Version 19.04 - General Feedback

Exactly this. It beggars belief that they’d do it without explaining the data behind the change. I’ve never seen it before in any game.

So what you’re saying is 15 minutes to and from Amarr from Jita again. Hek, Rens and Dodoxie are dead again?
Great, i just moved out to Dodixie

One positive thing that I noticed is that with the transparency settings change, CCP potentially fixed the issue of chats and hangar windows going transparent when you use Log Off to go back to the character selection screen to switch chars. Now I can use the feature more extensively without going mad from having to turn unwanted transparency off. A silver lining. :slight_smile:

right click the title bar and disable light background

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anyone figure out how to move the scan back to the left hand side?


Why the fùck is this even a thing?? What smart person thought “you know we should needlessly flip a bunch of ■■■■” then took that to a room full of other smart people and they green lit it… why? What problem were you attempting to solve? Why spend dev time doing needless shìt? Seriously, I’d like an answer to that one.


You know what the worst part of all this is? I don’t remember the last time CCP actually spoke to us on a level that implied respect for our opinions.

There’ll be no apology, there’ll be no ‘we got it wrong, here’s how we’re putting it right’, there’ll be no learning from their mistake so that it doesn’t happen again, there’ll just be nothing until they can (ironically) use data to figure out if this has a tangible impact on their bottom line. Then they’ll quietly fix it in a few months time without fanfare.

For me, this has been coming for a few months, but the disdain we have been treated with here is pretty close to the final straw. I’m going to dock up and have a think about whether I should be putting money into a company like this and enabling this shitty behaviour.


What is this change to the probescan window? Why in BoB’s name would you swap this around, at least make these dumb ideas an option.


Aaaarghhhh, the F10 map now removes all my controls and info. I can’t see if anyone is probing me, or even if they’re right beside me killing me.
Who in eve thought that was a good idea?


Pro tip: The old map does not do any of that and works and looks better. :innocent:

Time to switch to the better map. :wink:


Use the always above button on the window.

They have zero respect for our opinions on anything.
Their official statement is “If you don’t like it then quit”


Have you started working on correcting all the errors caused by the attempt to remove downtime from the game?

My dream future changelog:


  • New option: Automatically Disable 3D Rendering When Docked In Station
  • When UI elements are in Fullscreen or Dock Left/Dock Right mode, any 3D space behind them is not rendered to save on GPU cycles

User Interface:

  • Rename “Enable/Disable Light Background” to “Enable/Disable Transparency”

  • Space Overview is an “Always Above Fullscreen” Window by default

  • System info and Route can be aligned to the right side

  • Ship Tree can be zoomed out to show the entire tree at once

  • Solar System Map: Probe Scanner and Directional Scanner can be docked on either side

  • Solar System Map, New Map, Activity Tracker and Ship Tree made consistent with other UI elements:

    • They can be tabbed/docked with other UI elements
    • They “roll up” into a bar when double clicked
    • They feature dedicated “fullscreen” buttons for old functionality
  • “Old” Universe Map can be used in windowed mode

  • “Old” Universe Map back to default (“Try the New Map” is no longer default ON)

^ I want this changelog to be real.


Give this man a job at ccp

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How can i redock the scanner window to it PROPER place really, what dose having it on the left right side do for us…

General Settings > Transparency Slider does not seem to work as intended anymore. Slider all the way to the left ( Transparency = 0 ) and all chat Windows still have transparency now since the Update.


mine don’t I just checked - have tried clearing your cache files? - props to the new lime green fluorescent log in screen looks funky - finally the lock screen actually works as intended
Congrats ccp

Over a decade later and the saying still holds true for CCP’s updates. Put in a long skill.

Were all beta testers for CCP for free. I made sure I had no reason to log in till Thursday when they patch again to fix the patch while only fixing half the screw ups anyway. Then wait how long for them to fix the red dots that are left?


I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that it took me a long time to get my windows organized just right. I’m also sure I’m not alone in saying that the scanning window flip with no way to revert it back absolutely screws what took me so long to get right and makes the game almost unplayable using the scan window in free floating mode. At least if you were to allow moving the system, route and agent mission tabs over to the right it could be workable. I’m curious as to why this change was made.