Version 19.02 - General Feedback

oh dear …

Activating a jump clone no longer close your inventory windows.

That is really great. Finally this annoying window behavior is gone. :tada:

…week 1 day 14… :alarm_clock:

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tap tap

(at least we can edit)

Hi. We were just trying to close a C5 wh with Dreadnought with mass 1.77b and we could not get through. Anyone else have same problem ? 1.3b (no microwarpdrive) works fine.

Thoughts about this new Signature Radius Suppressor module being fitted to a marauder ? Does it make it near impossible to probe while in bastion mode because of the combined effect of huge signal strength and 10% (passive) or 70% (active) sig rad reduction ?

What I need is more jump clones. I have different implants in all 10

Because there is totally, 100% definitely not any connection issues that CCP can see.

With the wormhole mass changes, early discussion suggested battleships and orca might fit in C1 wormhole. The change to C1 ship transit mass from 20M kg to 62M kg appears only to accommodate Covetor and Hulk. What other ships have mass between 40M kg and the new limit of 62M kg?

I got an error when I tried to close a C1 > Lowsec

‘Your ship cannot travel through wormholes’ :smiley:

Can you clarify the wandering wormhole frequency changes? Notes say only that wandering connections “between” high-class systems will decrease in frequency. But they don’t say total number of wandering connections with high-class systems will change. Does this mean high-class systems will have fewer connections overall? Or does it mean they’ll have the same number of wandering connections, just more likely to be with low-class or k-space?

Tried two different Higgsed ships now:

Maller and Sigil cannot jump at all, without prop mod. When I click ‘enter wormhole’ I get:

I cant jump to my clones inside the fortizar? Any1 else is having this issue? And WH size has not been fixed.

Unable jump from fitted clone to empty clone in Fortizar

Advanced Advanced Infomorph Psychology WOULD be grand… 15 total (well, 16 incl your current brain)…

and I have 2 out of 3 mains that are using all of their current 10 (11) but personally I would prefer them add Advanced Infomorph Synchronizing first to get our 19 hour jump clone timers down to 14 hours (or just up it to 2 hours per level of the original Synch skill, that works, too!).

Hey good that people work on the battelship issue.

Though the suppression module is a huge as bust. Beside the fact that the skill is not working as it should i think this is a bug and will be adressed shortly.

Issue battleships are bombed very easaly so they see no use in Battles.

Suppression module gives you 12 sec proctection so it protects you vs a single volley of bombs then you are 2.5 minutes on your own the same bomb squad can return to attack again in 1 minute.

So the a single squad of bomber will overwhelm that module already by 40%. Also the real secondary effects of bomb runns remain unadressed as in everbody and his dog will brodcast for reps if they hit with bombs overwelhming logis. Also the battleships will be normaly engaged in a battle so they will not be able to easaly disengage and wait for the 2.5 min reset.

so this module is way to bad for the midslot it requires midslot are valuable real estate and this thing is not worth that slot in its current function.

not even talking about the massive energy drain you can easaly find yourself in a situation where you cant even active it in the first place as in you are out of energy.

Fix the patch. None of the changes work. 50 percent reduction my ass. Yesterday I had 6 c5 wondering holes . CCP get your head out your ass abs start coding properly to implement new patch.

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It’s funny, I was moaning on the other day that we’ve had a massive reduction of all sites in w-space, and they’ve now upped the one (Wandering holes) that is least valuable and most annoying.

Still, that one relic site every few days in each hole should keep the economy thriving…

GAME BREAKING: Unable to jumpclone. At all.

week one day 15.