Version 19.04 - General Feedback

Seconded, This is an outrage. its like telling people who have been driving on the right hand side of the road for 20 years then saying “■■■■ YOU NOW YOU DRIVE ON THIS SIDE!!!”


I’m finding the disable light background doesn’t seem to remember it was turned off when I log back in.

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that it took me a long time to get my windows organized just right. I’m also sure I’m not alone in saying that the scanning window flip with no way to revert it back absolutely screws what took me so long to get right and makes the game almost unplayable using the scan window in free floating mode. At least if you were to allow moving the system, route and agent mission tabs over to the right it could be workable. I’m curious as to why this change was made.

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Great job CCP on making a needless change to a heavily used interface that seems to bother the vast majority of those who use it. What were you thinking? Also the edges of the docked windows don’t line up and it’s making my eye twitch, I need all my open windows edges to be in perfect alignment. Pathetic.


I have used the solar system map in full screen for many years. Everything was on top and I could do everything without issue while keeping my graphics utilization to a minimum.
Now when I open it up, I’ve had to tell each menu to stay on top, but anything I target doesn’t show up, nor does the route or event activity drop down that is normally below my route.
The full screen option has always worked well, until today.
This update has rendered it a huge PITA to use.
What can be done to revert to prior settings?
Why not have one option in the map to push it to the back instead of having to tell everything else one item at a time to stay forward?
It wasn’t broken, why was it messed with?
Grrr, frustration…

yeah this update screwed over pretty much everybody who wanted to live in pochven but isnt backed up by a large nullsec bloc


Thanks for sharing, MV…am giving that a try now and feel cautiously optimistic (though would still prefer things as they were)

The changes made to full screen need to be reverted. I cannot play with it broken like this.

Another red dot to be sorted out! :laughing:

@Brisc_Rubal Help! :pleading_face:


With engineers and developers, if it isn’t broken, it doesn’t have enough features yet.


Why can we not lock the probe map window when it’s undocked.

Why specifically is this a completely different window that a) cannot be locked and b) can’t configure transparency.

UX is easy when consistent

Are we going to get a reply on the scanning window issue? Seems like more than enough people are dissatisfied with it for a Dev response. Something along the lines of “We know, we’re sorry, it’s being fixed” would do nicely.


The only response to any player feed back is “If you don’t like the changes we made then you should quit” straight from CCP Rattati.

Howdy! I’m a pro-trig player who fought for 6 long months during invasion to create Pochven… and have lived here since day 1. I do not belong to a large alliance and live a small gang lifestyle.

This update is atrocious for a number of reasons:

  1. You (rightly) identified the Rogue Drone sites exploit as unfairly granting tons of players access to Pochven without work, thereby completely eliminating the only reward players earned for serving during invasion. Now, you’re just literally handing access to everyone - might as well have left the rogue drone glitch.

  2. This is a huge middle finger to every player who served during invasion, who had to tank Edencom standings just to create Pochven. It’s similarly unfair to players who’ve come to Pochven since and spent over a month grinding for gate access.

  3. You’ve effectively served our space up on a silver platter. Those standings requirements were the only thing preserving our small gang paradise - the entire Triglavian player base United would be insufficient to stand against the weight of external organizations like null blocs. The deterrence of having to WORK to kill us was the only thing preventing us getting steamrolled by outsiders with no interest in Pochven.

  4. The ONLY REWARD players got for the hellish grind that was Invasion was our access to Pochven gates. Leaving aside aesthetic rewards, all we got was access to this space. You’ve taken everything we worked for, and handed it for free to every player in new Eden. Now, it would’ve been WISER for me to completely sit out the invasion; had I simply waited for my free invitation to pochven with no grinding, I’d never have tanked Edencom standings or lost countless ships fighting over liminal candidates.

  5. YOU ROLLED THIS OUT WITH NO WARNING. We had months to prepare for the new structure cores, months to prepare for the resource and industrial rebalances… and yet you completely screwed the security of our space overnight with no warning, and no time to prepare. It’s as though this policy was created specifically to screw over everybody who lives in Pochven, to instead hand the space to outsiders - and you did so without ANY forewarning to the people who’d be immediately effected.

This is an absolutely atrocious update. On behalf of every small gang in pochven, and every Triglavian supporter in my corp, alliance, and coalition, I urge your prompt reconsideration of this update. It spells out a death sentence/eviction notice for the people who live in Pochven, and will similarly impact morale and overall interest in EVE negatively among my associates.


o7 Captain, i tried it and i love it, i was always bothered by the scan window placement before, with the need to see dscan, local, the probe scanner window and the bookmark folders. Now i can see it all fullscreen. I love it.

You do it once, that’s not a big deal.

I don’t mind changing the colour on the launcher although I don’t really understand why it needed changing but that’s a besides: the choice of colour is a bit questionable, it’s vile vomit neon green.

That’s a colour choice a 9 year old would make, can you please tone it down a little?

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Tears from greedy little pigs like this is probably the best part of the update, lmao.

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Welcome to the Edencom treatment. I hope you like it here and enjoy the content and rewards that were taken from you. :joy:


I can think of few things greedier than feeling entitled to access space others built.

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