Version 18.10 - General Feedback

I miss these gallente station voices.

EVE Online - Sound Effects - Gallente Pleasure Hub 1

EVE Online - Sound Effects - Gallente Pleasure Hub 2

are they gone for good?


The space hamsters are currently misbehaving. Please help us control their numbers and the carrots will soon™ be back on the menu.
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On a more serious note, I think you should stick it out, find creative solutions. Tough game play is a staple of EvE :sunglasses:


i believe part of the problem is devs working from home and not talking with each other about projects. In any event. they are not explaining things well and our numbers are dropping rapidly amongst our indy guys. Perhaps one day someone at CCP will figure out that many of the industry based nuances of the gamer are the only reason (other than friends) that we play… meanwhile back to researching bpo’s


After the worst UI font style patch, the nummber of fittet laucher and/or turrets thingy looks like not centered between the borders in the fitting window.
Pls fix that, thanks.



I demand CCP refer to it as this when they patch it.


“Gold ammo” just like in World of Tanks. You know Pearl Abyss would go there if they could.


The chat color is now so gray I can barely read it. The text in the chat window was already hard to read with the font choice.

Can’t you just make the color of text in the chat a setting we can all choose? We can set text color in a lot of other places, why not the one place we see text the entire time we’re playing?


I would like to thank CCP for “fixing” the issue of the chat window text and making it slightly light grey on slightly dark grey. Who needs contrast to read? Older people don’t play this game, after all. The 20-something that reported the more readable lighter text as a bug is certainly glad that he can play EVE in his dark dorm room.


I am getting heavy lags and delays while hacking.
A while ago I was able to blitz through hacks and open up nodes from one side to the other within 2 seconds without much of an issue while seeing clearly what is happening.
Right now I have to wait 1-2 seconds after pretty much every node so I don’t accidentally fudge something up because relevant new information doesn’t get displayed quickly. Like I can click on 4 successive nodes and when I am at the 4th the 1st just start uncovering.
Makes hacking massively tedious and way more dangerous.

Sweet jebus.
You did the Font foobar to all the mail and the mailing lists as well !!
And there is no way of changing the font size whatsoever
except effing up the entire UI scale permanently and getting the huge Overview covering a third of your view.
CCP - what’s the POINT of all this???
WHY do you supposedly “need” to keep making the font sizes smaller and smaller???

Do you even realize that every time you make something smaller, it takes that little bit
of extra time to accurately locate and hit it, so in effect you are making millions and millions of
clicks from people ‘lag’ that much more for every click- leading to LESS and LESS gameplay, but perhaps more importantly, WORSE pvp - and very much worse pvp reaction times for people who have real issues visually etc who are getting handicapped even finding the much important submenu items - so in effect you are giving this group yet another serious in game combat handicap.

Do you think they appreciate this permanently induced pointless handicap for any reason
and just need to shut up and learn to live with it??

So yet again:
For the love of everything that’s good and decent or even remotely SANE in this world: WHY???


CCP, you have to improve on making UI, not improve on making BAD UI.


Please adjust the standings mechanics for Triglavians. Needing tens of thousands of ticks to get enough standing to use the gates is not reasonable. That’s not even grinding anymore… if you did nothing else all day every day, the ~3,500 ticks required to get to +3 would be 35,000 minutes. That’s 583 hours of non-stop grinding.

How about you increase the standings bonus from the rats by a factor of 20 to 100 and add ALL the sleepers to entities that affect standings? Currently only the sleepers in the five special drifter hive systems give standings although the rats are identical to those in other w-space systems. If all sleepers gave standings, this could lead to a large influx of players coming into low-class wormholes to farm standings which would be great content for w-space as well.

or just train Criminal Connections? Pretty sure that’d bump standings.

Not personally tested but others have posted that the standings skills don’t affect any of the newer factions in the game.

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oh ok :frowning: that’s a shame.

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As predicted, highsec Storyline agents are still asking for Kernite and Omber for “materials for war” mission.
han whatevz


Ask and ye shall receive… separated avoidance buttons for EDENCOM/Trig minor victory systems! :smiley:

You can’t just buy those ores?

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  • Added warning pop-ups when attempting to jump through a stargate leading to an EDENCOM or Triglavian Minor Victory system.

Regardless of standings or do I not get a useless warning when I go into a friendly system?

  • Added Triglavian warning icons to stargates leading to Triglavian Minor Victory systems.

They are needed in the Route planner, not on the gates which no one sees and no one should be paying attention to. So Nonni still does not tell me that I am going into a TrigMV and Litiura is not marked as MV either. This change is useless, typical for CCP efforts.

That makes the missions pointless as those ores are now more expensive then the rewards handed out.


And you can still buy that ores on the same station without even undocking… Is it really as game-breaking problem as unreadable gray text on gray background?