that version next. I tend to PvP fit nearly everything, due to how I fly, and the main reason I put my fit in there that way is to give people the option to engage if they want to. Its a learning process, and I’d like to see more try it.

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well at least his “guides” will provide for some good lolmails in future :grin:

There are always rude people that like to p**s on people’s parades isn’t there? Thanks for the fit and the explanation of what works for you.


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Good looking fit, haters gonna hate because it’s the internet…

P.s. i haven’t heard from ya in a very long time pal, how’s things?

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It’s also a stealth recruitment thread, so does it belong in the recruitment forums?

Or does it belong here anyway, for relentless mocking?

Oh, and OP, don’t mix your PvE and PvP. You’ll end up being worse at both than you could be at either one.

[Vexor, Fixed]

Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Medium Cap Battery II
Medium Cap Battery II
Medium Cap Battery II

Dual 150mm Railgun II
Dual 150mm Railgun II
Dual 150mm Railgun II
Core Probe Launcher I, Sisters Core Scanner Probe

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Nanobot Accelerator I

Ogre I x2
Hammerhead II x2
Hobgoblin II x1
Infiltrator II x5

Also, use a standard copy/paste friendly format as above so people can copy it into Eve or into their fitting tool (like Pyfa).

Edit: to complement your screenshot:



When I did my pve, it was always in pvp ships

Why have many ships for many jobs if you can have one that does it all well?

Also triple cap battery? Wat

Because one ship can be re-fit with virtually zero effort when you would like to use it for something else. Using a PvE-only fit (more cap stability, active tank, etc) means you can do better PvE, and using a PvP-only fit (more buffer tank, microwarpdrive, tackle, etc) means you can do better in PvP. Trying to do both at the same time gives you less PvE performance while crippling you for PvP against people with PvP-only fits.

It had the spare fittings and it gets permanent cap stability with the AB and the repper running. What’s your suggestion? I’m genuinely asking, because i’m a 99% PvP pilot so there might be something I’m missing.

Active-tank pvp best tank fam

Also mwds are for scrubs or kiting
Oversized prop best prop :kissing_heart:

Aint that the truth. OP, don’t worry about the whiners. I have it on good authority that there are no good fits in EVE, no matter what you post it will always be shitfit in someones opinion.