Version 19.08 - General Feedback

Thank you for removing the ability to anchor deployables in the starter and career agent systems, but all you really had to do was remove the ability to rename them in order to get rid of the spam.


Have you tried it?

(The answer is no, no you haven’t. Otherwise you’d know that it does indeed affect the display on the character sheet.)

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Exactly my point earlier. @Mike_Azariah - who I respect deeply - is very defensive on this change as it seems to have been his idea. MTUs, or indeed any deployable, are not inherently evil; pointless spam is, however. I am afraid I think Mike offered a hasty and somewhat dumb solution to a genuine problem.

Even better, perhaps, to avoid complaints from people who might rename deployables for legitimate reasons, not spam, would be for the deployables, when launched, to be automatically named, without option, as “Vortigern Vitalis’ MTU”. That way, no complaints from corporations that occasionally use depots for fleet activities as it would be obvious to whom a depot or MTU or secure container belonged.

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Yeah well, I didn’t bother, because the tooltip was pretty clear on what that thing should do.

Another example how CCP can’t even get the basic things sorted.

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HEY ! I am not defensive, your defensive, ya I am fine fine i say . . .
joking, in case you miss the /s

The idea you offered

sounds great until people make alts with the dame damn advertising as character names. And you know some would.

btw it was also frustrating to be unable to cut and paste names of some of the deployables to run them through a translator to even SEE what the hell they said. But that is just me being a curious old guy.

thanks, I do appreciate all the feedback and sorry i could not resist the joke answer . . . honestly I tried.



This is the wrong way CCP Give us the old one back plz

(the damn thing makes sounds aswell) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


In the old skill window, when you moused over the skill it would show how many SP you trained and how much SP for level5. So say I bought the skill book for Industry, and you apply it, it will say 0/256000 when you mouse over the skill in the skill window. This is helpful for determining how many injectors you want to buy to skill up quickly.

In the new skill window that info does not show up when you mouse over a skill. I tried getting the info on skill points from other windows, without success.


Huge opportunity missed. Cannot import skills to a skill plan from the fitting window… I have to copy them out to a spreadsheet from clipboard and then load them one by one into a plan. Barf.

How did you miss this golden opportunity CCP? Dragging from fitting window is THE use case for these skill plans. Also no support for Corp skill plans?

Other issues discovered playing with this tonight:

  • Making links to skill plans is nice, but they get invalidated as soon as the originator of the plan deletes the plan, so if you want corp plans, someone has to keep them saved on their character.

As many have stated not having the skill list in each category displaying the training time to next level if injected and under lvl 5 is a major oversight. If I was looking at applying skill points or wanting to train a fast skill I had that information provided to me right there. No guessing or right clicking to find all of this. This is basically the same thing in a different format I cannot see why this information was removed when it could have easily been left there.
And forcing the full avatar and allowing us to collapse the useful part of the character sheet is also backwards and not very intuitive. The avatar is the only part of that window I do not need to see. I created the avatar so I know what it looks like.
One thing I learned in business, change for the sake of change is never a good idea. Changes need to make sense and progress the idea. This is a step backwards.


Thank you! I don’t understand why more people aren’t saying this.


btw, this is what the fustercluck looks like at minimum res:

How CCP can think this is presentable as a finished and acceptable work is professional malpractice.

Dev: Fail
QC: Fail
Management: Fail


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fuc*g holy sh!t…

how old your interface designers - 15, 12? looks like 10 years old - the word ‘ergonomic’ is nothing to them, bells & whistles - their god

bring back to us an old character window and skill interface - a sharp and brilliant tools, get us an option in game settings to switch between an old good one and a new batshit insane


Well, then why does it say it only affects the Character Creator? Doh… you really need to work on your ill-placed mordancy.

I’ll share a big secret to you, CCP: there are many people in this world, who play EVE on laptops with 17" or even 15" screens. And here ur new UI looks like a piece of crappy design and a lack of professional skills.


Never felt the need too complain on the forums. Been playing since Jan. The old skills que sure needed a update. I was always loading the mobile app and managing my skills there as it did just feel easier, so I can understand why you may think cloaning the mobile App would be a good idea, except that works because the mode of use is a finger, not a mouse; so it doesn’t work.

The window is massive, and I can’t Dock it in another window out the way, this is a regression.

I can’t see how long a skill takes too train unless add it, also im unable too see how long it takes and a time of completion should be be standard, I use evenova on my phone too do this again as the eve ui doesn’t do any of this.

Just bought a 50mill skill totally by accident clicking it too see how long it would take too train. This is a massive game breaking bug that needs patching immediately that should never of made it too live. Imagine if I’d clicked a titan skill, this needs fixing ASAP or you will find the help channels flooding with new players spent all there starter isk just looking around.

Last of all I’m sorry CCP but I can’t stand it, this is a pc game, not a console port and it feels like you are doing it the opposite way turning the game into a console game, the new changes don’t even interact correctly with the old UI. If I have the dscan box open in the background and I hover over any black space in the skills window cosmic signature information pops up in front of the skills window rendering all clicks useless on the skills windows unless I close it and reopen it creating the worst lag ever like a session change.

There is a picture in here of a mock up skills que, that looks amazing, hire him please and keep the skittles away from who ever is designing it currently. Please change it back


Speaking of which: How does this window even hold up in EVE Anywhere which people potentially play on much smaller screens like phones and tablets? :thinking:

That does not solve the issue. People would then use bots to setup huge words or letters with hundreds of depots, as they have done repeatedly in Jita and other busy places.

A minor point of criticism, the “progression color” on the skill categories:
As a data point it’s irrelevant for most categories, and as a visual it’s distracting hence dysfunctional.

pls remove this very stupid huge new ui.
we need THAT