Version 19.04 - General Feedback

o7 Captain, i tried it and i love it, i was always bothered by the scan window placement before, with the need to see dscan, local, the probe scanner window and the bookmark folders. Now i can see it all fullscreen. I love it.

You do it once, that’s not a big deal.

I don’t mind changing the colour on the launcher although I don’t really understand why it needed changing but that’s a besides: the choice of colour is a bit questionable, it’s vile vomit neon green.

That’s a colour choice a 9 year old would make, can you please tone it down a little?

Tears from greedy little pigs like this is probably the best part of the update, lmao.

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Welcome to the Edencom treatment. I hope you like it here and enjoy the content and rewards that were taken from you. :joy:


I can think of few things greedier than feeling entitled to access space others built.

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Please change the Probe scanner window back to how it was. NOBODY wants this. I live in wormhole space and this makes it a complete drag to scan anything, which is the primary thing I do.


It’d be great to think that CCP saw how many people who have never posted here - or not for over a year - are posting to try and elicit some kind of reaction from them, and actually acknowledge that needlessly moving one of the most used interfaces in the game to the opposite side is a complete ■■■■ up.

Also, don’t blame devs. Devs don’t make decisions like this, product managers and UX designers do - and ultimately it’s the product manager who bears responsibility. He or she has not asked, has not justified, and now faces the ultimate test of whether they should have a job: Will they listen to the feedback and address it?

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My name is nobody.

thanks for the tip Mevatla Vekraspek. Apparently ccp wasn’t that stupid but unfortunately it wasn’t communicated either

Why CCP moved Probe window to the right?
Please change it back to the left.
Or at least give players a choice for the side.


I like the new lock window feature, I really dislike transparent window so I could not pin windows before.

I was wondering if you could add the feature to the neocom bar on the left ? so I can make it not transparent as well

The Pochven changes are ludicrous. I feel like the past two months I’ve spent establishing myself in Pochven have been a waste of time.

The downside of positive trig standings is of course, negative edencom standings. That was a price worth paying for the exclusivity of Pochven. Now that exclusivity is gone, all I have is the disadvantage of negative edencom standings.

What a kick in the balls. I genuinely feel like I’ve totally wasted my time over the past few months.



My question is about trig standings. I’ve spent 20-30 hours of my gameplay life, lost 2 ships and ruined my endencom standings just to be able to use Pochven gates. Now my investment costs nothing: everyone in this game is able use Pochven gates even without Edencom issues. Is there any compensation or whatever to people who did worthless job and feels deceived?



Aura with better eyes.


revert the probe window change


In regards to Poochie, theyll tell you Early Access was your reward. Apparently, thats a thing these days in games, I hear.

Heya, I would just like to know if you will fix the scan window or not. Some communication about it would be very much appreciated. I tried playing as I normally do this morning with scanning things down and tbh its not worth the effort to me to try and totally move all my windows around and relearn how to use the scan windows on the right. And when I undock the scan windows it is taking me 2-3 x more clicks to do things I did before the change and the game just isn’t fun anymore for me. I’m sad because I’ve enjoyed Eve, more so interacting with corp-mates along the way, but this is probably the end for me if it won’t be fixed; so knowing what to expect would be great, so I don’t waste time on something that will just frustrate me in the end. Thanks

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And what are UX designers and product managers? Correct, developers. :thinking:

Are you seriously giving up on the game just because the window is not in the same position ? I mean yes it’s a bad move on CCP, but I think people are being too dramatic.