Version 19.10 - General Feedback

I for one, LOVE the new sounds!


This is just a niggle but it’s not a Native Mac client. It’s an Intel Mac client. There is no M1/Apple Silicon client.

ok i never thought id ask this type of question but how do i turn off jump sounds with out affecting the rest of the sounds

I like Daichi’s notion of having actual corp stats available. The “time zone” info could even be displayed as a bar graph showing average activity in each of 24-hr increments. From the perspective of “walk what you talk” this would be very helpful.

The issue I’d anticipate with that is that of course, EVE being EVE, other people/spies would use that information to plan ops against the corp. Even a non-wardec eligible corp could find, for instance, that having more info about where and when the corp is doing, say, mining activities, would make things easier for Code and other undesirables.


in general i like the changes to corps especially having the primary player time zone to be restricted is a good move
could you not keep the second but have it for war able corps makes more sense than removing it totally

Its like being in a car with a driver who constantly crunches the gears.
Why you hate us ccp , we give you money.

Thankfully ship ambience to zero seems to take most the pain away , I wonder what useful sounds I am now missing :crazy_face:

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When i brought up this idea in the past this is what some other people worried about. But it can be made optional and customisable what an advert shows.

If an advertiser selects PvE then a little ticky box appears for ‘show corp pve kill amount’ or whatever.

So anyone who doesn’t want the info to he public doesn’t have to. And anyone who’s looking for a corp can decide whether to reconsider any corp that doesn’t make the info public.

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As a CEO myself, I deplore the changes to the corp ad… We definitely have more than an 8 hr window of activity, and now I cant show that with 2 active TZs or a single active TZ with more than 8 hrs.
Our corp is also only focused in hisec on all the content in hisec, and now we cant label it as such. Looks like I will have to make 3 different ads, 1 for PVP, 1 for PVE, and 1 for trade/indy. Am I suppose to link all 3 ads at once to show recruits we do it all? And we can only choose 4 activities under the single category of content?!?!

I wish you wouldve changed something that would actually benefit the corp. Like the character limit in the ad, or just setting the 8 hr window to both TZ bars, or letting the listed recruiters be any player and not specific to corp members.

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When Linux client?

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This update is not for you as CEO, it’s for the people looking for corps who until now were lied to 99% of the time by corps claiming to do everything, all the time. Also no matter if you have players round the clock, the real activities happen when leadership is online.

For the corps that are so good and well structured to have that all sorted, they don’t NEED (or even want) to use this ad system.


None. All the important sounds like alarms, gate activation, impact sounds etc are in different categories.



Am I tripping but when i undock all i see is a black screen last night was fine today not so much albeit I have a old 2013 laptop. im guessing graphic are impending me from seeing anything?

The update may be for the players looking, but it doesnt help CEOs at all. Its just more hindrance for the CEOs who do use and want to use the ad system. Most of what you said is false.
In hisec, the “real activities” dont only happen when leadership is on.
We dont need to use it, but we want to. We want the system to be good for both CEO and new players alike. This update is very one sided. There should be some ying to the yang.


We don’t need more clueless clown CEO’s leading clown corps trapping newbies with a “come join us, we do everything, it’ll be fun trust me” idiot echo chamber.


Just tested it with a char in Jita (ultimate stress test), works super smooth for me. I’m not on a laptop though but not on the latest&greatest gaming PC ever either. Perhaps try updating video drivers.

Yes. I agree. We do not need more. But this update hurts all CEOs alike.
And, what if a corp does it all? What if a corp is active 24/7? What if a CEO uses the ad system correctly and accurately? Cause thats what we are. Its more like an 8 hr window when we are the least active, and I cant even put that in cause the new slider doesnt slide from 2200 - 0600.
This update was a bad idea, and thats my opinion

even after listening to it a hundred times? how about a thousand, or a hundred thousand. You warp everywhere. Such a loud and intrusive sound is gonna grind your brain to bits in a few days.

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Hmm… On the sounds front, warp soundss are a mixed bag.
I like some of it, hate other things.

Firstly some effects are out of sync, some feel misplaced, or wrongly implemented.

Example, starting warp in a Tempest hull, it more sounds like coming out of warp at first.
Or Freighters coming out of warp, overall good, but there is no effect when the ship actually drops out of warp at the very end.
And for both, that sound that sounds like a large boulder scratching across a rock-face is fitting enough entering and exiting warp, but feels extremely misplaced during the main part of the warp.
And as Reddit has pointed out, a lot of ships have out of sync effects, that doesn’t feel they fit in when they play.

Overall very Elite Dangerous vibe in it all. I see what is intended by the audio changes, but it needs a LOT of polish!


introducing significant changes to mining and resources!

W H E R E ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


It sounds like the new warp sound “effect” if it can even be called such, uses an incredibly cheap stock sound effect: Rolling Boulder by CircuTreeAudio | AudioJungle mixed with a few “sci-fi” sounds

I don’t know how anyone from the game design team green lit this sound, but they should have a meeting, and put the warp sound on loop, and see how long it takes before the people making the game shut it off.