Version 18.08 - General Feedback

Lots of name changes again huh.

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:red_circle: And another chat disco piñata. This time the chats reopened at least. Great work and great stability, CCP.

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heheh. Well, even normal L4/L5 corp mission standings don’t really do much other than unlock L4s and L5s these days unless they’re Cal Navy for Jita min fees/taxes/whatever.

But you never know, edencom and trig standings COULD do something more soon™ than just determine who shoots you and who doesn’t, eh? Keep hope alive. :wink:

I’d definitely take a toggle for the red dot if a full removal isn’t possible. I am glad they got rid of the freakin’ auto-sorting inventories and everything, at least, though.

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You know how when people listen to an argument and say “you’re both wrong?”

Well, I think you’re both right.

You’re just talking about two different aspects, or two different POVs on this issue. But it is both true that you are having to “temporarily take a side” and “do an action with a consequence” to remain EFFECTIVELY (as someone else called it) neutral in this trig vs edencom conflict… before the patch this past Tuesday, that is…

But while you were effectively neutral, you were TECHNICALLY on the trig side then even if you never shot another edencom. Your all time scoreboard now said 0 trigs killed, 1 edencom killed (even if you’d killed 100s or 1000s of trigs in the abyss 2-3 years ago or trigs in the first phase of invasion a year and a half ago or whatever, btw)…

So it’s all about technically (legally?) correct vs. effectively/in effect (in practice?) correct.

If I didn’t have a WH corpmate who’s also a goon on other accounts, Arrendis would be my fave Goon ever thanks to all the rich forum content and informative posts and all that over the past three years on these here new forums (I was using the old ones for a year or so but not very heavily and don’t remember back that far to very many specific people besides Nana. ;D).

So, how does the silver medal sound. :wink:

for me the trig invasion is just only a giant highsec converting event.
now even faster up to 6 times.
it getting ridiculous

It’s just back to the spawn rate from the start, since it was only lowered to 3 due to the need for Amarr balancing.

Vorton Arc Guidance Skillbook: 6billion on Jita Market.

Any plans to seed this? Cmon guys!


Edencom NPC’s need a delay lock as well as their sentry guns.

Triglavian invasion sites, either won or loss, no longer spawns conduits or edencom sites in some cases. They should be consistently spawning.

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Why? The trigs don’t.

:red_circle: Are you god damn clocking serious? I just moved through a Fortress and got a warning message whether I want to go into an invaded system but when I wanted to jump into the adjacent Stellar Recon system there was no warning today but yesterday there was one.



:red_circle: Thank you CCP for putting me back into an Triglavian Invasion channel even though I have not entered another invasion after the one I left earlier. And now I cannot leave that channel at all and this cesspool is stuck with me. Much appreciated positive gameplay feature.



For a while I thought Caldari NPCs could delay the % from plummeting. This is certainly not the case. For example, Komaa has been in Stellar Recon phase for days and is still around 50%. Tunudan in Cal-low sec was left at 45% when I went to sleep. I wake up and it’s around 20%.

How is this even remotely balanced and did you seriously think that patching EM hole would be enough when fundamental issues of missile application were not looked into by giving NPCs more webs or implications of ECM changes done because of “elite pvp” moaners.

As said earlier. The whole spawn needs reworking with more webs and light missiles to enable application and Trig invasions in Caldari space need to stop until such time that NPC inbalance is corrected.

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cat red dot

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just noticed poor Kino is full liminality now… rip Kino. ;_;

I swear I was there 2, 3 weeks ago and it was minor trig victory or something… but maybe the last time I was there it was in escalating liminality or something and… yeah… the 5 stages in the Agency Window + the 2 hidden victory stages that you have to use a 3rd party website to find a listing of bc the agency window doesn’t show them… it’s all a bit too complicated and the info is too spread out, IMO.

Maybe CCP should just add a “Invasion map” feature to the agency that shows ALL the 7 or whatever categories of trig invaded space now with a handy dandy light up feature on the newfangled map (or the old map, that would be great! ;D).

In any event… no, I don’t have any assets in Kino, just liked to wander through there while hitting Guri anoms in my Jackdaws.


FIlter map by invasion would be nice, by inclusion or exclusion.


Where did Shaquil Dragat show up, anyway? And why did CCP remove his modules from the game?

dangerous chap :confused:

Suggestion for further invasion tweaks :

Instead of changing the stats on the edencom and triglavian ships themselves, how about changing the spawned fleet sizes ? Based on a dice roll every hour, one side will spawn smaller fleets and percentage will start to slide quickly toward other side. The dice can be a loaded dice to favor one side or the other. 24 hours means 24 rolls.

Instead of a slow percentage drop, have wide swings where one side is bringing smaller fleets. This would create opportunities where the right players at the right time when one side is outnumbered can make big impact.

It would also make the events less grindy and more exciting.

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