Version 19.04 - General Feedback

You’re suggesting we fix something they broke for no reason.

This community is full of people like you who spend their time making out like we’re somehow being unreasonable, instead of questioning why a needless decision was taken. One day that same illogical scattergun will take something you like and make it annoying or worthless, and when you’re up in arms, someone will tell you that you can work around it.

That’s the attitude that gives the company license to treat us the way it does. With utter disdain.


I didn’t know probe scanner may be pinned into scanner window. I’m always using them separately, if there are nothing to scan after jump I don’t use scanner at all. All my open tabs are exactly where they were before patch. I hope they stop messing with probing tabs and build better UI from the start. Current is stale. Never like it.

Ya its great isn’t it , i don’t have standing with ether of em , props to ccp


Delicious irony in that…

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Nahhh, I am always in old-map. That entire new map was … well … of no use to me.

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It isn’t. Some of us got our middle finger already in October.

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I do a lot of Planetary Industry, and CCP must be trying to kill me with this update. Whenever I open view on a planet, I lose all windows: Overview, Local chat, D-Scan, bookmarks, inventory, the PI window itself, and even the HUD. I cannot reopen the HUD, so I have no way of telling when my ship enters and exits warp. Reopening all my other windows every time I switch planets is a HUGE pain.

My normal behavior is to warp around a few systems in nullsec, switching view from planet to planet while I restart extractors, order expedited transfers, launch goods up and down, transfer goods back and forth between ship inventory and customs offices as I exit warp, then initiate warp to another planet, etc. I need to have my HUD, Overview, Local, D-Scan, inventory, and the PI window at all times.

Would you pretty please keep my windows open while I do PI?


@Jeb_Hataska I thought I had the same issue, but…

CCP added new functionality this patch. You can for each UI element select (in rightclick window) whether it should have priority to show on top of full screen windows.

I’ve given my overview, dscan window and local chat priority and now they show on top of my PI window.

Use the enable always above fullscreen button on the window.

Good point. I could swear that the better old map didn’t do that yesterday, but it indeed hides overview and chats as well, even if it is not in “Always above in Fullscreen mode”. Whatever they planned to do or fix with this feature, it is not at all working as intended for the maps or PI or other things. Good job, CCP.

Maybe making the old map bad, so the new map looks better and the old map can be dropped. IDK. Just get rid of the new one.


This isnt a troll post at all but im interested given what im reading here.

What is the advantage of having the probe scanner docked? I just couldnt imagine flying that way. Half the time i have the probe scanner window open i dont need the map.

I spent an hour woith it docked when i first started playing and thougth it was unusable until i worked out i could undock it. So while i agree its a bit rubbish of CCP to just change the UI with no warning and no apparent benefit i dont understand the level of backlash given having the window docked is like having one hand tied behind your back anyway?

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Fortunately, the new map has the same issue if you put it in Full Screen mode, and in window mode the window hovers over every other UI element if you use the option.

I often use both the probe scanner and dcan panels docked when doing anything visually. Eg when scanning down lost geckos you need to get distance and range with dscan, then position the probes at the end of the cone so it’s easier to have all the info, controls and map in one place. Another example is when triangulating objects that can’t be probe scanned eg. an unlooted triple nado code gank site I need to see warp bookmarks on the map, scan cone size and info so again all in one place is easier for me.

I think the only practical solution is to have an option so players can choose which side of the map window the info panels align to.

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All of 2020 was CCP Rattati giving the middle finger to the players and telling us that he doesn’t care at all about what we think or want in this game and that we should just quit playing if we don’t like him making the game worse with every update.

And there are no signs of it stopping in 2021.

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I use them that way because it allows me to quickly understand where things are relative to each other. This helps me plan, scan and attack/defend as necessary. Just having the AU distance doesn’t quite communicate that for example, if two anomalies are 14 AU away, they could be in opposite directions. The map just condenses all navigation issues and helps you understand where you are and where others may be.

The funny part of this is that CCP still have the probe scanner docked by default, so they know this is a standard and very common use of it. They’ve just arbitrarily changed the position of it. Now I have to close/open two things instead of one for no reason.



For me the reason to have the probe scanner docked is this:

I never use the probe scanner without the system map. I don’t always need the probe scanner window open for safety (unlike dscan, overview or chat windows) so when I don’t need it I close it to conserve space.

As the main time I use the probe scanner is when I’m exploring or trying to scan down a ship, I need both the probe scanner and system window simultaneously. And it is really helpful to be able to open both the probe scanner and system map with one keybind by having it docked.

I understand why people leave the d-scan window undocked, but the probe scanner has good reasons to be docked.


Yeah good point - Exploration is also my main reason for playing eve, and having both probe and map together is an essential part of it. I honestly don’t care how other people do it, and I’m not campaigning for anyone to do it ‘our’ way over what works for them. Each to their own, but many of us have learned this system a certain way.

And most importantly, nobody should have this forced on them for no reason. Why can it not be docked on the left as it always has been? What is the advantage to being on the right that we’re all somehow missing, and where is the data to back up that this was a change players wanted?


Thank you, @Gerard_Amatin and @Mevatla_Vekraspek. I had searched the patch notes for “planetary” which came up empty, so it took me a while to find the parts about full screen behavior and realize that this is what it was talking about.

I attempted to delete my post, but apparently that doesn’t work? Oh well, I don’t understand these forums.

Your biggest complaint seemed to be that, despite spending the whole event trying to prevent Pochven ever existing, you and the rest of EDI were somehow entitled to access the gates in Triglavian space.

Seems your months of complaining have yielded the exact result you wanted!