Version 19.06 - General Feedback

in what way dipshit??

I told the guy I already do not mind the idea…

But if his only excuse is alleged AFK play…and then using his Roleplay:

as support for his excuse…

in a forum…where it is considerd to be OOC…meaning his context could easily be read as him just wanting to grief other players for whatever reason.

I for one do not tell my alliance mates they cant go AFK without docking up…but i shall advise them why they should not…because I am a ganker, I have been ganking since early 2011.

Difference between me and those like me and the others …I do not go chasing people into the forums, and/or RL with some imaginary LAw for some imaginary Universe.

Also btw @Ricky_Tock tell me how I told him how to play the game?
I did tell him to stop acting and sounding like a griefer…as well as telling him to stop telling people to absolutely not be AFK unless he was paying for their account.


You are strongly advocating that this other players stops playing the game the way he wants to. You want them to play like you play, instead of playing the way they enjoy, which involves rustling your jimmies. If you didn’t put your jimmies out there to rustle, you wouldn’t walk away emotional enough to start namecalling, which destroys any hope you have at a sound argument.

This is a social game. Plus, this is a General Feedback thread on the latest patch, not a thread about AFK mining or how one should or should not play. There’s an Orca thread in General Discussion for you to continue the namecalling and emotional debates. Seems like the other player made a suggestion and you jumped to judge it with your opinions. Yeesh.

General feedback: nerf the Orca.

Any suggestions pertaining to AFK problems or for nerfing the Orca or for changing Mining Drone behavior needs to be posted in the sub-forum ‘Player Features and Ideas’, not to be constantly posted here in this thread which, by the way is for feedback about the latest game patch.

Also I don’t think there’s any problems with the Orca or Mining Drones so I say no to any proposed changes to them.


At no point has anyone told him how to play the game, or to stop playing the game in a certain way.

Bravo, Holmes, well spotted. That is exactly why people objected to someone just throwing out a silly suggestion, in this thread. This patch has done nothing that affects the Orca, so to bring up something in a thread dedicated to feedback on the patch is not “general feedback” or “observation”, but wholly irrelevant. There is a long, extant thread, where the myth of AFK Orca mining has been thoroughly demolished, elsewhere on the board.

Brilliant demonstration of cognitive dissonance regarding your own argument. Genius.


Orca was not my argument. I was arguing for thoughtful discussion, which seemed to elude the person I was replying to. I was advocating logic and reason with a joke at the end. Somehow my jokes elude people on these big threads, so perhaps I’ll stand to the side for now.

Nice plug, btw. I don’t buy it. Clever way to berate me for being off-topic, but also plug your own off-topic opinion.

This thread was dead a week ago when they starting talking about DUST.

New Eden received a sales tax reduction of 50% in all regions.
Brokers’ fees are also reduced by 50%, so the Advanced Broker Relations skill will now provide a 6% relist fee reduction per level instead of 5% (max reduction at level 5 will now be 80%).

Why was CCP not advertising a positive change like this in advance? :thinking:

Logging in in an undocked character makes the game screen stay black. Only option is to press the X top right and then the default claim daily reward popup shows up, nothing else.

I’m surprised that they actually listed it in patch notes, they are not that great at recognising their mistakes.

Hate the brokers fee changes. Will make botting more viable again. I do quite a bit of trading and it was nice to actually get stuff from buy orders without having to update them every 3 Minutes


You might want to fix the patch notes.

Per the Grand Heist announcement:

In addition, the Advanced Broker Relations skill will now provide a 6% relist fee reduction per level instead of 5% (max reduction at level 5 will now be 80%), so you can save even more ISK every time you modify a buy or sell order. This change will persist after the three month reductions above have ended.

Contrasted with the patch notes:

  • Brokers’ fees are also reduced by 50%, so the Advanced Broker Relations skill will now provide a 6% relist fee reduction per level instead of 5% (max reduction at level 5 will now be 80%).

The skill change is discrete from the temporary fee reduction and should not list as a paired effect; while the two changes work together to achieve the 80% total reduction, the skill change is not caused by the broker fee reduction.

You should probably also call out the 3 months duration in the patch notes for those who don’t read the Grand Heist announcement and just look at the patch notes.

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There is no longer and ESS window, I cannot see how much isk in in either pot in the ESS, neither can I see how long is left on the main bank.

Why has this window been removed. It is needed as if it is not there, there is no accurate information about the current systems ESS

Yo what are the new ESS Secure key things called? They are not in the game as referred to in the patch notes and I can find no item in the game with the word “key” in it that seems applicable.

Please add [back] the capability to see the current system ESS status while docked. The UI overlay (top left) disappears when docked while the others (system info, search, daily campaign, autopilot) are still available. I used to be able to open the ESS interface through the Activities list, but now that is gone since the interface has been replaced with an in space display while the ESS is being hacked.

The fitting simulation window is acting strange on the cargo and drone bay after the update on 27/7/2021.
Screenshots attached from live server. Same behavior in test server also.

Fitting Window2

Fitting Window

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how about fof missiles

@Zuccini_Vaselini CCP doesn’t appear to mind watching their user count drop to laughable levels because “Clearly it’s just the summer Slump” mixed with “COVID freedoms!”.

Been a mostly consistent player since 2003, minus any time I was on military deployments, and sometimes even then. But honestly watching CCP waffle on the “giving folks free Isk to tempt them to go online and resub” reveals just how out of the loop it’s gotten in Iceland.

"Why is no one logging in? Why aren’t ships being thrown away? "

“Oh perhaps its because they cost so much… due to us fooling around too long with Scarcity?”

"Could be… but probably not… Oh well lets just give players raw ISK… so they can afford… I guess almost a Battleship! Maybe… if it’s not faction… That’ll get them to blow things up! Wait what is inflation? I thought everything was balanced because of scarcity?.. "

Watches Numbers drop further

“So we decided best way to fix this is introduce new uses for materials of PI to augment the “Value” of the ships and justify the cost of production of the ships…”

“Oh! And also maybe give people advertisments for PLEX very often… so they know that if you run VISA sites you can afford to play the game!”

Further unsubscribed angry players go elsewhere.

“Well shoot… maybe they aren’t logging in because Maurauders are too strong… clearly they aren’t vulnerable… we should bring them back to the ‘meta’ of being far too expensive to justify flying except if you have a group to back you up…”

“Like the groups of players who aren’t currently logging in?”

“Yeah that’s the… oh wait…”

Trruthfully I unsubbed my accounts last month when I realized they were doing everything in their power to deplete the game of methods to actually PVE. CCP has zero interest in allowing folks who aren’t already swimming in wealth to feasibly maintain their goals and these “heists” will undoubtedly be used to “convince” players to come out and attempt to “prove” this line of thought incorrect.

Except lets be honest those who gain the vault keys will likely be either the existing groups in lowsec, which I don’t mind… but I do mind that they’ve effectively silenced proponents of Fun ways to engage in active PVE in order to fuel the PVP juggernaut.

Is “a free Battleship… kinda” worth of ISK going to destroy the game? No probably not… but it is a slap in the face to all the industrial folks who’ve been working their collective butts off during scarcity to make ships valuable again… and continue feeding the economy with products.

CCP effectively ran me off from this game and I’m absolutely certain they’ve done the same to thousands of other long term veteran players. If I thought shooting at a statue would do anything but boost their logged in numbers…

Summer of Un-subscriptions seems a lot more effective.


They sucks.
Not to mention that 3/4 marauders can’t even use it.

and no bubble!!! stupid idea

Only 24 hours for abyssal proving grounds event :-1: :\
what’s the matter…can’t afford servers? at least let it run fri-monday morning \o/