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Most of the other people having the clone jump issue ITT mentioned using a citadel… are you using a citadel?

All 3 of my mains jumped from an NPC station to another NPC station successfully last night (and 2 of the 3 were leaving a 2nd clone behind in the departure station… huzzah for the new feature!).

Care to share your calculations ?

A single squad currently consists of 7 pilots. Base bomb damage is 5200 (used to be 6400 when the animals could still talk), with full bonus from the hull on the correct damage type max at 6500. The raw damage output of this squad, pre-resists is between 36400 and 45500. With an active sig radius suppressor mod the battleship sig radius is reduced to around 120-150m, roughly cruiser/bc size. As bombs have an explosion radius of 400m, around 2/3 of their output is now ineffective. And that is still pre-resists on the battleships - assuming they are tanked in some way, which is not immediately clear from what you claim.

Next, a tech 1 bomb launcher has a reactivation delay of 160 sec, or 2.67 min. Yes, in the case of tech 2 bomb launchers the reactivation delay is shorter than the one for the new module. Not many squads use those.

reset time of a bomb luncher is 1 minute the one of that module is 2.5 min could or at least so means while the bs still are cooling donw the next volley is already incoming.

sure now once could argue but thats it what the bs have smaller escorts for but that rabbit whole leads to no end so i just take one squad of bomber wich imo are the effective messure bombers in are used in vs a battleship fleet.

Oops, made the mistake of trusting the eve online fitting window. It doesn’t seem to calculate the adjusted reactivation time for the bomb launcher correctly (only shows for 1 level in the skill). Yep, with lvl 5 in bomb deployment you would get 160 -5x10% = 80 seconds. For a tech 2 launcher you’d get 62.5.sec (from 135). Bomb droppers don’t stick around while they wait for reactivation, as you know, so the interval between two drops is usually longer. In addition to all the other measures you can take against sb’s, I think you’re fine.

we will see if they use them suppression mods. but i stay with my statement most likley we will not see any sigificant increase in bs usage.

True they dont stick around but a warp of and warp back to the reset warpin normaly takes about 60 seconds so they are not much slower then that. in reality its not gone be one squad in most situations its gone be 2 or so.

Also defender missiles are still garbage as in they go for the same bomb all together they would need a swarm logic where they “know” this bomb is intercepted already and go for another but ofc not that would be usefull.

also activate the luncher and have him cycle but only firing if a valid target is in range (a bomb that is not yet intercepted)

but as of now defender missiles see no real use cause they are bad.

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May I suggest that CCP checks this arena for bugs before you let players in? You couldn’t even type the announcement without typos.

Trying to JC in a player owned station, yes.

I’ve mentioned it in the known issues thread, but I still cannot JC on any of my accounts.

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please fix it asap! please!


Cross-posting from Known Issues/EVE Launcher subforum, for the launcher profile issue, from @ CCP_Aurora today:

can anyone tell me where the reload launcher option is in the new launcher please

Macs: Accessed via the E icon in the top bar of the OS.

Windows: Presumably accessed via the E icon in the Notification Area thingy on the Taskbar.

In the last release *The Hunt Bantam NPC has been removed from the Guristas Hunt Outpost and Guristas Huntmaster Outpost sites due to an issue with its AI behavior" but to me honestly CCP would rather not touch that. The reason being that after removal of Bantams the weird AI behavior like a disease was spread onto Caracals. After Bantams removal Caracals in maybe 20-30% spawns land onto grid @ 25-30 km and NOT aggroing player, however the other small ships behave as normal (lock & attack). Once player sends out drones onto small close orbiting ships, Caracal in one volley wrecks random drone. No usual yellow flashing for a NPC in targeting mode, no warning. From hanging idle @ 25+ km “boom” & drone gone. So now we have to burn out to the stupid cruiser & take it first if we want to keep drones somehow alive.
So honestly, I’d rather prefer idle Bantams with a broken AI, then a different broken AI Caracals killing my drones :slight_smile:


I was trying to do the event in rocket hawks but switched to FOF LML hawks because of the broken Bantam deal. too many Bantams at 30-40km (rocket range 13ish with no MGC, 16ish with range scripted MGC)… so much burning around to get into range. Real helpful when being contested, too…

But anyway, I definitely got pretty wrecked by a Caracal or two over the course of that time as well, but Hawks don’t got drones so didn’t have to worry about drones being blapped.

The behavior was just… messed in general.

Oh, and I did about 28 sites all told to get all 3 of my mains to 300 points for all the skins. 1 time in those 28 sites, the boss guri drone/fighter thingie in the 2nd room didn’t fire once on me.

The other 27 sites, it fired just fine. Just random glitchhhhes.