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Actually, they are out of context scifi and fantasy references.

Which, admittedly, is where a lot of rock, progrock and metal bands were also influenced.


Need to keep range with max skill train with the total Dps of 194 dps at 33km with 1200 volley and 106.9 Dps at 119km with 662 volley for short and long range ammo.

Why not keep the damage bonus and get rid of the optimal range bonus CCP?

I’t might of been a fun ship to fly in small gangs fights with the damage bonus but now it’s only going to be use for blob vs blob fight thats kinda sad and boring.


Do you mean now they became “Impotency booster”? U are right, dont take those, they have expired, who knows what side effects are. :joy:

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Well biggest issue I see is where the sites are located for event. Not having them in high sec as well will mean they likely won’t get run much, and even if they do, the ships and fittings aren’t likely to hit market anytime soon. Null sec might keep their stuff, but low will never ship out, so sadly more ships no one will see anytime soon


Skillbooks were included in a daily login and available for omegas only to claim.

Exoplanet Project Discovery was very good. It got a meaning in a game like EVE. Did we analyse all samples? I still got new ones and not analysed by anyone samples. I loved the UI of it too.

I get the impression the new one is based on the hype of SARS-COV-2 and started too early. UI? Terrible. I’d like to draw lines in one go not point and click them. I could be easier if I did it on paper sheet than in current UI.

Couldn’t you run them simultaneously?


yes up to cruiser, the rest that you need to fly the battleship and effectively use the cannon were not

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I kept reminding that name as ‘Impotency’ as well :joy: but it was something like Impetus/Impetence/Impetency xD


Now getting “Cannot copy files for Tranquility” when I try to start a client. Tried adding that account again but no change.

Is my launcher version supposed to match client version? Because launcher seems to be a lower version number.

Close launcher and restart

QOL Suggestions on New Project Discovery

Make pressing Enter (currently does nothing) draw a line between your first node and most recent node, automatically closing the gap for you and avoiding an unecessary click which requires weird precision to actually achieve.

In other words, make an Enter key press “close this polygon from first click position to most recent click position”. The same way the polygon auto-closes when you reach 10 nodes, just make it something we can do with enter!

Would be amazing!


Also clicking outside the bounds of the area should not clear all the drawing you have done for the polygon so far… considering the background is black and the outside area on my UI is black… it’s very easy to do. Just make it flash red or something to indicate it can’t be placed. There’s no reason to delete already done work just for one errant click!


I would appreciate it if CCP stop Nerfing Resistance Modules.
CCP increased the resistance of a handful of modules, but decreased the resistance of most of them !
Use a Scalpel and Balance the Ships.
Fix the Deep Space Transport that is still broken !

I think CCP is saying that I should become a Ganker too ! “Salt Industry”.


First thing I did.

Got it working again just now, though. I ended up having the client download all files and it’s launching now.

So “thanks” CCP for launching this nonsense new discovery project and taking away all the progress on previous one. Some people were relatively close to get Marshal BPCs and now everything is gone. I’m not taking this scam second time.


they forgot the lightning and the strike.


I have noticed that “log off safely” option under a ship’s capacitor has been replaced by “quit safely”. I wonder what is the difference? Or did you people at CCP just changed the text because you were bored, yet incapable of fixing other issues?


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Its the areas that are Upwell related through lore :slight_smile:

( syndicate, outer ring, and the only mordus constellation in pure blind )

Never forget these ships are for Blob vs Blob fights. Don’t need a pesky damage bonus, when tidi will render most of this useless. Its a shame the damage bonus was on the test server this whole time


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Capsuleers aren’t human.