Version 19.08 - Known Issues

really? tractor units is a bit strange but you can’t see why mobile depots? the cancer of HS overviews all over?


That lack of a border is a real pain for me. A complete black sheet (floating, the way I use it) on what is usually dark backgrounds.
Aside from the aesthetics my other gripe is; not showing the full training time beside the skill, only two columns now, why not the four d/h/m/s


Sorry for the bad English. I speak Switzerland (xD).

Why impose this new window of skills on everyone when it does not seem to be unanimous with a large part of the community? … This interface was botched and is not finished.

Wouldn’t it be wise to set the new interface as the default (for new players) and add an option in the settings to be able to use the old interface (for veterans or players who don’t like this new interface) ?

In the same way it was made for the galactic map interface. A button in the settings.


Please don’t fix this until you have swapped the area that can be hidden, I want to be able hide the portrait, not the rest. At least for now we have this workaround

CCP still has not fixed the problem that turns on Transparency by adding any window or a new chat to an existing stack which requires you to manually turn that hideous stuff off, which is hard to do in crowded chat stack because you have to right click on the thin line below the Close Stack X buttons to access this option.

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Knows Issue: The new skill training UI exists.




Ship just stopped halfway in the hangar…
Drone bay wasnt opening yesterday.
I had T3 destroyer mode buttons in my Sabre
Directional Scanner didnt open or when opened didnt work at all.
Fitting window didnt open or minimized instantly after opening.

Literally every other thing clickd broke. And it wasnt just me.

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do the UI programmers know that skill window is not character sheet anymore?

if so, why clicking on “resume” button on paused skill queue brings up character sheet window?

back a decade ago ccp over wrote our system ini files and destroyed alot of eve installations, i feel something similar has happened.this update is pure S H I T and it needs to be reset to the last update b4 this new one, and perhaps ccp should take more time b4 rushing out crappy work and trying to pass it off as an improvement, when paying players cant log in you have f’ed it up.


I have no access at all to the skills screen, All I get is Black screen that say Skills at the top and the frame thing on the right

I have rebooted and done many things likr clicking on different frame buttons : all have not fixed the issue

@CCP_Dopamine - the toggle in the skills window between All Skills and My Skills is unreliable. I have had multiple instances today with different characters where I have toggled from My Skills to All Skills, and the selected skill category has stayed showing just My Skills. The list only expands to All Skills if one then clicks on another category, then clicks back on the original category.

Everything in this update is unreliable


Confirmed, issue still present on my machine, as well.

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Same thing happens to me on my main character (the one I’m using for the forum as well). All other 11 are showing correctly, but in my main, it is not present at all. Nothing I’ve tried has fixed the issue. Thought it would be corrected with today’s patch, but the error remains.

Fixed it by doing something I read on another thread.

Drag the Character Sheet into another open window, to nest it. Once there, drag it out and the portrait appears.

That is the only way currently to hide the Character Portrait. Just nest it with another window and it goes away.

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My EVE copy just downloaded the update 19.08

I don’t know what all the complaints have been about ( besides the bugs of course ) because I think it looks really nice and navigation between skills, skill plans ect isn’t nearly as screwy as y’all made it out to be.

I like it.
Thank you CCP. The new U.I elements are nice. A+ :+1:

When right clicking on a personal plan and selecting “delete”, the plan does not delete it just stays there. Closing and reopening the window, etc do not make it go away.

Actually looks like an improvemnet