Version 18.10 - General Feedback

How about fix the in game stop freeze restart issue cost me alot isk both in ships and isk/play time have ticket since tuesday one reply that did not work and no reply since way i see it i deserve 6 days game time since not able play proper i not gonna keep playing when freezes and when starts again cpl times was webbed dead ■■■■■■■■

There is a good chance that this is an error on your end, not on CCP’s end, given this is not behaviour experienced by the rest of it.
With regards to support, provide as many technical details as you can and wait, because support have to assign your ticket to the right person.

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I AM in the trig systems…
thats the problem

Ah, well clearly you just don’t get to play the new content then…

I remembered reading this comment on patch day and I have noticed it occurring from time to time, especially mid-warp as the sound cuts out, and this seems to be the case on two different computers ( OSX/Wintel) that previously worked fine.

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This particular issue stopped for me, actually, as far as I can tell.

in fewer words. taking the sand out of the box and dumping it in odd piles all over the yard did not make the game more fun to play. it only pissed off players that mined and enjoyed building things for the more nomadic or pvp oriented players. And, once again, only the big groups have the resources to spread out into all space and just take over. you really dont like solo or small group play do you.?


I have the intention, that man power is strongly reduced. I thought, they have good thought out plan, but in the meantime I think CCP is careless in the details.

  • new font split in lovers and haters, but no reaction. Some undocumented fixes.
  • New ORE rules leads to empty asteroids regions in NPC-0.0
  • Agents leads to systems in Pochvem.

I believe they are overloaded, maybe most off them work on Eve Echoes
or stuff generally are reduced in numbers.


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Why the hell did you guys change like…all the fonts? I get that you might have some artists that are in need of work…but that sounds like you need less artists and more programmers…

Also, the player names no longer highlighted in chat is super annoying when trying to mass block all the hypernet spammers (especially in Jita)

This is initial thoughts withing 1 minute of login…i’m sure i’ll find more.


Nope. Every major change in the last few years are terrible for the small groups. The new structures…are nearly impossible for small groups to successfully operate, as they stand or fall based on their supporting fleets now. Everything is owned and controlled by the big blocks now.


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I wouldn’t disagree with this statement that this is an MMO game and group activities are supposed to be a thing in said game, but with all the issues and things we may or may not be able to do its a bit of a problem and ultimately not worth it

First time i’ve logged into this game for quite some time and all I can do is spin my ship around in the hanger, cause there is nothing worth doing. Cant mine…cause there is nothing to mine, not worth running abyssal sites as the risk too high to bother with the crap rewards. Literally the only thing to do is going back to L4 missions…quite sad :(.

They say ‘CCP going to give us a carrot soon’… should I wait around for this so called carrot, or should I just unsub now and hopefully the game is back to same normality in 12 or so months time?

Have you bothered warping to a belt to look just after downtime… assuming highsec since you said lvl 4 missions.

That brings up another problem that CCP needs to address. The reduced asteroid/mineral availability and new division of refined material has made the past gameplay of only replenishing belts at DT far harder for any time zones outside of the EU. Although I don’t usually mine, I do hear plenty from those miners who. like me, have actual jobs that prevent us from logging on until 7-10 hours after down time. Add the NPC mining fleets and most belts (even in my relatively far off area) can be swept clean before we can react. The first step if they cannot introduce a rolling asteroid reset is to reduce the NPC mining fleets slowly over time until a proper balance can be achieved.

as it goes now, it is just another area where CCP shows favoritism, whether intentional or not.

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Not sure this is the case… DT lands at 9pm where I am (AU TZ), right in the middle of the “time to play games” time of an evening, but would be perfect for mining if that’s your cup of tea…

Sounds like a secret ploy by CCP to convert all of the AU TZ people into miners! Oh the HORROR!!! :scream:

Possibly, but maybe slightly makes up for all the mid-game interruptions I’ve had to suffer through over the years, and events that only occur during EU/US TZs, the list goes on and on (again, assuming mining is your thing).


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Favouritism by definition requires it to be intentional.
That said, you are right that the belt respawning at DT is not ideal. Converting belts into responding anoms like ice belts were would be a far better solution.

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Actually, favoritism can be either intentional or unintentional; it is the statistical results or behavior observed that determines if “favor” or advantage is occuring.

I do like the idea of a rolling replenishment, ala ice belts.

When used as you used it, no it can’t. By assigning it to CCP as a behaviour you defined which definition of it you used, and therefore it has to be intentional to be applicable. If you want an unintentional word, then you need to find another term.

However yes, rolling replenishment is the way to solve the issue, which also solves other things like perpetually anchored containers that were placed in an empty belt that then can be used when the belt is respawned for secure jetcan mining, since you can’t anchor them right next to an asteroid, and anoms jump around the system, opening up more opportunities for PvP type actions.
I’ve been tossing the idea on these forums for years now though and CCP don’t seem interested in going that way given they’ve just stripped all anoms from HS instead.

Good move with the fonts CCP. Now that everyone is mad with that, you will fix it in a couple weeks, and everyone will just forget just how crap this patch is in everything else.

Are you reserving the removal of the red dot for something really worse, like sructures consuming plex to run, or guns firing plex as ammo?