Version 19.04 - General Feedback

What about targeted things you cannot make them appear on top as far as I tried

It’s a long standing issue: Why can’t I manually recall scanner probes if one of them is closer than 2km from my ship but when I launch them and then jump a gate, they get automatically recalled anyway? This is frustrating.

No, i’m just telling people how things work now, no more, no less.

Then don’t get mad if you have to repeat the non-intuitive solution to a bad designed new feature.

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I got mad? Take your pills bro.

You sounded irritated there. That is what I meant. Soften your tone.

Trolling is bad…pipe down, please. ty

To clarify, my tone was dismissive.

That works for the system map, but is not what I was talking about.

I’m talking about the Probe scanner window, which used to be docked inside the system map at the left side, but is now docked at the right side for no apparent reason. And cannot be changed. And is not correctly aligned.

Tried the probe map in fullscreen with windows showing on top…i gave it a fair shot but had to nix it since my module activation buttons and ship hud cant be placed above the probe map. I need the cloak button in view at all times so i can check it repeatedly to see if its really pulsing green or not. In the end, ive redone my entire screen, lost one window spot in order to create a new spot -on the left side- for my undocked probe scanner. I stand by my original comments…the new probe scanner is fecking awful (at least for me) and needs to eliminated.

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@Captain_Blargg You should be able to also get your HUD on top, it’s one of the options available in the HUD button, bottom right of your capacitor/shield hp/armour hp etc.

o7 Captian, @Gerard_Amatin is right, you should see you hud above the probe window if you check “Always above fullscreen views” in the hud menu.

Oho :slight_smile: Checking…thanks guys

Target something and right click on the target list anchor (the small thing top right of the target ) and click enable always above fullscreen views and your targets will appear above de fullscreen window.

Next inquiry:
I managed to get my hud on top of that map as suggested…except, the buttons on teh probe map to tilt the top/side view of the probe map are now covered by my hud and inaccessible. I could align my hud to top to clear space for access to teh probe map axis tilt buttons, which seem to be locked in place at the bottom…but that defeats the purpose of trying not to have to retrain hours of muscle memory. Provided ive explained this in a way that can be understood (and i may not have), have others encountered and overcome this snag? Is there a keyboard shortcut i havent yet found to tilt the probe map axis?

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Not much for now, this need to be adressed by CCP.

Oh woe.

The person who decided it would be a good idea to implement haphazard changes to the probe scanner needs to be put up against the wall, fired without severance, then taken on tour to every city in the world with a population above 500k for public ridicule and rotten vegetable throwing.

In other words, i feel strongly about this.


Well, i pretty much enjoy it but we have to admit that this is an unfinished job.

thank you much appreciated. Guess that’s one way to see it these break everything patches help the community

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Tilt probe map? If you mean what I think it is, I always tilt by doubleclicking anywhere on the system map.

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