Version 18.10 - General Feedback

I meant immed vicinity -ie fleet and non fleet pilots

Amarr now 45 jumps from Jita? That can not possibly be intended. The detrimental consequences are staggering. Please fix!

You would have to “thank” CCP and Goons for that one.

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Today’s “fix” of the font is awful and hardly makes things better.
Whoever was in charge of this project… Let’s just say I’m pretty sure they had much more important projects to work on. This ruined my Eve Online experience and is actually causing me physical pain (especially when reading longer evemails and messages in text).


Or at least give us an option to change it back per-client.
Please? :slight_smile:


Can we fix the ui wobble when adjust your market orders , when you adjust around 10k of orders day it like watching jelly on the display

Lost a ship tonight paid 170mil for it 3 weeks ago to replace ship and same fit 393mil now in JIta! The grind to replace it with misson running in not an option with the payout be sooo low and mining to replace ship out of the question with the nerfs, not sure what to do stop playing and resub WoW or better yet X4 Foundations? When they stop punishing the greater of new eden for the facets they left open in null, why not just nerf nullsec. Oh right the entirety of the CSM is null. Really frustrated. Hek prices are now cheaper then jita btw but not by much.

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@CCP_Dopamine, Trigs in TMV systems now have a ‘superior-to-CONCORD’ on-grid-warp-to capability afik. I do not have < -5 standing towards Trigs and yet if I land on-grid 3,000 km away, they’ll immediately warp & agress me. ( I have no standings) I can also land less than 100km away and they’ll warp to me.
This happened repeatedly in Nonni.

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Please bring back the warning [This system has been Invaded…] for two reasons.

  1. For the same reasons there are both the [Low Security System] warning and the [Prefer High Sec Route] options.

  2. Because of how inventive-people can use it, it should mean less load on the servers
    People auto-piloting could use the shorter route (fewer session changes - less server load) then use the warning as a red-light to stop their ship. ( The 2nd inventive part is what gets them through the invaded system safely :sly-grin: )


Have you tried setting the “Font Size” (under “General Settings”) to ‘small’ and then playing with the “UI Scaling” (under “Display & Graphics”) to try and find something that works?

I realise it sounds counter-intuitive but after trying this (I’m still not decided on 125% or 150% for the scaling) I’m finding it a lot easier on the eyes to read text in chat channels/from the right-click menu/etc (and have reduced the chat font for most to 10 from 12 while testing at 150% scaling).


Other already mentioned it, but let me add my voice: please give the option to avoid Edencom OR avoice Trig. Currently it seems to avoid both…


That’s not really much incentive to go to 4k then, is it?

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That would be a first …

However, one never knows. Stranger things have happened.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I have tried messing with the settings but I haven’t found anyway of actually making things better. Whenever I change the UI scaling it just seems to make things worse for me.

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In the fitting/simulation window we can not expand all the stuff, because the font thickness is to thick :bangbang:

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The size combined with the reduced line height makes it really difficult to select an option.

Cannot change with it any settings/options I have tried (and I don’t want the HUD to take up 1/3 of my screen

Edit - @ ISD Bahamut
Can you please move this to the known issues thread


Something happened with the font again. When the patch was applied, the font changed to be quite readable after I struggled to read windows for several years.

Now that font changed again and it is completely unreadable. chat windows are light grey on dark grey with like no contrast.

PLEASE change it back!


grinding for trig standing is literally so abysmal that its not even worth grinding for like what the hell.
i can farm a rogue drone infested WH in trig space but each tik is .001 for both edencom and trigs.
how the hell are we supposed to get standings if its so damn minuscule

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and keep in mind this is after blowing up a small horde of rogue drones and even after blowing up the drone super carriers

You have to go to the new area where you can’t do anything or even move systems without standings and grind standings there.
Heaven help you if you dared fight for EDENCOM and have negative Trig standings so you can’t even dock. Of course if you did that you can go and play that EDENCOM content they added at the same time… Oh wait…

It wasn’t great the way everything including gates was standing locked. But when it was possible to relatively easily acquire standings this wasn’t a huge drama. When you destroy and utterly nerf all ways of feasibly making standings so you can at least dock or move around before you go there, it becomes doubling down on bad gameplay.


How about fix the in game stop freeze restart issue cost me alot isk both in ships and isk/play time have ticket since tuesday one reply that did not work and no reply since way i see it i deserve 6 days game time since not able play proper i not gonna keep playing when freezes and when starts again cpl times was webbed dead ■■■■■■■■