Version 19.03 - General Feedback

CCP вы считаете нормальными ценами?

Thats funny a/f

As predicted, complete failure and small gang is dead. Thanks again for nothing CCP. Unfortunately some of us don’t want to just hit approach and gank each other through attrition in large fleets in t1 ships. I would love a CCP comment on whether they are happy with faction cruisers going up at least 100mil. Designed as planned?


There are some on this forum who probably think you never give CCP credit for a good change… to them I say… gaze upon this here post and… BEHOLD!

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I too witnessed this miracle

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I suppose we have to consider this “view contents” change the diametric opposite to the red dot.


I regularly give positive feedback and credit where credit is due. 2 times even in this topic, which admittedly is a rare occurrence. :slight_smile:

Whenever I criticize CCP, I try to give suggestions to improve the bad experience and do not just yell “I unsub!”.

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I know, if you couldn’t tell from my phrasing, I was trying to poke fun more at the people who think you bash CCP (or at least their gameplay/UI additions/removals/changes) too much… more than at you, yourself.

I usually agree with you on your complaints, btw, tho I wouldn’t phrase it in quite the way you do. Keep on keepin’ on. :wink:

Nice patch CCP. Some of the prices on the market just collapsed. I’m just not even talking about the ore market :clown_face:. Ships will become more expensive over time, but for now the hucksters continue to fill their wallets. Players close their production. ore is no longer needed.

And my main question is who will buy ships at such prices in the future? Аny ship production, now not for the mass consumer.