Version 19.06 - Known Issues

CCP really has screwed up the Gallente Station and Amarr Station interior lighting.

Gallente interiors have orange background lights, even though the Gallente color of choice is green.

Amarr interiors have green background light, even though the Amarr color of choice is gold-orange-yellow-ish.

Can CCP please fix this atrocity to the eyes of pious Amarr people? Or at the very least give Caldari and Minmatar the same color swap because Caldari and Minmatar have the correct colors of choice in their station interiors.



Since when is the region in the double line route hud element unreadably small?

Problems since the last update:

  • I can create folders for my notes, but after i log out and back in the folder is gone and the note gets thrown in the “all notes” Folder.

  • I cant “Right and left click” to zoom in anymore, i can just zoom out with it. It works in Station but not undocked

  • The “Crane Starline Majestic SKIN” has a little shining star where probably should not be a star:


I rather like the contrast of green on orange and orange on a green background.

If it was all green on green background or orange on orange there would be no contrast and the colours would need to be less pronounced to avoid being overbearing.

What I like less about the new Amarr station is that it is so dark, and that not only the background is green but the churchlike windows too. If the Amarr station was a little brighter and if more colours were shining through the windows (especially orange/gold) I think it would look better.

I like the light green fog in the background though, the station seems to have a lot more depth and colour than before because of it.

I do agree that the main colours of the factions (primarily green for Gallente, primarily gold for Amarr) is missing now because of these changes.
So while I like the contrasting colours in the lights I would prefer to see the main colours more present in those stations than the contrasting colours. At the moment it seems 50/50 main colour versus contrast and I think a 80/20 would be better to show players the green and gold identity of the factions.


I am pretty sure that we can also create a depth effect with much brighter colors that are in line with the Amarr color pattern. Iam not going to say that CCP should bring back the old hangar colors, though. The previous iteration was way too dark. Personally, I want this back:

Or better yet:


The light from the windows in that second picture is perfect. Would love to see it like that ingame.

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As mentioned in ticket #1623224 by GM: “These sounds have been added with one of the recent patches.”

New sounds and voices were added in Jita 4-4 which are repetitive every 10-30 seconds and which are impossible to disable via “Atmosphere” in audio settings. Only via “World” which, in my case, in unacceptable, because world sounds are important for me…

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Yeah, same for me.

It’s not as bad as it use to be but the station interior sound level is still loud in a lot of stations. The Fog Horn sound and rumbling noise is definitely overpowering.

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Aurora

Station Interior sound effects remain audible after undocking and are still persistent after jumping through gate into other systems.

Also those station interior sound effects are unusually loud, especially the Fog Horn sound and the rumbling noise. It’s annoying and easily becomes irritating when constantly heard.

I had to do a re-log to get rid of the persistent sound.

Please fix these bugs.


There is a minor inventory bug that causes some items to report quantity in the group tab.
affected as I know is standard blue pill & Mjolnir rage torpedo.

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Aurora

This is a very disturbing issue giving cause for rage.

Within this past week the Launcher updates have reset my client settings to default 3 times now on all 4 of my accounts and no longer reads my saved settings.

The quality of programming being performed is ridiculous, and not in a funny way…

Is anyone else having connection issues lately? For the last 3 days, every morning when I log in, I get 4-5 disconnects within a few minutes. I log in, try to undock and disconnect. I log back in and disconnect again. Rinse and repeat. After the 5 disconnect, the disconnects just stop. On all chars that I use without exception.
There is no internet connection interruption on my end because all other things at my computer that require internet connection keep working/streaming/downloading. My line capacity is also not used to capacity.

I take it that the thread doesn’t update with known issues discovered after this thread started?

there’s no mention of the glitched explosion (texture map, transparency map or whatever) being added to “known” issues even though it was posted in “Known” issue thread on day one, it’s been 10 days and the upgraded graphic glitch has not been addressed since it was known by players yet not known by CCP (yes, I made bug reports on day 1 too, I assume I’m not the only one reporting it via CCP in-game tools)

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have that too, but eve has strange behaviour in general sometimes. QA seems on summer vacation.

More like a permanent Vacation


Always problems (grrr since time i said to CCP…)with fleet cargo of all deep space ships : when they are in a fleet, their fleet cargo is always at 50 000 m3. The skills trained for up the fleet cargo are not “considered” or “used”.
example if my english is the worst of New Eden : a deep space ship (Occator-Mastodon-Impel-Bustard) with 60 000 or 62 500 M3 fleet cargo with skills trained have always 50 000 m3 when it is in a flleet…
Always same problem on a BPO now (in a recent time on a BPC) : BPO dont found minerals for build the item. I think may be the problem caused by the age of BPO…

a precision : the problem is when a member of the fleet is opening the fleet cargo of the deep space ship in the same fleet.
Sorry dont remember if the problem is also when the deep space ship is not in a fleet.

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Aurora

The recent graphics update has messed up the Station Interiors and the Docking Bay lights, making the ship appear shrouded in shadow and barely seen, seems like the bottom lights of the Docking Bay are turned off. Can’t even view the ship skins now. At least with the previous Station Interior lighting, players could view a close semblance of the ship skin. Now you can’t even view any dirt accumulation on the ship.

Also the color of the station interiors are no longer vibrant as before, plus various effects such as steam and sparks are no longer present.

The current visual effect for station interiors is worse now than what was previously active.

Case in point:

I think the game again reverts new portraits to old ones. Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

Well I am glad it did revert mine cuz I didn’t like the one I made later, still though

edit: it updated to the new one :+1: :ccpls: