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the joke is news players expect corps with actualy “new” or at the very least early pve/pvp/ trade content

hilarius ccp hilarius

witch is not the case

I think its development stalled so badly that they will have to cancel it.

they will have to cancel it AGAIN


As for what CCP London is actually working on, the studio is staying pretty silent for the time being. We do know that it is developing a shooter set within the Eve universe, something that has proven a difficult thing to get right in the past.

CCP has previously attempted to make this kind of game with 2013’s Dust 514 – which received a mixed reception on release – and the now-cancelled Project Nova. Following in the footsteps of those titles, it’s fair to assume that the London team is feeling pressure to really nail the concept this time around.

“I wouldn’t describe it as pressure; it’s more excitement,” Blunt says. "The Eve universe that CCP has created is an incredible playground. Being able to create experiences within that is phenomenally exciting.

Though details about CCP London’s project are slim, Blunt does tell that it is not intended purely for hardcore Eve Online fans. The studio wants to attract a wider array of players.

“It’s for a broader audience,” he says. “One of the things that I personally have always been fascinated by is how the Eve universe touches so many different people, even those outside of games. It is an IP that that really captures interest in lots of different areas of life. Being able to create experiences that allow players to experience this universe in different ways feels like such a natural thing to do. So I think a broader demographic of players will enjoy this experience.”

Given that CCP London’s debut title is still in pre-production – and the company’s new approach to discussing upcoming projects – the odds are we won’t be seeing much of it for some time. This is partly to keep unnecessary pressure off the development team.

I know.
The next failure from CCP games, funded by the only game that ever made the CCP money, Eve, again at the expense of Eve.

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Each year we hear less and less about this new shoter. I think one day we will hear its cancelled, like WoD. Now they are too small to make 2 games at one time. Previously were too small to make 3 games. In the future they will be too small to develop EVE. Hell, they dont do much about it even now, maintenance mode with small graphical and technical updates, and rebalancing. They are shrinking.

You do realize ccp in Iceland has nothing to do with the shooter game right?. Plus in April they acquired a veteran in the shooting genre as their coo, Adrian blunt.

Ccp admitted everytime they’ve tried to be transparent about the other games they get too much pressure from the players, what better way, than like most other studios, and keep it on the down low until ready.

I hate movies these days… It’s all so bloated, there is hardly anything you can focus on to enjoy…
Super hero movies are now like a gathering, or they don’t exist, for example.
CGI is so overrated, that it seems like a contest to fillup till the last pixel!

Oh please EVE don’t become tha… wait, what?!

What are you guys smoking? Thanks for the buy orders for the AEGIS stuff. I ran 9 transfer sites, and got 14 Fortis, 19 Perso, and 154 Secu … makes a whopping 3.4M per site!

You know a rare site in lowsec, which you better face tank the second room in a T3C, and where you have to sell the tags in NPC null. The escalations seem to require a capital or Marauder, so what reward is planned here? 10M per site?

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As part of the ongoing efforts to improve the new player experience, some small changes have been made to career agents and new player Skill Plans. This includes the renaming of career agent paths to be cohesive with the four main career paths in EVE

Patch Notes For 2021-11-23.1

Features & Changes

User Interface:

  • Career Agents renamed to mirror the four main career paths in the EVE Academy.
    • Enforcer changed from Military
    • Soldier of Fortune changed from Advanced Military
    • Explorer
    • Industrialist - Producer changed from Industry
    • Industrialist - Entrepeneur changed from Business

Changing the name of the Career Agent paths doesn’t make them more cohesive. All it does is create more confusion.

Don’t know why you guys keep wasting development time on making changes to the game that nobody asks for while ignoring all the bugs, unbalanced game mechanics and unfinished content that’s currently in the game.


Great. One of my accounts is considered Alpha even though the Char sheet tells me that my Omega runs out in late 2022. I guess that’s what the second downtime is for? And after a couple of relogs the game tells me that I am Omega again but when I try to online my Zeugma, it tells me that I lack the skill levels, although the Required tab in the Show Info says I have them.

Weird start of the pre-dt-day.


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can we stress this out more


I hate to say it but I think its papering the cracks.

THats how it feels anyway.


It’s more like ‘Sleight Of Hand’, basically directing attention elsewhere.

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All we need now for those renamed career agents is to have rewritten and redesigned career agent missions so that newbies no longer get stuck in them.

The new names is a nice step, but it’s only a small step. As long as the career agent missions are as bad and outdated as they currently are, new names won’t solve anything.

“How do I turn on my sensor overlay?”
“How do I mine Tritanium?”
“How do I get proof of discovery data?”

EVE is confusing enough even without bad career agent instructions.

I don’t think a complete rewrite or a complete mission redesign is needed. I recently completed the NPE and three of the Career Agent paths with a new character. Out of those three Career Agents, so far I’ve only received one skillbook that I couldn’t use due to it already being pre-trained in the new character.

In my opinion renaming the Career Agent paths doesn’t do anything. That Development time could have been better served by just rewriting or adding a bit more info in the mission briefings to address those issues.

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They don’t need to be rewritten or redesigned. All that is needed are more career agents that teach more things. The existing CA introduce to and teach people all kinds of important lessons and information about EVE’s many activities and do a great job at that. EVE doesn’t need a rework of those (outside of bug fixes and maybe some adjustments to the terrible developments of recent years). EVE needs more CA that teach more things.

Out of all these things, I don’t see what is the issue. The Tutorial already tells you to loot wrecks, the economy agent tells you how to mine ore and what is in that ore (mining trit is a bug that just needs fixing, not rework) and getting the proof of discovery from a wreck is self-explanatory if you paid attention in the tutorial.


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While I agree with you, to a point. I’d like to know how many newbies quit “during” the drawn out tutorial.

Isn’t the new cinematic tutorial supposed to draw them in instead of repelling them?


So they say.
I don’t think “repell” is quite the right word, frustrate might be more apt.
In the words of a friend I play another game with - It’s fuking boring, how long do I have to do this for.
Took me 2 years to talk him into giving Eve a try and 10 minutes in, including character creation, he’d had enough. We ended up skipping the tutorial [which if you don’t know how is a daunting task on it’s own] and I showed him, from my point of view, how to get started. 3 months later and he’s looking at startng a 2nd account.
Sad thing is, he is far better at market trading than I am and he has a respectable killboard.