Version 19.04 - General Feedback

no no thats not how they do things. they will just continue to make bad changes until nobody uses the content then wait x amount of years before doing anything to make it better.

this was half finished content from a different story line they rehashed into the mess you see today. they will continue to make great changes till nobody uses it and then start scratching heads wondering why.

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Now I will have to forget to close and re-open dscan every time I undock, to have the sphere centered on my location instead of the sun… But seriously thanks for fixing it devs. It was always an annoying thing to remember.

Yeah but I’m saying there’s a chain, and ultimately the devs are guided almost entirely by what product and UX guys decide - and is ok’d probably above even that if the changes are fundamental.

Devs don’t generally have much, if any input into that type of decision. I’d be absolutely terrified if devs were unilaterally changing something in my business without it being ok’d up the chain.

Read the room :smiley: . There are dozens of people saying that this is a core part of how they use and play the game. Nobody wants to quit, but speaking for myself, it just feels like it compounds the way CCP have focused on rubbish like skins instead of making decisions that benefit players. You begin to wonder if it’s not even deliberately provoking anger.

If you don’t scan much, or only as a side-task, it probably doesn’t kill you. For those who explore, this is like learning to drive on the other side of the road. Sure, it’s not impossible, but it interferes with our routines and has no reasoning behind it. It’s not like it is an improvement, it’s just a completely arbitrary change.

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I spend my life scanning, thank you CCP, this one was great.

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So big alliances can evict Pochven residents without investing any efforts. What next?
Increase accessibility of wormhole space for large blob fleets by removing jump mass restrictions?

How can you ‘evict’ someone from a space where people live out of indestructable NPC stations?

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Finally, maybe Pochven will see some massive numbers and action.

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Is there any way to set up the probe scanner again as before? By this I mean that the signatures are displayed on the left and the solar system on the right.

CCP not just moved Probe window to the right in Current system window. Here`s the worst:
The borders of Probe window and Current system window doesn’t match!!!
Classic CCP style!!


The Jita 4-4 station interior is nice . This now has to be implemented to other stations to a degree , and then we can also have WIS . It is time for us to finally have WIS , other respectable MMOS have moved towards this already , it’s only natural that Eve should do so.

I scan all the time both probes as dscan which is why I have detached both windows anyway and incorporated them into my normal UI.

Not seeing any issues or problems with the patch in that regard. If you use either window a lot it’s probably a good idea to do the same.

I use dscan all the time independent from the system window, so I have indeed detached the dscan window.

But as I never use the probe scan window independently from the system window and do not need to see the probe scan window 100% of the time, it makes no sense for me to detach this window.

And right now, this window is AT THE WRONG SIDE for me.

Please fix this CCP.

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The new look of the parking lot makes me depressed. Roll back this graphic change.

Well I feel like the position of that window might not be the problem then, because you can just detach it, move it to the left, then fix it…

Stack it on the probe scan window.

Stack what?

My probe scan window is docked in the system window, as I want it to be. But CCP moved it to the other side of the system window for no reason, and with no option to move it back to where it was.

And when you PVP near gate, EDENCOM engage you, but not your New enemy, because he shoot 1 rogue Drone befor.)))

Its a HUGE disbalance!


Here is some dang feedback for you CCP sheeple.

I log into the garbage game for the first time in two weeks to check out the gas huffing in high sec. To fit a Venture for huffing gas all tech 1 + ship is 12,000,000 isk! WTF? I moved through 20 systems and scanned ever dang anom to not find one F**KING GAS anom! So another garbage patch! Risk 12M isk and hour of my time for NO REWARD! Boy, what fun and rewarding game play!


the fact that i am blind makes me particularly sensitive to UI changes. Retraining muscle memory to deal with something that adds nothing to gameplay is more than just annoying. I do not scan, but i do planetary interaction. instead of the little fixes we have asked for in PI we get a monstrous graphic that blacks out other important information. WHY? having to change settings for all the stuff i used to have on top for more than a dozen PI characters is unnecessary, the right answer would be a setting if we WANT the big image on top, not the other way around.

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The probe scanner window is not correctly aligned with the system window when docked.

Also, make me dock it at the left side again, I don’t see why this should be on the right side.