Version 19.04 - General Feedback

Things like this make me think that management is breathing down the developers necks and telling them to “do stuff” so they can look productive and not be downsized.
It’s called “make work” where I come from and it’s how people find stuff that doesn’t need doing so they look busy and don’t get fired for not having anything to do.
There’s been an aweful lot of this lately.
I could be wrong, maybe they just like screwing with people, but that’s what it looks like to me.


Yeah it’s possible I guess.

I worry that we’re just guinea pigs. I mean EVE has a business model based on simply changing a few numbers here and there to unbalance the dynamics. Maybe they now just want to push our buttons and see if they can prompt us to stop exploring? Maybe too many of us are doing it?

I should say, I logged in today and it was seriously ■■■■. Scanning is now a real chore. They’ve won, if that was their aim, but unfortunately there’s not a ton else I actually want to do.


@Zhalyd_Lyehin @An_Leabharlannai please write reasons why old map is better than new here New map interface

I’ll add them to first post

The new map looks cool and has a lot of bling but it’s in 3d making it far less easy to get your bearings and to plot a route.

Old map is more business like with less bling to distract meaning it’s far quicker to use especially if you do things that requires effort, like PvP. It’s also in 2d and flattened as of standard meaning you have an idea of where you are.

CCP pushes through many changes without the option to revert, the fact that after so many years of this “new” map we can still use the old one indicates that CCP, reluctantly, agrees it was a bad move.

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New map provides no additional funtionality and it distorts the location of objects and - very importantly to me - bookmarks. It also clutters space with pretty, but useless info, and runs a longer delay time when you are trying to drop bookmarks while in-warp … like when you are hunting.
It is unnecessarily graphically complex without any additional functionality. It may be fine for many folk but when I am doing work that needs responsive and accurate system mapping it is a complete fail.

Now the new-old map - as in the change with this patch, with a full-screen messup that covers all my windows and controls without giving my a window option - stops me from using the DSCAN while I am using the map. It stops me from seeing the probe scanner window, and the overview. I regularly have people trying to hunt and kill me while I’m working, and use DSCAN, overview, and experience to try avoid that happening. This change blinds me when I use that system map … forcing me to use the awful old map.

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ooops, last sentence should have been “… awful new map”.

The new, or old, cosmos map is not something I use much at all, except for sometimes checking system activity en-route (and even there the out-of-game tools are easier to use) … so my disdain, and comments, are restricted to the system map.

Here’s what I do, and why accurate responsive system mapping matters to me:

I’m out of things I want to do, I have been finding more and more that logging in means finding out that something I like is gone, less interesting or changed in some way that makes it less fun of, in the case of this last batch, even harder to see.
If they want guinea pigs they should use ones who can’t escape with their wallets.
My routine for Eve has become logging in to check my mail, see if people I know are on and seeing how they are doing and then logging out. I spend more time reading about Eve than playing it at this point, and most of what I read happens before I started playing.
I’m one of the people who got past their first week, I’m now close to, if not into my second year and they (CCP) have driven me out with the crap they have been pulling for this past year.
Maybe this sort of stuff has been going on all along but somehow I don’t think so. My first year they balanced stuff, this year they have been attacking players directly and I’m pretty well fed up with it.
Back at the end of 2020 I gave them a few more months, those are almost up now and this last batch of changes made me realize that I’ve lost interest.
It sucks, but there’s other things to do in the world, so screw it. Life goes on and there’s a million other ways to waste time.


No, my point has always been that pro-edencom participants in Chapter 3 have only downsides as a consequence to their participation (compared to someone who sat it out), while pro-trigs have had the same consequences and a major upside. Opening the gates to also pro-Edencom was one suggestion for how to fix that imbalance.

For the record, personally I don’t think giving the middle-finger to all of your participants instead of just half of them solves the “punished for participation” issue (duh). I do admit that I am petty enough that I find it hilarious to see the same individuals among protrigs cry about it now who thought it was just fair and fun and worth salt-farming when it was only pro-edencom affected.

The (almost) completely open gates might of course solve Pochven accessibility issues, and on that I don’t have strong opinions. I think the region was stagnating to a blue triangle which was boring - I for one did not see the “let’s sow chaos and make more nullsec” of goal Chapter 3 as “let’s make a safe-ish krabbing space for people who enjoy pve grind” - but there’s definitely a risk in this that it just stagnates to big blocs instead. Of course, eventually all structures will be gone, now, and station services are still standings locked, especially the chance to have corporation offices, so dunno. We’ll see.

But as to my issues: the completely open gates do not solve the “punished for participation” issues. All participants from Chapter 3 still have the downsides to show for it. Pro-Edencom has no upsides, and now pro-Triglavians also have much less. If there’s no upsides, I think the downsides at least should go too (the being shot at hisec unless you do a huge grind, bigger than non participants, say); it makes no sense for a game developer to only punish people for taking part in their big events.

Please note that none of my opinions have anything to do with if these consequences and rewards make storyline sense.

This is not the proper way to add a feature.
You keep things as is per default, and add a feature to have the other window (PI, probe, dscan, etc) fullsized and hiding everything else if players want to screw up their screen.
Then later, if data shows up that >90% of players like the new feature better, then make it default. And do the proper announcement to tell how to revert or adjust.
Better yet ask for feedback on the test server, and listen to the feedback.

  1. Where are those 5000-damage money?
  2. You should extend arena duration or add some weather - by no means 18 people can kill each other in 15 minutes

I think that the duration of “Potent Capsuleer Day Glamourex Booster” in-game is wrong.
The basic (20%) is 1 day, the Extended (25%) is 3 days and the Potent (50%) is 1 day.
Shouldn’t it be more than 3 days?

Can no longer hover over A to get a pop up of my route. I normally have the full route view hidden behind a panel so need to remove this panel to check number of jumps etc. Can it be changed back?

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As said multiples times, use the enable always above fullscreen views from the windows you want to see while on the map.

In breaking news, Scott Adams is suing CCP for breaching his Intellectual Property Rights.

In response, CCP stated that they were mystified and bewildered by this threat of litigation.
“We cannot understand this at all. We love Scott’s work, and Dilbert is our bible for good development practices. CCP_Rattati even has his hair styled after the PHB these days.”


Scrolling up too much work…have anyone else complained about vastly increasing Jita lag post update? It was moderately annoying level before and now barely playable to the point im gonna relocate elsewhere…

This is rule number… Something or other…
“If it exists there are complaints about it”.
I would be willing to bet that yes, there has.

Just noticed that C++ Application Development Framework now activates on my computer whenever I run the CCP client. Is this now a regular feature? Have also noticed a coincidence of problems staying connected when the C++ program is showing activity on the task manager (I run Windows 8.1) – other than occupying additional RAM and contributing to the heat issues with my older computer.

At the top of the window box in the right hand corner is a square before the x to close. Click on the square and it will bring up a menu that will allow you to go full screen, floating, or dock right or dock left with the panel.

If you have to repeat multiple time, could it be that it is not intuitive?
I’ve read your recommendation, yet without clear indication on how to proceed. I just found it now, days later.

So, for you (and others who shruggs at it), having to enable this thing on all those individual windows is a better option than to keep the default as it was, and then let the people who want to remove the windows to decide for themselves and manually hide the windows they want hidden. Either with a one time toggle to hide all windows at once, and/or similar to the actual state by allowing to change it individually. Interesting…

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Just noticed that C++ Application Development Framework now activates on my computer whenever I run the CCP client. Is this now a regular feature? Have also noticed a coincidence of problems staying connected when the C++ program is showing activity on the task manager (I run Windows 8.1) .
Just coincidence?