Version 19.09 - Known Issues

at least you can log in lots of people can not even log in their launcher freezes everything in fact it even froze my team speak no one could hear me when i was trying to talk to them but once i used task manager to stop the launcher everything worked just fine

This is not a competition of who has the most issues. I am just reporting mine, you report yours. No need to compare them.

You can log in and can’t play, I can login and can’t play → Outcome is the same.

I would win that one.

Wow that’s hilarious

NPC’s went from suck to blow.

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Can someone please fix this hideous transparency? I cannot return my character sheet to non-transparent after testing this.

I’m unable to reproduce the issue on my side. Could you submit a bug report in-game (F12). Please attach screenshots of the issue occurring and we’ll investigate.

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EBR-225191 is the Bug Report but I don’t know what else I should put in the BR that I haven’t already described in the post above. Hope it helps anyway because I really don’t need transparency with that window.

And while you are at it: Please also make the neocom bar observe the transparency settings from the General Settings. This has been an issue since the new neocom bar was introduced so many years ago:

Specialization in the operation of advanced Gallente drones. 2% bonus per skill level to the damage of light, medium, heavy and sentry drones requiring Rogue Drone Specialization. rouge


On the Testserver is a new patch. I did not have much time to check it, but i think the switching to Win10 and back or between accounts works now. Can someone confirm please.

Just put a ticket in for the white screen problem as the overnight patch did nothing.

EBR 225207

Lucky this isnt a widespread problem or alot of us would be screwed :frowning:

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we still seem to be screwed … i just had to download origin so i could play a different game i just had to buy because i could not play eve

origin has some nice games and customer service was fast with a call back to fix a download issue

Hi, I have a problem with the Mac version. I don’t know if it’s only my problem. The problem is that I cannot copy the text in any contract. This is really confusing, because I’m a commercial trader. I cannot even evaluate those contracts now.

Is it hidden nerf of Bastion module, it is no longer giving locket target bonuses!!!

I switch via mouse in windows mode via the task bar and it instant have tried playing in windows mode as my hardware is 5 years old And I have a 144hz monitor my specs are i7 6700 i7 16Gb ram 500ssd and 1080 founders edition

bastion was semi nerfed a few patches ago… can you clarify what the problem is?

The new Mac client now supports standard Mac shortcuts for cut and paste, etc. The default shortcuts in the new client have changed to the Mac-standard ⌘-C, ⌘-V, etc. rather than CNTRL-C, CNTRL-V…

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Can you just set the window size in settings rather than maximizing the window? You should be able to just choose full screen in the settings Window, right?

Yeah, I tried, but ⌘-C, ⌘-V are available in any other situation but contract. For example, when I press ⌘-C in a contract, it will automatically highlight the item with a capital “C”, when I press ⌘-V in a contract, it will automatically highlight the item with a capital “V”.


I logged in today and yesterday after the patch. Now my game wouldn’t launch at all. I have windows 10 64bit, GTX 1080, updated driver. Help please.


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